Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swedish House Mafia Last Tour 2013

Greetings my fellow loyal readers! Sorry for not blogging regularly due to my busy uni life. Anyway, like I said, I've been going to a lot of events, well not alot, just two for now HAHA. Since it's exhausting, not party people like me cannot really handle the party environment consecutively for 3 to 4 days. LOL So I only went to Swedish House Mafia and cancelled my plan to We Love Asia Festival 2012. 

Thanks to a friend of mine, I got a free ticket to Swedish House Mafia rave party. Honestly speaking, I don't know who the hell they are HAHA. I just joined since i got the free ticket. Actually, I know their music but not the people behind it. Sorry Swedish House Mafia's fans. Didn't know Swedish House Mafia is such a big name hahaha. I heard they're breaking up that's why it is called one last tour, I guess I'm just lucky to able to see them one last time. Anyway, the crowd was.......chaotic and crazy! I actually lost my ticket to go in, and thanks again to that friend of mine is willing to buy another one for me to go in, omg I feel so bad because I'm the a crazy fan of smh and yet is willing to buy another one for me. OMGGGGGGGG SO SORRRRRY.

It was a wet rave party indeed since it was raining, everyone was crazy and high, and wet and smelly. my gosh, you have no idea how chaotic the crowd was. SOOO GLAD I was out of the place earlier and went to the back.

I was in the party zone, due to the effed up crazy crowd I went to the back, behind the Asahi bar and then again I met Jane chuck. Like I said, Me and jane chuck have some kind of fate LOL. joking hahaha. yea I met her and went up to her and did a little chit chat with her. She's a nice person indeed and the great part is she remembers me! HAHAHAHAHA.

Stole the pictures from Js concert's page since I didn't have a clear picture of the shm. 
Overall, the party was awesome and everyone had a great time, my favourite part was when shm played "don't you worry, child" prolly my favourite song of shm. 

I guess that's all, hopefully I am able to attend more awesome rave party like one of these or maybe better! That's all, and love you all. Keep reading my blog and I will forever love you all. 

xoxo, missalvy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

27th Golden Disk Award

Hello guys, so I have not been blogging much ever since my university life started, really sorry and there's nothing to write about my university life anyway :(

So, I've been wanting to go to this 27th Golden Disk Award ever since I was back in Borneo, and recently, on the 2nd day of Golden Disk Award, my university, Inti University been distributing Golden Disk Award tickets which cost on RM2.50 per ticket! WHAT?! SAY WHUT? yes, i'm not bluffing, it's true, rm2.50 per ticket to the 27th Golden Disk Award. HAHA , So I bought 8 of them.

Thank God, I didnt bought the RM699 ticket, I will cry if I didn't get the rm2.50 ticket instead. Even though, it's cheap, the place we stand isn't that far either!

So sorry for bad fashion sense, I just finished my class that time and I rushed to Sepang Circuit. So I didn't have the time to even change or look pretty. :( 

Stephanie, Yaw ying and myself.

G-dragon performace.

I swear, when G-dragon came out the whole crowd went so wild and crazy, lol. He was freakingly hot I can die. There are more k-pop starts actually, like Epik High. T-ara, Sistar, Secret, Teen Top, B.A.P, K-will, and many more. I didn't get to take picture most of them because I was busy fan-girling to them and plus I have forgotten to bring my camera and it is left in Borneo, or it is brought to Canada. LOL, my dad brought my camera instead of his to Canada. So I am left with my phone and its crappy camera. :( But its totally worth it and I'm very happy.

G-dragon and big bang won the most prizes on the night. FOREVER YG FAMILY!!!

Not only being in the concert for 2 bucks, I get to meet fellow bloggers such as Jane Chuck and Ashley. So happy get to meet them, I didnt expect to see them there. Well hello, I'm pretty much a lucky girl then. Going to a world concert for 2 bucks and meeting pretty people. Killed two birds with one stone. YEAPIE! hahaha

That's all. enjoy xoxo. 


Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 resolutions.

It's 5th of January already, so I guess everyone is busy with work and school and probably not caring about my plan for 2013. LOL. But, c'mon guys even though I bore you guys, just spare your time to read my post........or I'll cut you. kidding!

Anyhoo, here's my 2013 resolutions.

1.To be a better person. Some of you have been knowing me ever since the day I was born or at least 3-4 years ago.  I'm neither a bad person, nor a good person. You see, I'm imperfect and there are times I had my mistakes that made people turned their back on me. So this year, I shall promise myself to be a better person, a happier and forgiving person. Even though there are some people out there dislike me or should I say despise me, I don't know who, and I'm really don't give a crap, I'm still gonna forgive them and move on.

2. To be a successful person. This year, on the 7th of January, I am officially moving out to Kuala Lumpur to study A-levels in Inti Nilai University, ofcourse part of me can't wait to get my big butt off Miri, but part of me too want to stay back in Miri. If Kuala Lumpur is where God wants me to be, I shall accept it. People been asking me why I don't stay in Subang and study somewhere there, since there are more entertainment in Subang area. EXACTLY MY POINT, more entertainment, daddy doesn't trust me, results drop, atleast in daddy's mind, but it's ok y'kow, I have my house over in Damansara and I can just stay there over the weekend.

3.Travel. I haven't been travelling for ages! and this year, my first stop will be Hong Kong and Bangkok. Hopefully, plans still going on or I'll cry, lol. I could travel if I was to travel alone, but i'm not independent enough to leave Malaysia alone, what if I got raped?!!! LOLLL WTF. Anyway, hopefully my parents/cousins/friends actually serious about the trips. Other place planning to go in other years; Japan, Korea, Dubai, Europe, and some parts in south east asia. Basically, I want to travel the whole world.

4. To attend more events. Especially nuffnang events, and any rave party going on in Kuala Lumpur. OH, especially my favourite celebrity concert!!

5. To be out-going. You see, I'm an awkward person and I make everyone feels awkward around me and I hope to meet more people in the future, and save me from this despair!!

6. To be more active in my blog. Yes, this was in my 2012's resolutions and I didn't get to do it because I was busy with SPM. Hopefully, this year, study wont affect me from blogging. It's really sad to see my page views from 8,000 views per day dropped to let's just say 3 digits view per day. SO SAD. WHERE'S MY READERS?

7. Pick up some new hobbies. I have so little hobbies, probably just eating and onlining. LOL, I wanna make videos, I've been wanting to make videos for such a long time, and never get to do so because afraid of what people might say and stuff. I want to continue dancing, doing healthy activity like jogging, hiking, yoga, maybe wanna try surfing..maybe going back to modelling lol. Been rejecting some of modelling offers in Miri (so laoya right?! Atleast, people want to shoot me ok?) yes I'm not lying because been busy with SPM and me, fearing of what people might say again. HAHA

8. To be an influential in a good way and inspire people. 

So what's your 2013 resolutions? Write your resolutions or type in your blog URL blog post about your new year's resolution in the comment box down below. I would love to hear from you guys !

That's all. xx


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hello everybody! It has been 4 months since my last post, so sorry for the really late post since I've been busy for SPM. Since SPM is over, here comes more posts and parties! If you're wondering, I'm moving to Kuala Lumpur next week, so I guess there's more things to right about yea? :) 

2013 is here, yeay! I finally fulfilled my 2012's resolution of "staying alive". To survivors that survive 21st December, congratulations ! haha. lol

I had a great time during this new year's eve, way better than last year! I'm so happy and I have a feeling, 2013 will be my year, lol. Not that I'm superstitious, just saying because been so happy these few months!
So here are some of my picture during countdown to 2013

Me and yasmynn!

Before going out party rock, I was having a mini open house for my dear friends, really glad for those who could come, i didn't take picture half of the comers tho haha really sorry. Opened 3 bottles of liquor for them, they're really crazy talking about sex, lol. The only thing I ever remembered was Peter asking me if I was a virgin, and I said yes, and he couldn't believe it. LOL, do I look like I go around and fuck people up? hahahahha. 

Me, Jia qi, and hua lai

The chinese gang ahha

Me and Larry goh

Me, freeze, and yasmynn

Before went to island, we went to ming's, it was soooooooooooo crowded everyone became sardine, so we went over to island, I was suppose to join the others over to celebrities, but it was freaking crowded, you cant even move, so I rather stay outside at a quieter place. Technically, there's no quiet place lol. Just less people and we have more space to dance. haha

Cindy, Me, And Sonia.

Joyce! Really love this picture. I didnt realise what I took on the night cuz basically I took picture without looking at the screen, I am a potential photographer huh?

Pretty girls of 2013! 

Firrahim and me.

Baby emma and me!

Agung and me!

Face of after drank 6 shots, one go. We drank graveyard, thanks to hafreeze I got free graveyard from them. It taste okay, but I definitely was really tipsy that night haha all because of the drink. So much for no beer and liquor for my diet huh? I guess my plan failed lol.

Hafreeze, me and scott!

Me, and hot mama yati!

Adrian, good boy of the night haha!

So I guess that's all, Although there's bad times in 2012, overall I had a really joy ride and gain so much experiences and lessons over the year, I had a wonderful year of 2012, and I'm grateful. I pray that 2013 will be better or as wonderful, hopefully, I'll be able to fulfilled my new year's resolution. For example. Losing weight, get a better life in university, get good result in AS level, more posts about parties and events especially nuffnang's events, so my readers will never leave my page :( lol and etc!

Yeap I guess that's all loves, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAVE A GREAT YEAR AHEAD! 

Love, Alvy

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