Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jay Park E!news special

Another post from last year's exclusive event that I went, Jay Park E!news special that held in Zouk Malaysia. Yes, it's a last year's event, I'm truly sorry for the overdued post it is because I have so much event to catch up on and think of the write-ups and i was having a life and death moment during 1 month study break, but well I am back now, and trying to post as much as possible and as frequently as possible so my readers don't go!

Was wearing forever 21's maxi dress and a sponsored necklace from Totally Gone Viral.

So well, I'm a hugggeeee fan of Jay Park, probably even when he was in his former korean boy band 2pm, now Jay park is a solo artiste and he also started his own new independent label - AOMG. Because of his major success after his downfall, E! news made a special show just Jay Park- the multi-talented artist who has bagged multiple awards! 

Jay Park performed so well, I got super starstruck, even my boyfriend fell in love with him. Personally, probably due to his music's genre is more to RnB than K-pop, cuz I'm not that interested in Kpop made him one of a kind. He is such a brilliant artiste, I mean he can sing, he can dance, he can act, he composes brilliant music? One more is there to add in such a multi-talented young man? 

My bf thanked me so badly because I brought him to watch up and close with Jay park, he said it felt like a dream, bf sounded a little gay, but well even guys go crazy about him, what more to say girls? Young girls including me, drool over his performances as he sang along award winning song "Joah", *faint*

Personally hope that he could come again to Malaysia and serenade for all the young lads here, looking forward!

That's all for today, xx


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wicked Festival!

Hi loves, as you can see my title was Wicked festival, It was last year lol. I know this is such an overdue post, and might as well just not blog about it, but you know, it’s too good to not blog about it, like they say, better late than never!

So thanks to nuffnang, I had the chance to meet Axwell and Zedd, yeay! I have always had thing with Axwell mixes, so he made me excited to watch him, the last time before Wicked was Swedish House Mafia! So I’m pretty hyped about how is he going to mixes by his own! While Zedd, I wasn’t too sure about him because I hadn’t listen to his mixes except “Stay the Night” featuring Hayley Williams, and “Sprectum” So I was looking forward how will his track goes.

Besides the two major Djs, there are other Djs as well which I cannot remember their names, except our very own local sexy supermodel Dj, Leng Yein. Ofcourse everyone was so excited for her, because well she’s a lady afterall with great assets, I was quite anxious as well because it’s her first public gig with international Djs, but to be honest, it was pretty disappointing? I wanted to get all hyped with her mixes but it gets boring afterwards, well it’s her first public gig after all so I can’t blame her, she is still learning, but damn proud of her because from a private club dj, she became public and her first gig was with Axwell and Zedd! Damn.

I was all exhausted and didn’t dance much, so most of the time was sitting down, but when Zedd came on the deck, damn I swear he is one of my fav Djs now, he is so good with his beats and mixes and all of us were so fired up when he played some of his beats that he created, and plus with the visual motion on the background, it’s just tooo gooood.

Then, Axwell came up! All of us were damn excited for him, well because he is the Swedish House Mafia former captain after all, ofcourse I danced along with his mixes and beats! And then suddenly, it was raining!!!! What can be better than a wet rave right? Everyone became more high after the rain came, it brings back the memory the last time Swedish House Mafia came, it was raining too! Nostalgic indeed.

Anyways this was probably the best rave I ever attended, probably because of Zedd sick beats, and Axwell awesome mixes added with rain, one of the best rave I went!

Monday, January 6, 2014

[ADV] Totally Gone Viral // Giveaway

Hello Lovelies!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hi Luffies, okay going to start calling my readers as Luffies instead of lovelies because, Luff can me summed up as  Laugh x Love? haha okay I'm such a lame person.
Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! and i'll be giving one of my very very very lucky readers of mine a special gift from me, specially personally handpicked from DRESSLILY! One of the leading blogshop across the country, seems pretty good start for new year huh?

Anyways, thanks to that collaborated with me, to give a very lucky reader of mine a wonderful gift to look extremely awesome for the upcoming New Year Eve's party, or better yet, Chinese New Year!

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Solid Color Checked and Chains Design Shoulder Bag For Women

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I don't know about you girls, but I personally love this one. I have a thing for a cut out dresses, a little holes here and there would make a statement out of simple peace of black dress. And this dress shows off some of your pretty legs,don't you think you wanna bring them home?

For ladies that go for cute and sexy at the same time, this dress is so for you, from the from the dress is all covered up with little floral details all over, and tutu skirt to add the extra cuteness and make a person look so much younger, while at the back, it has this bare-back and lace all over it, don't you think it plays your mind like " Do you like it naughty or nice? :P

This too, one of the dresss I'll be giving out, it has this interesting cut-outs that covered with mesh that make a simply black dress a little more edge to it!

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