Sunday, October 27, 2013

Love's birthday!

So just few days ago, my boyfriend and I went to midvalley to celebrate his 18th birthday ! 

We had just simple simple small birthday lunch with him, so we went over Gardens Restaurant in Midvalley. I love that restaurant, the scenery and all the views, are breath-taking. Unfortunately the food is not that special as they looked.

This is my so-called Halloween nails, had it done somewhere near my place, cost around 30 bucks. I really love the eye details on my nails, I actually got the design from Instagram cuz I told the nail artist that I want my nails to look scary and elegant at the same time. So I came across to eye design in instagram and I fell in love with it and I told him to do exactly the same for my nails. TURNS OUT, I have the same eye nail design as Daphne Charice. If you know her. Sorry baby girl, I had to steal that design cuz it looks so damn dashing and scary! My bby  had to wait for one hour for my nails to be done on his birthday. Poor him, but I don’t think he minds. :P 

I ordered vegetarian bolognese, it taste okay, but it’s a freaking huge dish I only ate like a quarter part of it. Not sure if the food taste not satiesfying or I just have no appetite to it. I’m quite a fussy eater, I have my own quality of food, but this spagetti doesn’t taste as impressive as it looks.

My boyfriend, he ordered himself a chicken chop. It taste soooo much better than my dish, but the size is twice as smaller as my dish. Unfair much? Overall, Gardens are just okay for me. It didn’t really impress me like how the romantic look of the restaurant did. Like the saying, “ looks can be deceiving” yeah.

Guess what I bought for my boyfriend, yes. I bought him a puma suede, he’s been longing for it since we few weeks ago and I purposedly told him it doesn’t look nice so he won’t buy one for himself, and I can literally see from his face that he was sad that I didn’t like it. When I handed him over the shoe, he was so surprise that he almost cried LOL. I’m glad that he love his present from me. J

Anyway’s I guess that’s all! :D

Happy belated birthday baby, and I love you to the moon and back.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Tiesto 2013

So 2 weeks ago, I got sponsored Tiesto VIP ticket, thanks to Heineken! Woohoo big shoutout to them! Actually I bought one for myself, but if you got VIP ticket for free, so why not? Anyways I was back in Sarawak that week and I touched kl just because of Tiesto! and that week was a week before my exam starts! Well, people like me gotta chill before exam. Okay, I'm officially can be called as party queen. 

*not for the kids* LOL Anyway before we went in, ofcourse we gotta fill our blood with alcohol before going in. HAHAHAHA. 

Jessie, Mango, yours truly, and Amelia.

Photobombed by kew.

It was definitely a great night, but I really hate being in the front because I'll get sandwiched by the crowds, cuz I'm so small and probably no one could see me. I totally feel like kung-fu everyone.*sobs* Wished I was taller, perks of being a dwarf. Sigh. Like I can't even dance, so i went out from the crowd and went to VIP area instead. WHICH WAS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER, I finally had my first breathe. lol i was just being dramatic.

Outfit of the day, I go for super comfort again. To be honest, I don't why I took picture when I wear the simplest clothes, but when I wear extravaganza clothes or being fashionable, I did not take an OOTD of myself. Such a fail blogger. :(

-Topshop crop top
-Louis high-waist jeans
-polka dots pantyhose by H&M

View from the Vip area :P It was really awesome when Tiesto on set, especially during "maximum crazy", I turned in a dancing machine myself. One epic thing I saw beside was there was this couple prolly aged around 50-60, they danced like teens LOL! It was funny, but cool. Hopefully I'll have a young soul at that age. :p

Me and the gangs.

That's all, totally looking forward for the next time Tiesto come :)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

[ADV] Heineken Star Serve with Keith Nair

Hello there party people!
I'm gonna post a super overdue post cuz I totally totally lost track of time because my semester ended and now i'm just waiting for my exams to come, cross fingers that I'll do good, cuz I've been neglecting and sacrificing my blog for my exams, I really don't know how can I cope with blogs and studies and work! DEFINITELY NOT A LAZY PERSON CAN DO. 

Anyways I gotta stop the rant. Like literally. 

So party people, have you guys encounter tasteless beer or freaking hard-to-drink kind of beer and sometimes you find it really easy to drink but you've been drinking the same brand of beer an you can't find any solid reason why! *mind-fucked* I know. Do you know that your beer needs protection, and your beer has to be skimmed before serve? If one day, you're at a bar, I dare you to demand a skimmed beer. Why? I'm here to tell you why, and you'll definitely thank me later. 

So few weeks ago, I went to a workshop with Heineken and some of the party-bloggers -Heineken Star Serve with Keith Nair. What is Heineken Star Serve?

Well, Heineken Star Serve is a programme that aims to improve the quality of beers! Also to educate to drinkers and the public that they can demand a perfect beer. It's win-win situation, where the public enjoys their perfect served beers and bars nationwide maintain their quality serve.

Keith Nair, is one of the draught masters in Malaysia. He was there to teach us the right Heineken Pouring Ritual.
Although these five simple steps of Heineken Pouring Ritual seems like it's a very easy thing to, but the art of mastering it could take a long time to pour  a perfect pint of beer. The perfect pint of a beer is when the line between the foam and the beer touches the shoulder of the "star". That is definitely a perfect pint! Taste of unskimmed and skimmed beer are totally different. I had unskimmed beer and boy it taste horrible, when Keith skimmed a beer for me, it taste magic, as in smooth like really smooth~

So we had our workshop on G.A.B, Guinness Anchor Berhard's lounge. It was quite chilly and everybody just sit and had some food to munch and chit chat along the way, until we were challenged to do a pour-off challenge. Honestly, I think I really sucked at pouring a perfect pint because I only did one lucky perfect pint after all practices before the actual challenge actually starts.

Alyssa and yours truly.

This was in the actual pour-off challenge. I TOTALLY SUCKED. It was a glass of foam and everybody calls in milkshake lol. Luckily Keith was nice enough he gave me a 2nd chance to do a perfect pint but naaaaaaaaah It was not good but it was alright. Not strong enough to battle with the strong contestants.


Guess what's this? Yes, a bus. If i'm not mistaken it's a place to train the bartender to pour a perfect pint of beer while the bus in on the move. Like seriously, if anyone can do this well. DAMN SUCH A PRO. I will never ever look down at bartenders anymore.

Here are the lucky/talented winners during the pour-off challenge.

So I guess that's all for today!!!

If your bartender didn't give you a perfect pint or they didn't skim before serving it, demand for a second perfect glass. Afterall, you're a customer and customer is always right :P don't waste your money on bad-served beer!!

Till then.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Arthur's Day 2013

Hi guys! I know i've been missing quite awhile and I sincerely apologise for that, AS FINALS in just a few days time and i couldn't really find a time to blog, but hopefully this time, I will blog atleast twice and 3 times a week so I blog wouldn't look so dead. :(

Anyways, do you guys know who's Arthur? Yes, Arthur guinness, founder of the beer guinness. So few weeks ago, I attended its pre-party with blogger friend, Alyssa. She's the sweetest thing ever, and we had a pre-party in Beer Factory in Sunway Giza. It was definitely a fun night with all the fellow bloggers, I get to meet MHB's Chealsea chil, super cute and ofcourse Sarah that I haven't meet for quite sometime. Super happy to meet Sarah and her loud personality which I really love.

Me and Alyssa. 

Me holding Guinness Stout, I know I've been posting about beers lately. I think I'm gonna get beer belly soon, haha. Anyways, Guinness Stout was okay for me. I don't know to describe the taste and all I can say is, it's a man's beer. Feminist couldn't take it unless, you have some sort of manly genes in you, just like how I have one. HAHAH

and ofcourse, Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers' founder Tim Chew!

AND FINALLY, THE ACTUAL EVENT ARTHUR'S DAY! and again, I went with the fellow blogger Alyssa Jaren! Arthur's Day is basically to celebrate the successful years of Guinness.Yes I know what you guys are thinking, I'm 18 and what the hell i'm doing in an adult event. Well, I go for All American Rejects! Yes, didn't you guys know that All American Rejects, Five For Fighting, and The Wanted came? and it cost for only rm90 for 3 major international bands! Alyssa got her tix for only rm60 cuz she sang in some game and got discount for it. If you guys didn't attend it's a lost for you all but it's okay come again next year. :P

with alyssa.

My favourite local band on stage was probably Prema Yin! I swear I became her number one fan after I heard she sang on stage, i still don't get why she isn't that famous yet. She went from all soft kind of song, to rock! the way she growl, my lord. I'll gay for her. She was indeed one of the most talented artiste in Malaysia I've encounter.

And ofcourse, All American Rejects! I swear I went all crazy because of them. Can't stop jumping and dancing to their song. Been a fan since young and still a fan now. I always wanted to see them and finally i get to see them. :') Sorry if my pictures is quite far because I thought I couldn't go over the barrier but actually I can cuz I got a media pass! Damn, such a waste of a media pass for not taking good pictures. Anyways, I didn't have any pictures of Five For Fighting because I was M.I.A( missing in action) awhile cuz I had to fetch my friends outside and i missed the whole gig for Five For Fighting :( 

The Wanted! *screams* I was too far but I enjoyed their music without looking at them cuz they're so good! Honestly I don't know any of their name but the bald guy, he's hot. He snatched my soul for a few

And ofcourse, along the way I met new friends and some of the old friends from Taylor's University.

Sherla and me.

Glen and me.

The fellow bloggers!

Hot lads of the night.

Not to forget my senior, Sharmen was there as well!

I went for uber comfort that night, cuz I know I'll be dancing. So I went to top with my lacey H&M top and my Nichii blue hot pants with my forever 21, hot pink sneakers!

It was indeed a fun-filled night and I can't wait for the next Arthur's Day!

Anyway's don't forget to like my facebook page to keep an update with me.

Till then,
Cheers! xoxo

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