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Have you guys heard about DiGi WWWOW AWARDS?
They are the first awards in Malaysia to champion creativity and recognise ingenuity on the Internet! The Internet For All awards showcases outstanding work in ways of blogs, videos, start-ups, apps, events, music, shops, innovative channels and so much more! They are the people that gives normal people like YOU and all of us the opportunities to shine, the ones who dream big and do unique crazy stuff on web!

Yes, that. Well it is back now, with bigger and better and greater rewards! So last saturday, I was cordially invited by the Digi Telecommunications team and Nuffnang to witness Digi Wwwow awards media launch 2013 with the theme "Dream big, do bigger".

Nasi Lemak as breakfast is served for us!

ChaTime as one of the sponsors, I grabbed like lots of them for me to enjoy while watching the media launch!

Categories that screened of the screen for DiGi wwwow awards.

The awesome Ernest Ng doing his drawing live on stage!

His talks was inspiring and he blogs at http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com/ Talking about how his Bros' ridiculousness and their funny characteristics that inspire him to tell the world about it through blogging has caught the public's eyes.

Joseph Germani, one of the up and rising youtube star that caught many youtube viewer due to his unique sense of humour! Check out one of his videos, Germani Productions

He was also very friendly and easy to talk to while I was talking to him about his videos and all. When I asked him if I could hug him for a picture, I was afraid that Karena might jump on the stage and smash me lol, but she didn't. Surprisingly. I guess she was kinda used to it HAHAHA. Sorry karena!

And last but not least, inspiring celebrity blogger, budiey. http://www.budiey.com/

Daryl, Jamus, Shamus, myself, Jon, and Ernest Ng. Those boys are the characters from http://brodontlikethatlabro.blogspot.com ! It's their debut appearance, they're quite shy but after that they became more comfy on stage, funny in person as well, just like in the blog

Me enjoying my Chatime while watching the media launch!

Ernest, last year's Digi wwwwow awards blogger of the year and myself.

I was forced to take a shot with this banner because, well.. i'm short. Do you think I'm eligible for shorty blogger of the year? HAHA! Well, no it's not for short people, it's for those people who tweet, and tumblr or instagram but able to get huge crowd's attention! WOW! So those of you that doesn't blog but are kind of big shot in twitter, instagram or tumblr, this is definitely for you!

And group shot!

Interested to join in the fun? If you are one of those that have what it takes to inspire others, check out
 http://wwwow.my and enter the contest!

Here are the step by step how to enter the contest.

And choose which category you think you have what it takes!

Here is some random video, I recorded on the day itself. Enjoy!
toodles, and goodluck everybody!


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