Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Droopy Blue Stripes

missalvy, blue, stripes, droopy, blue hat, ootd

missalvy, blue, stripes, droopy, bowl hat, ootd

missalvy, blue, stripes, droopy, blue hat, ootd
Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Louis
Statement Necklace: Lovisa
Platform: Forever 21
Bowl Hat: Indonesia

Hey guys, how is it going? I've been realy stressed out lately for all the piled up assignments and still I'm going to blog as much as I can this year because I dont want to let you guys down again. heh. For this post, due to all the tiredness that profound within myself, I still would want to have the time to dress up to extravagance because it made my day a little brighter, so bright colours could be my bestfriens all the time. I paired up my blue stripes long-sleeve button up with cut-out at the back that leaves could give people around you a little surprise, serious in front but playful at the back. The droopy black statement necklace from lovisa that was given by my best friend attract most attention to my whole outfit. Big heavy statement necklaces are my fav! Since my hair could be a a little boring, I would wear a bowl hat to give a personality to my upper neck since my make up is not that heavy as well. Wore my black platform to add some height to my short self. Since my look is more corporate and serious, I paired with a pair of high-waisted short denims to loosen up my outlook a little.

So how do you like this look?

Till then,


Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Secret to Beautiful skin - BeautyOat Review

How was your weekend everyone, mine pretty hectic as usual and taking care of my skin is one of the problem that I recently faced due to late nights sleep from assignments, exams, or probably parties (lol). Eventhough, my skin has not much of a problem , sometime I take it for granted by not taking care of my diets and care for my skin with basic skin care routine. One of the bad habit, I always always always did is after parties, I get too extremely tired, I will sleep with make up on (guilty) NEVER AGAIN! My diet and laziness, cause dull and bloated face.

So today, I'll be doing a review on a beauty supplement that I had been taking for the past week. Beauty Oat + Collagen drink formula had been my bestfriend for the past week! It has helped my skin to look brighter and had cure my bloated bread face. I always skipped my breakfast because I always rush for my morning class (guilty again!), this drink make it easy for me to have a morning breakfast on-the-go, eventho I'm super late for class. haha. Since I always decided to eat unhealthily, my weight is always in the yo-yo phase, which is bad. Thanks to BeautyOat, it helped to maintain my weight at the healthy range.

Main Ingredients

Oat - Oat has been one of the must-have key ingredient to any health regime. Oat is rich in fiber and protein which benefits in reducing cholesterol, preventing oneself from cardiovascular diseases and protein to give sufficient energy to start up your day.

Marine Collagen - It has a properties to help firm up your skin and give your skin soft, supple, and more elastic. When we grow older, our collagen reduced as well, this explains why we have tendency to have dry and dull skin at older age. My mum always supply me with marine collagen everyday to enhance my skin glow and if you ever see my mum she looks younger than anyone in teen age! no offense tho. 

Cherry Blossom - Cherry Blossom is a natural ingredient for anti inflammation, whitening and anti-glycation. It also helps to reduce melanin production (melanin production helped a person be darker) and will help to give you fairer and brighter skin. So if you have darkspots, it will be very visible if you have higher production of melanin in your body.

Pomegranate - It is known to be rich in antioxidant. Helps to minimize free profound contamination to the body, help to reduce chance of having old and dull skin. This will help a person to retain its youthful skin!

Skin looks duller and bloated. Few dark spots at the left side of the cheek.

Skin is much brighter, face looks slimmer and sharper. Dark spots reduce!

That's all for now, and get yourself one too!

Till Then, 

FTC: This is a sponsored post.


Friday, January 23, 2015

The Beauty of Serendipity by Amber Chia x Melinda Looi

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I'm excited for this, what comes before Chinese New Year? Of course, shopping for new clothes is a must! Chinese New Year often associated with wealth, health and prosperity but people often forgets about "good fortune" which lead to the tale of of our very own fashion icon Amber Chia & Melinda Looi whom came up with Chinese New Year Collection - The Beauty of Serendipity.

According to Melinda, she and Amber Chia often bumped into each other from various events, she believed that serendipity led to their first meeting which lead the business of their CNY collection. The Beauty of Serendipity is a collection that celebrates friendships and relationship. Melida had used bright and happy colours with combination of different fabrics to represent the different people in life.

"Yellow signifies hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun; green is for love of family and friends; coral is for warmth and vitality; blue is for trust and peace; and purples for compassion and respect. There is serious and structured jacquard, light chiffon, elegant satin, and casual yet versatile cotton."
The collections contradicts to the CNY offerings, both Amber and Melinda designs are suitable for ladies that are often on-the-go able to dress up with the collections for all varies type collection.  From traditional qipao or cheongsam, youthful dresses with oriental touch, to chic modern structured outfit for work and it suits all kinds of body types and personality. 

Both Amber and Melinda also designed a range of youthful, fun and casual polos for the family, including children.

Lazada Malaysia will be launching the Chinese New Year campaign on 27th January. You can click the campaign url here : CNY Red Hot Sale . You can check the all the item below RM888 here : Below RM888

Be excited guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Premium Ultrasonic Treatment at Number76 Style Saloon

Hey loves, how's your weekend going? I know mine was productive and pretty great. Gonna keep being productive throughout the year! woop wopp.
Anyway's if those of you were updated with my page, twitter or instagram you would know that I went to 76 to fix my damn hair. And yes, it was a week a go and I would say it's probably one of the best salon services I've been in my entirely life...for now. 

As you may know, I bleached my hair for the sake of bleaching and try new things. However, I did not taken care of it well enough, kinda took it for granted and my hair is frizzy, coarse and dry. You just feel sad when you touch it. Thanks to number76 salon, I was treated to get myself a sponsored hair treatment there, woohoo. I never had my hair done there because it's a little pricey compared to any other saloon but trust me, all that money for the health of you hair, it's worth it.

Before treatment was done, as you can see my hair look dull, entangled and messy. Not to mention, dry and coarse as well.You don't even want to look at it. Even when I flipped my hair, it doesn't move it's that bad.

After I did my treatment, my hair is smooth and manageable now. Can even flip hair easily (lol)

They treated me with premium ultrasonic treatment, it function to make your coarse hair to retain its health, with the help of ultrasonic iron. Speaking of iron, you may think it damages your hair even more but trust me ladies, it does not give out any sort of heat at all, amazing. What it does was is to let the hair absorb the chemical treatment that are used completely and quickly, leaving your hair smooth and silky. Before I did the treatment tho, my hair was extremely tangled and combing my hair everyday was a pain, even the hairstylist felt the pain when they touched my hair. After I did the treatment, I swear I was the happiest girl alive, lol. The feeling is surreal having to touch the softness of your hair, I felt like I finally can go for some hair advertisement. The quality of the smoothness of your hair like you just did treatment a minute ago can last at least a month, provided with their product Deesse's to keep my hair moisturized.

Picture credit to 76suky who did my hair.
Smooth and silky hair woop!

That's all for the hair update! Ps:// sorry for the bad quality photo as it was taken from my phone. 

Till then, 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Pink For You

Top: Topshop
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: Indonesia
Accessories: Pavillion KL

Have you been struggled on what to wear to school? You wore too much pants and monochrome ; you are not so into the bright colours, but you just want to look pretty without being overdressed? Well ladies, I have perfect ootds for you that I wore to school, it's simple, not too bright but attention grabbing ootd. Literally anyone can pull off this look! Paired up my bright neon pink A-line skirt with a long-sleeve cropped top, I like how my cropped top balance out the brightness of the colour of my skirt, perfect for school without being overdressed. Since I'm short and a huge thighs ( Do not examine the largeness of my thighs I beg of you), I like to pair up with my favorite low-heeled pointy heels, it's  pointy ends gave the illusion of longer legs and heels that add an extra inch to my height. Comfyness is one of the crucial things that is needed in my outfit, so that is why this heels are perfect! IF i had a choice, I wouldnt want to wear heels at all but oh well, girls being girls, like it or not, we need heels, especially for short person like myself. My outfit was really simple, but if I want to make it much more of an attention grabber, this inspired dior pearl choker is perfect to be added in my outfit yeah. In love with that pearl, always wanted to get my hands on it but always couldn't find the perfect one, and now I found it, yeayers!

So do you like what I wore? and, what's your perfect ootd for school?  Would love to hear more about it, you are very welcome to voice your opinion in the comment section down below! :)

Till then,


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bells & Whistles

Picture credit: cvndids

School just started a week ago and currently in my 3rd semester, I didn't had any winter breaks but it's a beginning of new year, so let's just say I just started my semester. This is what I wore to school and yes I shot these ootds in school. Weather in KL is not very bright recently and it's always gloomy and rainy. In fact, I am in love with the current weather but been really grateful the weather is not as bad as east coast which caused them a disastrous year end, but I'm glad it's better now.  For a gloomy weather tho, I paired my floppy hats that I bought online, white shirt paired with my zara plaid skorts. A little dull outfit but my accessories made my outfit a little more alive, and layering them make them as a statement piece, got them from Lovisa.  Who said you can't dress up and put up a smile for a sad and glommy looking weather? 

So how's your new year started loves? would love to more about it :)

Till then, 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Electric Rooftop - Countdown 2015 Party

Hey all! I know it has been awhile after my last post, been trying to settle down before I could get my hands dirty for the next post! I'm so excited for 2015 and I hope you all too! On 31st December of 2014, We had a sold out party going on, and guess what the tickets were sold out 4 days, let me repeat ya... 4 FREAKING DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. So yeap, Mirians, ya'll shouldn't be too last minute next time. I dare to say that this event is probably the best party happening that night with amazing views and good music :P

This is pretty much an overdue post because it's during countdown, means it's a 2014 post but bare with my dearests, I was waiting for official pictures to be out and now it's out, I'm so excited to write about it.

Most of you would know that I was a host for Electric Rooftop party that was held in Sky Garden, Meritz hotel, if you followed my instagram and twitter and read my previous post! So, today I'll just write about my very first experience as a host and a hype-lady!

Pictures with other Djs, except me tho I'm the only blogger/host hahaha. 

To be honest, I wasn't prepared at all for that night because I was told to do freestyle and gosh I had too little experience as a host and I have a habit to stutter when I get really really nervous. Thanks to fellow experienced djs like Kyan,Dave and Mike (East Bound Heroes), and some of my longtime friends like Ivy, Cindy, Clinton, Moses & Keith, not to forget my cousin as well Deborah. They gave me so much encouragement towards the night and get me through it. I swear before I went up to the stage, I had some panic attack and I kept on drinking different drinks from alcohol to Plain water to Red bull to Milo. Very crazy ya. Yes I was that nervous, but I glad it was all good! It was such an experience and I'm glad the party people enjoyed and dance throughout the night. It was indeed crazy.

Me and Jimmy Roll, his set was the last set. It was incredible, I swear I couldn't stop jumping which made me look a little awkward on stage because I couldn't really jump I had my high heels on.

My support system, Ivy, Deborah and Cindy. Thanks for coming and support me all the way and I'm so sorry if I didn't really have the time to talk to you all since I was hosting but I hope ya'll enjoy the night including, Clinton Chua, Miri's very own Idol, trust me he's gooooooood in singing, his talent gave him the chance to sing in front of Ariana Grande, yes, not joking.

My favourite picture with my bosses (East Bound Heroes) & Moses, actually they also reference me as their boss:P They are probably the only producer/ DJ in Miri, and yes if you read my blog you do know they're in the finalist of 100 Djs Mag Anthem and guys, that's huge in the EDM scene. So, check out these bunch of talented individuals and who knows they're gonna be signed to a mega record label? 

Me & My cousin Deborah.

Caught taking a selfie with DJ Mystery from KL.

Ofcourse I was happy, obviously I was enjoying hyping up the crowd. Although I get a little too worried about my voice being too sharp or too squeaky, other people probably cringed from the sound of my voice since I have a baby voice lol (hopefully not). My face damn epic, I got no chill. Probably from all the Red Bull I was drinking.

All pictures credited to Ed Paul

Everything was super overwhelmed for me, we had two transformers partying with us Optimus prime and Bumble bee, we had air brush tattoo, we had whole loads of hard liquors and people dancing, we had awesome view Miri's City View from the Top, we had this amazing firework and probably the highest firework in the city huehue.

Well, I guess that's all for now and hopefully there'll be the next event next year and maybe I can be your host again :P 

Till Then, 
xx & Happy New Year!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Summary of 2014, A Warm Welcome of 2015

Sorry it took me this long to write a new post, especially new year post or like any other people doing the resolution post because I had to gather the strength to actually write something about ending a chapter and start a new beginning.

2014 went by like a flash, almost as it seemed that I never was in 2014, was I ready for 2015? I'm not quite sure myself, but I have to anyways.

There's a lot of ups and downs in 2014, many of which I took a risk which I'm not sure it will be beneficial for me. In the beginning of 2014, I decided to drop out of Inti University which I took A-level, reason because I'm not interested in the course which probably give my parents a big shock that they had to waste so much money to switch my course to something that which in contrast of what I learned for decades- science, to Mass Communication in Taylor's University. Was I happy I made the decision? Yes definitely, in my new uni I met so much amazing people compared to when I was Inti (not being bias) but I'm telling you the truth, I like how people in 2 different Universities think differently and I conclude myself to be more suitable as a Taylorian since I speak more English, and people there don't really give a crap about your life, contrasting with Inti tho, there are more Chinese-speakers in Inti which made me a little uncomfortable since I'm not that good in Chinese but it helped me improved my language, people there are more keh-poh I guess since I involved in many rumours lol. I'm happier in my new University because environment is so much better and ofcourse doing course I love equal to a happier me and trust me how I look in Inti and how I look in Taylor's is reaaaaaally different. BIG CONTRAST. I'm not saying Taylor's is so much better than Inti, it depends on your personal preference. Don't get me wrong tho, I did have number of good friends I truly treasure in Inti :)

I also gotten lots of opportunity whether it's blog, or a photoshoot or magazine appearance or event invitation. I'm truly grateful.

In 2014, I met so much new amazing people, whether it's college mates, people I met in club, people I met elsewhere, or professional individuals, they all given me the opportunity to learn new things. However, I would like to emphasize on my love relationship, I must say the love life I am currently experiencing is probably the happiest relationship I had, and I actually did put effort to the relationship. He's amazing and there's a lot to say but I'll leave in in another post. 

However, there's also times I get frustrated and sad most of the times that I almost left my blog. I was so uninspired in that period, I left my emails/blog untouched. I must say many good opportunity was given to me, I missed or rejected because I wasn't confident about myself and what I want to be. I blamed myself why I couldn't do better and compare myself with someone better than me, and wronged myself why I wasn't good enough. Yet, I didn't do anything about it.

Despite all the ups and downs I faced in the year 2014, 2015 is a chance for me to close that chapter in 2014 and be a better individual and face new challenges in 2015.

So here comes my resolutions;

This year I will be a better individual in terms of physically or mentally. To be nearer to God in everything I do. To do more good deeds, to think positive always, to always see good in people, to be a forgiving person, to be kinder to people, to be more sociable, to venture myself and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone to see what I'm capable of and to be more thankful of what I have. To always love people instead of hate. To be always inspired.

Last but not least the greatest challenge that I know that I will face yet is the long distance relationship that I'll be having. 12 hours difference, not easy. However, I will learn to trust God and trust Daniel. Put God in the relationship and leaves my burden and doubts of the relationship to God. I learn the fact that if we were meant to be, we will be. 

And I wanna say thank you for every person I met in life, whether you stay or you left I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you. To people that I just met, thank you for taking the initiative to say hello, and walk into my life, may our friendship be stronger and hopefully it will stay longer. For people that stays with me throughout the years, thank you for putting up with me even in my worst time watching me grow, thank you so much, may our friendship will last forever. To people that was once important to me and left, thank you so much for the lovely memories, I'll forget the ugly ones but keep the happy memories instead, thank you for taking the risk to step into this wrecked life of mine and left footprints, you will be remembered. Each and everyone of you are people that build me up to be the kind of person I am today, for better or worse in your preference, still, I grew as an individual :)

And the person that I wanna be so thankful to have in 2014 is none other than my boyfriend, sacrifice so much for my selfish self, he taught me the existence of selfless and pure love, if you ask me if I ever met anyone that love me like that other than my family, none. The person that leads me nearer to God when I was out of faith, the person that always have faith in me and support me in whatever I do. The only person that I ever dared to show my vulnerable self eventho he doesnt understand why I was being that way. My home away from home. My laughing gas. I love you more and more everyday and I hope our love continue to grow. Thank you for appearing in my life. 

So that conclude my summary of 2014 and my way of saying hello to 2015 and hello to the age of 20's. Dang I feel so old.


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