Friday, May 31, 2013

Laneign- beautiful skin

Bonjour senorita! I know i've been missing quite awhile due to my blog is under construction! It is done now and i'm so happy for the outcome! credits to designer Sabrina Tajudin!

Anyway I'll talk about my blog skin later, now I'm gonna talk about the ladies' needs! What do you need the most or wish or desire the most for yourself? Kick-ass body? Wealth? Or hunky husband/boyfriend? Well, non of them will ever complete if you have no beautiful skin, ofcourse you can have all those but have you ever felt confident with so much acne and blemishes on your face? NO? Exactly.

I have a solution that helps to solve your problem. Introducing...... *drumrolls* LENEIGN!

Just like Song Hye Kyo, Korean's sweetheart with her flawless, glowing and fabulous looking skin! I mean just at her, her skin looks perfect! But don't you worry child, Leneign will definitely help to achieve this!

Introducing my favourite products for skin care and make up!


According to research, night time skin transmissin (permeability) shows that it is at higher rate than during day time! Applying it right before sleep time is the best. With containing Snow Water, it helps your skin looking more crystal clear and vitalized after u wake up the next morning, which I totally need it. It also has antioxidant (what women should not neglect) efftect of Hunza Apricot Extracts helps brighten skin tone evenly by removing oxygen to prevent oxidation occur on your skin that makes you look old faster. (sorry if I sounded too smart lol, I'm a science student afterall :P ) And also, an aromatic essence that helps to relax your mind and body and derived for a good sleep and a good sleep is a must to have a beautiful skin!


This is one of my favorite makeup for the face, it is a new- concept cushion type BB with active ingredients for Whitening+ Sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA+++, Sweat-proof +Soothing+ Make up contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation! This product has won numerous beauty awards and ofcourse a top secret weapon for a flawless skin,Tempting, yes? It is also convenient and you can bring it everywhere! It's an absolute must-have, ladies!

Do I look fair and flawless here? Well, not so I guess, cuz I'm using make up lol. Totally need one of those Leneign!



Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Have you guys heard about DiGi WWWOW AWARDS?
They are the first awards in Malaysia to champion creativity and recognise ingenuity on the Internet! The Internet For All awards showcases outstanding work in ways of blogs, videos, start-ups, apps, events, music, shops, innovative channels and so much more! They are the people that gives normal people like YOU and all of us the opportunities to shine, the ones who dream big and do unique crazy stuff on web!

Yes, that. Well it is back now, with bigger and better and greater rewards! So last saturday, I was cordially invited by the Digi Telecommunications team and Nuffnang to witness Digi Wwwow awards media launch 2013 with the theme "Dream big, do bigger".

Nasi Lemak as breakfast is served for us!

ChaTime as one of the sponsors, I grabbed like lots of them for me to enjoy while watching the media launch!

Categories that screened of the screen for DiGi wwwow awards.

The awesome Ernest Ng doing his drawing live on stage!

His talks was inspiring and he blogs at Talking about how his Bros' ridiculousness and their funny characteristics that inspire him to tell the world about it through blogging has caught the public's eyes.

Joseph Germani, one of the up and rising youtube star that caught many youtube viewer due to his unique sense of humour! Check out one of his videos, Germani Productions

He was also very friendly and easy to talk to while I was talking to him about his videos and all. When I asked him if I could hug him for a picture, I was afraid that Karena might jump on the stage and smash me lol, but she didn't. Surprisingly. I guess she was kinda used to it HAHAHA. Sorry karena!

And last but not least, inspiring celebrity blogger, budiey.

Daryl, Jamus, Shamus, myself, Jon, and Ernest Ng. Those boys are the characters from ! It's their debut appearance, they're quite shy but after that they became more comfy on stage, funny in person as well, just like in the blog

Me enjoying my Chatime while watching the media launch!

Ernest, last year's Digi wwwwow awards blogger of the year and myself.

I was forced to take a shot with this banner because, well.. i'm short. Do you think I'm eligible for shorty blogger of the year? HAHA! Well, no it's not for short people, it's for those people who tweet, and tumblr or instagram but able to get huge crowd's attention! WOW! So those of you that doesn't blog but are kind of big shot in twitter, instagram or tumblr, this is definitely for you!

And group shot!

Interested to join in the fun? If you are one of those that have what it takes to inspire others, check out and enter the contest!

Here are the step by step how to enter the contest.

And choose which category you think you have what it takes!

Here is some random video, I recorded on the day itself. Enjoy!
toodles, and goodluck everybody!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Dark lips

So if you guys aware of the trend lately, dark lips is kind of the it thing now, and it kind of makes me wanna try it. Dark lipstick instantly give someone more cooler kind of vibe looking more edgy than wearing a nude or pink lipstick.

 I got bored these days so I decided to spill on my very new dark lipstick! Well it's actually not mine, it's actually my friend's, just wanna try out how I looked like with it. So I wanna ask all my readers if I dark lipsticks on me is a "yay" or "nay"? If so, please comment below and tell me what you guys think! It's not very obvious due to the webcam tho, i have to use my webcam because well, my cam is at my friend's place in seremban lol.

that's all guys, toodles


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My mother, my hero

Okay I know it's a late post for mother's day, i'm not too late am I? Well everyday is a mother's day so it doesn't affect so much me posting it yesterday or today or the next day or on the mother's day itself. Basically to me, everyday is a mother's day and everyday SHOULD be a mother's day.

Since i'm away from home and my mum, my mum is probably the most loyal reader of my blog, or.. maybe not. I'm sure she does read my blog to see what i'm doing while i'm away from her and this blog post is dedicated for her.

Growing up, i've been such a rebellious child and I still am..actually, I disobeyed my mother a lot and I hated how she nagged me every single day because of mistakes I made. Now I'm far away from my mum, I actually missed her screamed my name from downstairs to come down and help her to do house chores cuz i was so anti-social I barely get out from my room and I hated chores. I know that she asking me to do chores to teach me to be independent like how I am now.

This is actually my first year not making any dinner for her during mother's day and I missed her so much. I remember my mum called me and I wished her happy mother's day and I love her, she cried on the phone, and I cried too. :'( Don't cry mummy, i'm coming back soon.

My mum, she is a strong lady, she is my hero. She allowed me to make so many messes when I grow up and still bare and endure and overcome all the mess I made. She is as tough and as precious as diamonds, and I hope I'll be more like her when I grow up. She was patient and encouraging and she makes me feel fearless. I have never been afraid to fail around her, and that is a precious gift she has given me. If I am lucky enough to be a mother one day I hope to give my kids the same gift. I've seen her shed tears just because of  the overwhelmed disappointment I gave her, I've seen her shed tears because of overjoyed moment with me.  Whatever cause of the tears she shed for me, I hated it. Makes my heart breaks. Whenever I'm down, she's there, but for some reason I never really talked to her about my problem because I don't wanna worry her so much. Being away from her, one thing i wanna do for her is making her proud. I know I never been a perfect daughter and I will never be, but everyday I will be a better daughter than I was yesterday. 

Mum, if you read this. I want you to know that I love you and I will always do. I promise to make you proud one day.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be inspired - Fitness

Hello lovelies, so I am back in blogging again, very sorry for the lack of efficiency because I've been very busy with my university as my finals is coming soon and my adrenaline starts kicking in. Anyway, so if you followed my instagram or twitter, you should know that I have been working out. Whut? alvy is working out? hahah yes, I've been working out for a month now.

Honestly speaking, I don't like exercising I HATED IT, but guess I was inspired by all the fit-looking models and all. I started to be inspired after people giving comments about my body size how fat I look, how chubby I look. Okay most of you think, what the hell you're not even fat what are you talking about. Yes, I'm not fat but I feel very unhealthy every time I indulged on Mcdonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken lol and I never actually do anything about it. I have been always like, ya i'll work out tomorrow, next thing u know i'm on my bed whining how tired I am and i remind myself to work out the very next day again. I've been doing this for YEARS and i think i should change! First thing I should change is my psychological thinking. People said if you change the way you think, you change the way you look/feel.

I reminded myself every single day, "work out now, it's now or never" Every single day when my corrupted evilish mind says:" you're tired stay in bed and sleep.", it's actually just your mind playing games with you, stay strong and keep your principle, you have to remind yourself everyday, " get the hell up and move that butt it's now or never, you want your body or no?" well, it works EVERY single time!

Change the way you eat, throw away all the junk food and change into healthy food, you'll thank me later!

THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD EAT! Heard about the phrase: " abs are not made in the gym, but in the kitchen."? Yeap, it's entirely true. Our abs are 70% made from the kitchen and 30% percent made from gym. It's okay if you are tempted, me too, all he gravy hamburgers are so tempting but remember 1 hamburger can go up to 1000 calories, and 30 minutes of jogging on treadmill only burned 100+ calories! *gasp*

You want this body,

OR THIS? ;))))

Well, you choose and the choice is yours to make ;)

Here are some videos i would like to share and some pilates routine i've been doing! it's effective and subscribe to her chanel, blogilates! She's amazing and you'll never get bored of her routine. Check out her blog too,

So here is a picture of how my abs look after a month, not there yet cuz I've been eating junkfood and got a little lazy when comes to work out, Which I have to change! Let us do this together and be fit together! After you guys got the body you want, be sure to tag me in your instagram picture and let me see, I'll be happy to see your wonderful results!

That's all for now and remember, if you able to control your mind, you able to control your body too.




Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Food Getaway - Cheras

Hello everybody, well if you guys know me very well, I'm actually quite a food lover. So today i'm gonna post about a little getaway from the hectic uni life to food paradise, it's only gonna be a very short but yummy  post. 

Actually, I'm quite an avid fan of night market, I love the smell of the mood and seeing other hungry humans, but ofcourse I don't like crowded places. Well thank heavens, it was kind of rained before we reached there, so it was slightly less individuals that night compared to any other nights. So me and my babes actually went over to Cheras night market all the way from our uni which is like 30 minutes/45 minutes away, if not mistaken. We were actually quite tired from the long ride, but it's all worth it after we had our first bite on delicious Malaysia's delicacies. To be honest, most of the food I had in Night market are actually quite new to me and it is quite an experience to actually take something new.

Chou taufu aka Smelly tofu, it's actually my first time trying this, it has a really bad smell, I swear you can really smell this smelly tofu even from afar and it smells so bad! okay don't be deceived by the smell, the taste is actually not bad for a smelly food, not a big fan of it but most locals love smelly tofu, I certainly have no idea why. To me, it's just okay. Tips for eating smelly food, eat while it is still hot, cold smelly tofu smells and tastes 10x worse. Well, it's a must-try for everyone! *hashtag* YOLO

Char kuey tiaw, okay this is very one of malaysia's famous local cuisine and it taste just, YUM.

My favorite favorite food I ate on that day, it feels like heaven. Due to the humid weather that night, having a cooling dessert with addition of some healthy fruits, it's just feels like you had a peek of heaven. Okay, i'm exaggerating but well, you know what I mean. It's a must try ofcourse!

Otak-otak, THIS IS A MUST-TRY. I'm from the east of malaysia and we don't have it there, the first time I tried otak-otak, I immediately by instant fell in love with it.

Besides just local food, they have some fancy accessories for the ladies, not only cheap but it's quite interesting looking. Believe me not, they sold the "big eyed coloured contact lens" only for RM10. wow, compare to my contact lens i'm using, it's a lot more cheaper. Well, there's also a risk wearing it because it's not really as comfy or as hygienic as the one we buy in optic store. So, my advice is, wear contact lens from the optical store than buying it night market. I'm not saying you should totally not buy the cheap ones, but if you insist, wear it at your own risk. Eyes are very fragile. And oh, i'm wearing FreshKon, it has been the best for me! 

Looking very ugly but interesting, lol. Some interesting looking eyewear I saw in the night market.

Cute Yaw ying and Amelia trying out all the fancy accessories they have it there, it really gives quite an impression. 

So, the post is coming to an end and yes I actually bought some stuff there, which is Rolanjona face mask made from China, i'm actually quite scared of trying it because well, I usually wear mask that found in beauty store, not night market.These mask cost aroud rm15 for 10 pieces, so I gave myself a try. Yes I tried, was really good I actually felt my pores are tighten, looking much fairer, and it actually hydrates my skin! Surprise surprise! But I just wanna warn you tho, it's a mud mask so it's gonna be really dirty and hard to wash it off if u try to wash off your mask, it kind of took me 15 minutes to wash off everything. *gasp!

that's all for now, toodles!



Paradigm Mall Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week Gala Night

So on the 26th of April 2013, I was cordially invited by the Paradigm mall to attend its very first Spring/Summer Fashion Week Gala Night. It started at 26th of April, which is last Friday and continues its fashion week to this Friday, which is on 3rd of May 2013. The fabulous 8-day event features fashion presentation by the wide variety of fashion and lifestyle brands that's available in Paradigm mall. I was very honored to be able to witness all these and watch all the latest trends that was showcased that night!

 The Gala Night was crowded by glamorous attendees including WCT Land VVIPs, guests of note also included Local Celebrities Bernie Chan, Belinda Chee, the fabulous Pamela & Vanessa Chong, Chelsia Ng, Aaron Khaled, Alvin Wong, Hansen Lee, and last but not least the charming Jeremy Teo.

The amazing dancers showing their full power and enthusiasm in their dance that portrays fashion and behind the scene of every glamours of designers and models for the opening of the Fashion Show. Love it when they lifted her, I was quite astonished! The event was also entertained by two local public figure from the, Natalie and ofcourse Jin from Jinnyboytv.

The Top Model Amber Chia.

And ofcourse, after the dance performance, the top models of Amber Chia Academy including Amber Chia herself strut their stuff on the runway showcasing fashion labels, SEED.

The fashion show itself divided into 2 segments, the first segment of the fashion presentation featured the Spring/Summer 2013 collections of Springfield, Elle, MOG, Kitschen, Skechers, Tooba, Walk In, Adidas and Bossini.

Ofcourse the stunning local songtress Dayang Nurfaizah performed in between the fashion show and kept the crowd entertained by her amazing soulful voice. She also surprised  and impressed the crowd by actually sang a chinese song! Even I can't sing any chinese songs......... 

Can you see me? I'm just at the side of lower corner of the stage. HAHA.

The second segment of fashion presentation featured stunning various fashion labels by Red's Revenge, US Polo, Payless Shoes, Elements, Padini, Squareroom, Brat Pack, Nichii, Sun Paradise and Voir! 

Me and blogger Jess!

Ofcourse, glad to see Reiko another blogger/model struting her stuff on stage! Didn't really expect to see her there because the last time I actually saw her before that night was actually January, wow how time flies.

MHB's blogger Jessico Ong and yours truly.

And ofcourse, I took a chance to snap a few pictures with the models from Andrewmodels agency after the fashion presentation ended. Stunning aren't they? I looked like freaking midget standing beside them, how I wished I can be taller, is there any pills for that? :x

Anyways, overall it was a quite a a glamorous evening and I sure have enjoyed myself there. So so so blessed to be there and actually witness paradigm mall first ever fashion week. So I guess that's all. Till then, toodles and have a great labour day people!

For more details, please visit, or call the mall's customer care hotline 03-78011188!


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