Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old-School Picnic Date

I personally in love with idea of old-school dates, instead of going movies, shopping, fancy dinner (which me and my bf did most of the time) and became a normal everyday routine. I suddenly thought of a picnic session since I never done it as a date and I barely even did it normal days with friends or family, because nowadays, people just don't bother make a hassle to prepare food and bring it to some random place and sit on the floor and eat. LOL.

Honestly, It wasn't much of a hassle since, I "taopao" , take away food from the groceries, lol, like the sushi and sashimi I got from the local grocery store (Aeon) HAHAHHA. It's still an effort right? We also got breads and tunas to get our sandwiches done, and my boyfriend boiled some eggs in case we get hungry.

Before we got there, the weather was alright. Since these few weeks the weather was a little bit unpredictable, suddenly it was all sunny and hot, and in the evening, suddenly it poured like crazy. We knew the weather gonna be really bad, but we proceed our picnic instead. We settled down, eat some sandwiches, looking at the sky and suddenly after 15 mins of settling down, it just rained heavily. Gosh, we were so mad we packed our stuff so quickly and rushed back to our car. 

Nevertheless, it was a great 15-30 minutes session. LOL eventhough it took us 40 minutes to get to our destination (Desa Park City). :( 

Anyhow, I just wanna share to you guys that, you don't have to prepare an expensive dinner or overpriced dinner or leisure what not to have a romantic date, just a simple outing like picnic, old-school and classic, cheap and simple date will do. And oh, if you happen to plan a picnic, I recommend Desa Park City, it's beautiful there and if you have dogs, bring your dogs along too!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Bring Our Local DJ to Amsterdam!

Hey guys, I know it has been awhile but I've been travelling a lot lately, went to Labuan last weekend for some event, and it was horrible but... it's okay. Anyways this post will be a really really short post and helping out a friend of mine.

Anyone here EDM lovers? Well, I am too! Hhave your heard of DJ Mag Top 100? If you're not a stranger to it, yes our homeboy making it big there! They are now a one of the finalist in the DJ Mag Top 100 Anthem which the winner's song going to be played in the festival itself in Amsterdam!

This is gonna be super short post as I am asking a favour from everyone of my reader to help our local DJ and vote this track by liking the youtube video. They will have a chance to release their song under Armada Music which Armin Van Buuren is in! :)

They are ZenNeuro & KyanC, together they are also known as East Bound Heroes, local DJ and producer from Miri, Sarawak.
ZenNeuro, the duo are brothers in blood and they are an armature in producing music and even dj-ing. From this song, you can tell they are up and rising talented people that have yet to break into the mainstream scene.

For KyanC,
He is not a stranger in the DJ industry. He had played in different gigs and one of the famous gig he did was this year's Future Music Festival Asia, A state of Trance 2014!

Come, they're making Malaysia proud, vote for them! :)


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Asia Music Festival 2014 Got Me Groovin!

Hey guys! Guess what, I just came back from a few days break from KL hectic life and flew back to my hometown an event which is kind of hectic too because I was barely home, so guess what's the event? I bet you Mirians know what it is, it's Asia Music Festival 2014! It's their second year this year and it's definitely different from all the music festival I'd been!

So what's special is that, this music festival brought musicians/ performers from different part of Asia region to perform in our land. What caught my atttention is that, Sarawak Tourism Board, instead of bringing the mainstream bands, they brought those underground bands with quality musics. Performers from all over, played genre from Raggae, Blues, and metal core, but definitely mostly Raggae, and I love Raggae!

On the first day of AMF, ofcourse I went to their press conference getting to know all the performers and ofcourse my fellow new friends! Hi Sarawak Bloggers Community!

These are some of the pictures of the 1st day.

1st day of Asia Music Festival 2014

Performance by Drumcall from Sarawak, they're bunch of drummers playing to the beat of their drum, although the sounds of the drums are always loud and harsh, they managed to make all different sounds of drums harmonized! And yes, they were pretty cool!

This is Pisco from Taiwan, the name of it already sound super interesting. They produced their disco songs with piano, so the origin of the name, PISCO! What caught my attention of this band, is the bassist , the bassist is super cute, i think shes was the cutest bassist I met in my life, added with that bob hair cut of hers! 

Masia One from Singapore, rocking the stage with raggae!

Pancake 80 from philipines rocking their stage with songs from the 80's, who doesnt love 80's songs people?

Last but not least, our very own Malaysia band, Salammusik made the crowd go while with their raggae vibe and song, everyone got up from the chair and literally dance! When I tried to stay still to take a picture, yes, I felt the ground shaking from the crowd dancing and jumping the whole time they were playing!

 Dj Roundhead from Traxxfm turning up the floor during after party!

2nd day of Asia Music Festival

Our very own Mirian girl dance team Misaluvi, performed super sexy dance, got all the boys in the crowd went wild. Funny thing is, when the emcee calling out their name sound as if he is calling me, "missalvy" LOLLLLL

Motion family entertain the crowd with amazing choreography.

Us, the media, ofcourse one of the wildest crowd, all we did was selfie-ing or dancing like nobody business instead of "working" well, being a blogger is not much of a "working" anyways. HAHHA

Soulmate from India is one of my favourite band in the second day! Their lead singer has super amazing voice, my mouth went literally wide open seeing her performing omg.

Retrospect a metal core band from thailand got everyone jumping and banging their head hard from their super loud screaming! I did too, although it's hard for me to enjoy such music, but they're definitely amazing at what they do!

Mad August, our chinese local band from Sabah!

Last but not least, Ras Mohammad from Indonesia, another raggae singer got everyone dance of their feet! Guess what, his hair was just an inch away from the ground, yes that long! It took him 14 years the grow them! omg.

Anyways, that is all for the update, I am now rushing to another event coverage in Sabah in another 30 minutes! Omg, ciaooooo lovelies!!! xx


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rooftop Beach Birthday Party // Vlogs

Hey ya'll! How are you guys doing? My life been pretty ah-mah-zing lately and I cannot wait to share all the good news, and if you guys been following me on twitter and instagram. You can really tell, I'm quite in a good stable position in life right now and I decided to live simply and appreciate everything, although at times I get a little frustrated over schools... yea it's all basically just schools. LOL.

Anyways just few weeks ago or probably just 2 weeks ago, it was one of my friends birthday, Samantha Ong! woop woop. So yeah, she had her small little party going on with just a few of our friends that she's closest with and my boyfriend in Verve suits, mont kiara. There's nothing pretty much to talk about except there's a lot of swim, A LOT of swimming and splashing. Too bad I can't dip my hair into the water because i just got my hair dyed.. as i typed this, my hair faded really quickly. *cries* 

There's nothing much to talk about really but all I could say is we had a really great time, with amazing view of the city since we were swimming on the roof top beach. 

Beautiful place, beautiful company, beautiful time, a little bit of alcohol. :)
So here's abit of the video that I recorded on the day it self and enjoy, and remember subscribe for more videos coming up yeayyyyy

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