About me


  • ALVY is what people call me from the name Alvynna Joanna Joseph.
  • I'm a sarawakian with mixture of races in my blood, bidayuh, bisayah, and also chinese (hokkien). That explains how I look a lot like chinese and a lot like non-chinese.
  • A University Student (Taylor University) by day, a style blogger by night.
  • Currently staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia alone. 
Words that defines me;

Most importantly, Welcome to my blog!
  • Shows passion through fashion and beauty!
  • Loves photograph pretty details, and quirky things.
  • A travel addict, goes to wherever my feet leads me if my financial situation allows.
  • Love challenges that challenge me mentally and physically.
  • Food has been the best companion since the day I was born and is a huge fan of ice-cream. Basically indulge on anything edible.
  • Love having fun, from raves to skydiving, an addict to thrilling activities. Adrenaline junkie.
  • An achiever, will do anything to achieve my dreams.

Enjoy doing nothing, scrolling instagram. blogwalking, playing make-ups and playing dress-up. Enjoy spending time with beautiful people, having ridiculous talks.


I mostly write about Fashion and Lifestyle. 

  • My style is mostly suitable for broke college kids. I usually write about looking chic and classy without burning a hole on your wallet. I do have expensive clothes, but that's not what I want to portray as in -" you will only look classy if u buy $1000 outfit", who said u can't look as classy with outfit that priced $50 or less than that? Lets break the stereotype shall we? But, occasionally, I don't mind writing about style and outfit that cost me a million :P

  • My lifestyle is just like any other college girls' lifestyle. I party, hanging around and goofing around with bunch of idiots, eating and indulging, having the time of my life, and will do anything to keep myself happy.


  • My goal is to reach out many fashion enthusiast out there and inspire them to dress up even if they have insufficient amount of money.I wish to venture into fashion industry, or be an international style blogger, jet setting around the world for fashion.

Why don't you stay with me and keep track with me and see what else I've got to offer, hmm?
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