Friday, May 31, 2013

Laneign- beautiful skin

Bonjour senorita! I know i've been missing quite awhile due to my blog is under construction! It is done now and i'm so happy for the outcome! credits to designer Sabrina Tajudin!

Anyway I'll talk about my blog skin later, now I'm gonna talk about the ladies' needs! What do you need the most or wish or desire the most for yourself? Kick-ass body? Wealth? Or hunky husband/boyfriend? Well, non of them will ever complete if you have no beautiful skin, ofcourse you can have all those but have you ever felt confident with so much acne and blemishes on your face? NO? Exactly.

I have a solution that helps to solve your problem. Introducing...... *drumrolls* LENEIGN!

Just like Song Hye Kyo, Korean's sweetheart with her flawless, glowing and fabulous looking skin! I mean just at her, her skin looks perfect! But don't you worry child, Leneign will definitely help to achieve this!

Introducing my favourite products for skin care and make up!


According to research, night time skin transmissin (permeability) shows that it is at higher rate than during day time! Applying it right before sleep time is the best. With containing Snow Water, it helps your skin looking more crystal clear and vitalized after u wake up the next morning, which I totally need it. It also has antioxidant (what women should not neglect) efftect of Hunza Apricot Extracts helps brighten skin tone evenly by removing oxygen to prevent oxidation occur on your skin that makes you look old faster. (sorry if I sounded too smart lol, I'm a science student afterall :P ) And also, an aromatic essence that helps to relax your mind and body and derived for a good sleep and a good sleep is a must to have a beautiful skin!


This is one of my favorite makeup for the face, it is a new- concept cushion type BB with active ingredients for Whitening+ Sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA+++, Sweat-proof +Soothing+ Make up contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation! This product has won numerous beauty awards and ofcourse a top secret weapon for a flawless skin,Tempting, yes? It is also convenient and you can bring it everywhere! It's an absolute must-have, ladies!

Do I look fair and flawless here? Well, not so I guess, cuz I'm using make up lol. Totally need one of those Leneign!



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