Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be inspired - Fitness

Hello lovelies, so I am back in blogging again, very sorry for the lack of efficiency because I've been very busy with my university as my finals is coming soon and my adrenaline starts kicking in. Anyway, so if you followed my instagram or twitter, you should know that I have been working out. Whut? alvy is working out? hahah yes, I've been working out for a month now.

Honestly speaking, I don't like exercising I HATED IT, but guess I was inspired by all the fit-looking models and all. I started to be inspired after people giving comments about my body size how fat I look, how chubby I look. Okay most of you think, what the hell you're not even fat what are you talking about. Yes, I'm not fat but I feel very unhealthy every time I indulged on Mcdonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken lol and I never actually do anything about it. I have been always like, ya i'll work out tomorrow, next thing u know i'm on my bed whining how tired I am and i remind myself to work out the very next day again. I've been doing this for YEARS and i think i should change! First thing I should change is my psychological thinking. People said if you change the way you think, you change the way you look/feel.

I reminded myself every single day, "work out now, it's now or never" Every single day when my corrupted evilish mind says:" you're tired stay in bed and sleep.", it's actually just your mind playing games with you, stay strong and keep your principle, you have to remind yourself everyday, " get the hell up and move that butt it's now or never, you want your body or no?" well, it works EVERY single time!

Change the way you eat, throw away all the junk food and change into healthy food, you'll thank me later!

THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD EAT! Heard about the phrase: " abs are not made in the gym, but in the kitchen."? Yeap, it's entirely true. Our abs are 70% made from the kitchen and 30% percent made from gym. It's okay if you are tempted, me too, all he gravy hamburgers are so tempting but remember 1 hamburger can go up to 1000 calories, and 30 minutes of jogging on treadmill only burned 100+ calories! *gasp*

You want this body,

OR THIS? ;))))

Well, you choose and the choice is yours to make ;)

Here are some videos i would like to share and some pilates routine i've been doing! it's effective and subscribe to her chanel, blogilates! She's amazing and you'll never get bored of her routine. Check out her blog too,

So here is a picture of how my abs look after a month, not there yet cuz I've been eating junkfood and got a little lazy when comes to work out, Which I have to change! Let us do this together and be fit together! After you guys got the body you want, be sure to tag me in your instagram picture and let me see, I'll be happy to see your wonderful results!

That's all for now and remember, if you able to control your mind, you able to control your body too.




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