Friday, March 27, 2015

MISSALVYTRAVELS // Road Trip Up North Of Malaysia

hey everyone, I know it has been awhile since I updated this space, I've been travelling and I'm now back in Miri Sarawak, and guess what? My internet broke down, it's terrible I know, but well it can't be done, so I had to postpone all my fashion updates and such to April, which sucks a lot because I only update once this month. But, don't worry guys, I'll be more active after this, in youtube and the blog as well. I'm pretty stoked!

So one of reasons why I've been away for a few weeks, or a month, ofcourse internet issue but I also been travelling, not far but just a road trip to up north of peninsular of Malaysia. I'll be honest, I never been anywhere up north further than Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, even if my family been there zillion times, thanks school, so this is my very first to ever lay my foot on Ipoh and Penang's land. What adds to the excitement is that it was a road trip, I love road trips!

This trip...i would like to say.. a lot of food, mmm penang laksa, kueh tiaw, cendol *drools* and temples, I'm not buddhist but I enjoy visiting gorgeous temples, the view was spectacular and it totally calmed my stress away. My favourite of the trip is probably biking around Penang town, searching for treasures (Street art), it was crazy and terrifying because I almost got hit by quite amount of cars including motorcycle and bus LOL, please don't tell my mum, I bet she's reading this. If y'all decided to rent a bike to bike around the town, please be careful. Although, I really do recommend y'all to try because it was an amazing experience and you get the taste of penang even deeper. I loved it. The memories of it are still vivid in my mind LOL.

Anyways, I only took a few photos because 90 percent of the time I was recording videos. Enough of talking, I shall let the pictures and motions take charge!

Zen Garden of Ipoh

Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

Camera Museum in Penang

Penang Hill Buggee ride

Our friendship bracelet.

Biking around Penang City

Selfie Coffee, that's literally portrait of my face....on a coffee (brilliant)

Actually, there was more than what I recorded, there was a time I got so panic because I lost my identity card (ic) and money, I don't know what happened, it got to me real bad, we had to go to police station and make a report on lost of ic, so I didn't record any videos during the last day of being in penang, I was so worried I couldn't fly back to my hometown in Sarawak, but fortunately and thankfully, all is good, which i'm truly grateful for. No doubt it was quite a trip and I loved every moment of it. Woo, love travelling, need more trips! Anyways, I'll be travelling a lot this year *crossed fingers* so more travel post! I'm excited :D

PS: (Video can't be uploaded yet because of Internet problem, it will take 200 hours to upload LOL YES I KNOW.) But, make sure to check out this space, my page, instagram especially and twitter to know if my video has uploaded, probably next week and please subscribe to my youtube channel MISSALVYTV , i will be more active there like video once a week *finger crossed* effective from the month of April) Means: More fashion Videos! 

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  1. All these while I thought you were from Kuching.! Haha. Quite a bunch of Mirians these days :) the trip looks fun!

    Hana Blurbs

    1. Hi Syaza! My parents are from kuching! hahah yes, hehe thank you!

  2. Hi! Just followed your blog as your post on Butterfly project. Do follow me too?

    Maybe you would like to get inspired on my latest blog post on my travels which maybe can help you decide next year trips ! :) Keep in touch !

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    Catch my VLOG on my travel to Bandung, Indonesia and also a detailed post about my trip over at my blog :

  3. Great trip photos! You sure looked like you enjoyed your time!


  4. Your blog is so cute! so are you!! ;P nicety meet you!

    1. Hi jac! Thank you ahha your blog is as lovely as well <3


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