Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New York Part 1

I've been away for a week or so because I was down with sickness and I've been focusing on my youtube channel because something big is coming so here I am, while I have time and fond memories left inside my head, I shall write it down before it faded.

Oh New York.

It was indeed one of the biggest city I've been so far. People were wonderful, food was wonderful. Everything seems magical and it did not felt like a foreign country to me.

Indeed it was tough 2 weeks of New York because someone decided to stole my money before I came to USA and sadly it was a friend of mine. Then again, it did not stop me enjoy being in New York, and I will not let anyone destroy my trip where I am able to see my love ones. Thanks to my boyfriend, and his family, New York felt like home. 

Due to fatigue from tiring 3 weeks of travelling across the states, we decided to go to nearby korean spa. but lets just skip that, because I did not have any pictures of it!

Then we went to a beach, in Long Island, I swear I didnt know New York has a beach! It was really hot and humid, very different from Cali cuz cali was a little bit cooler. We had barbecue session with daniel's american asian friends. Trust me, new york has more asian than u think. Good food, good vibe, good music, what more can I ask?
Next day, we start our new york journey and starting with visiting this beautiful lady, lady liberty. I have seen her so many times in TV, post cards, internet, and it felt so surreal to be able to so close up to her, and she was beautiful. Mind you, the queue to be on the boat to see her was really long and the heat really got me restless, but we forgot the heat and the pain after we saw her.
Remember guys, subway is the best way to get around New York because it's the cheapest and also reliable, unless you want to waste your money and be stuck in jam, you can go for the yellow cab. 

Here is a vlog for New York! Subscribe for more videos, and no this is not my one and only post of New York so stay tuned for more!


Friday, September 11, 2015

What To Wear For School/Work?

Hi cuties! As most of you may know I'm currently working as an intern in an advertising agency, I always have problem trying to find a good work clothes. AS for school, I also have problem on trying to find a good outfit for school, because you tryna look your best but you end up wear the same clothes. And that is the reality. Don't tell me that you have totally different clothes to wear for school and work everyday of the year! So here's my little lookbook for you enjoy!

My first outfit is for me to wear when I'm really lazy for school, practically on Monday and Tuesday because those days are my most uninspired days. I would just grab any clothes I see and wear it. But to keep it less lazy, I tend to wear assecories such as snapbacks to hide your bad hair days, and sneakers, to keep me feeling comfortable. Even if you feel lazy, never ever wear flip flops to school. I like to wear my sweatpants to keep me warm and also comfortable, I feel like I can do whatever I want with such comfortable pants. 

My 2nd outfit is mostly suitable for presentation days, or meeting with clients. You don't have to wear boring blazer to work, and plus Malaysia is really hot. So I usually skip the blazer. I would use this knee length white outwear, keeping it stylish and also professional at the same time. Bonus, knee length outwear will definitely elongate your figure! 

My 3rd outfit is usually for Friday, when you're all excited for weekend and you have the mood to dress up! I usually play with colours when comes to this. Since I'm working in office, I will still keep in professional with my pencil skirt! Horizontal lines along the skirt will elongate my figure!

My 4th outfit is a special case where you really have nothing to wear and you tend to wear same outfit. Have you noticed, I wore the same outfit as my 2nd outfit? I only changed my outerwear to a bold one, so people won't notice I wore the same clothes hehe.

Well, I guess that's it. And watch me being quirky in my video! I hope you guys enjoy my video and please remember to subscribe to my channel, cuz I'll keep updating that space and it will very sad if no one is watching it. *sobs*


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Maybank Go Ahead Challenge - Season of Smiles

Maybank Go Ahead challenge just ended a few weeks ago and I am honored to be one of the witnesses to witness the hardwork of the winners. On 26th of August, 60 finalists  from around the world have been competing for more than a week, giving their best in the Final Sales Challenge on Bukit Bintang, KL.

On the day, they were missioned to sell ‘happines’ to the public, with each team creating their business strategy to win in the challenge. They were judged based on total amount of money raised, which then were donated to the charity of their choice. Accordingly to the ‘happiness’ theme, each team had set up a booth around Bukit Bintang and sold different types of activities, varies from magazine cover photoshoots, makeover sessions with aim to make customer’s day happier. 

#SOS Carnival held in Bukit Bintang
Look at all the smiles! Mission accomplished!

After the teams have faced crazy challenges which designed to test their quick-thinking, problem-solving, ingenuity, business acumen and their capabaility to handle pressure which challenged them emotionally, mentally and physically… Damn, they are really strong! Finally, the day has come where they crowned the ultimate winner during Maybank Go Ahead challenge Gala night! 

Performance by the challengers!

Q &A session that will decide the Ultimate MayBank Go Ahead Challengers of the year!

Champion - Team Star Wars (USD 40,000)
1st Runner Up - Team Terminator ( USD 20,000)
2nd Runner Up (also People's Favourite Team) - Team X-Men (USD 10,000)

1st place - Ricky Low Yin Lee ( Internship to New York)
2nd place - Phyllis Ng Hui Li & Chris Watkins (Internship to HK & London

Pic Credit: #MGACSocialAgent

Congrats to all winners! They definitely will have a bright future in banking career! And as for the other finalists that didn't win were happy as well, because they have a confirmed and permanent job in Maybank. What a good news! What do you think guys? Keen to join the next challenge? ;)


Monday, September 7, 2015

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Life Ridiculously Awesome

Hi guys, how have you been? I've been really busy especially i'm starting working as an intern in an advertising agency now.  Having to work in a corporate world makes me realized that time is very limited and you wouldn’t have time for leisure, which sucks. So, that kinda cost me a little, in terms of emotional. I was not used to working in corporate world, I was not used to being ordered around. As a result, I became an emotional wreck. I am not a psychology expert but let me tell you this, your mind controls it all. If your mind think negatively, your whole day will be a major boo.
So I came with a conclusion, which may help all of you that are going through bad times as well.
Here are 5 ways to make your life better!

1.       Wake Up Early

Sure, you love the bed more than anything else. But, sleeping too much makes you lazy, makes you depressed. Set an alarm clock 2 hours before your day started. For example, 6am, if your work starts at 9am. I know, it’s a bit too early for anyone else, but in that 2 hours, you could do so much things. As for my case, I always tend to come back home late for work and I always got home feeling dead and tired, all I want to do is just sleep and not do anything else. So, I’ll use the 2 hours’ time to prep myself. For example, exercise for 30 mins. Make myself breakfast. Have a long warm bath. Extra time, I could do a little reading or in reality, watching youtube videos. It is so much better than rush all the way having no time to bath properly or even make yourself breakfast.

2.       Move

No matter what, just move. Whether you dance, walk, cycle, or just walk to the toilet. Move. When you do, you will motivated to do something healthy to the mind and body. It is definitely so much better than nailing your buttocks on sofa refusing yourself to move an inch. I know you would rather Netflix and chill than doing anything, but girlllllll trust me, you will feel depressed for not doing anything productive by watching marathon of pretty little liars. Trust me, I’ve been there…with chips on my hand. Keep moving forward, no matter what you’re doing.

3.       Forgive & Love

      This is something that most normal human find it difficult to do, there’s so much hate in the world, and you couldn’t find space for love and peace. I know, there’s so much people that shouldn’t deserve your forgiveness, but if you let go, you’ll feel the less depressing your life is. I am currently going through phase where I couldn’t forgive a person because of the terrible doings the person did to me, there is no way in the world I could forgive that person. But for my sake, I must. I need to learn to forgive and let go of the person. If you are having the phase where you couldn’t forgive the person, let go of that person. He/She had already served their purpose in your life and it is time to let go. You don’t need any more toxic in life. When it comes to love, the first thing you must do before loving someone else, is always love yourself first. Find time for yourself, make time for yourself, and spend time with yourself. Make yourself feel loved even when you’re alone.

4.       Have Fun

As you grow older, having fun never seem to cross your mind. You have responsibilities and you couldn’t find the time to have fun. Fun does not mean you have to go all out and get drunk, although getting drunk – I mean tipsy, is recommended. Having fun can be just merely laughing with your peers, talking, playing with your dogs. Haven’t you heard? Laughing is a medicine for the mind! Something major could be like, travelling. It doesn’t have to be too far, road trip to nearby beach will do well for your life. Go out, stop whining, have fun and make the most of your life.

5.       Step out of your comfort zone

Seriously guys, go out. Make some different, do something different than your normal routine. Don’t think at all, just do it! My first encounter of stepping out of my comfort zone is to attend events more, alone. I’m always a shy person and that awkward person at the corner with a friend that I am comfortable with, that restrained me to make new friends. When I go events alone, I forced myself to talk someone that I don’t know, and somehow we turn into a lifetime friends. From that, I became more social-able and easy going. You don’t have to do what I did, you could find a new hobby, do something scares you a little or a lot. Trust me, when u overcome the fear, it felt ridiculously awesome.

So that’s it for my 5 simple ways to make your life soooo much better, what are you waiting for, get off your chair and get moving! Remember, stay awesome.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

San Francisco Adventure

Hi everyone, I know my blog is a little different right now, I decided to change the girly theme to something more minimal and a little mature, but no worries all, I havent finished designing it properly yet, so please bare with me! And i'll still getting used to this hehe!

As u guys may know, I'm still having withdrawal from USA here eventho it's been 2 months! So, i'm gonna write my little adventure in San Francisco. San Francisco is a really really beautiful place. I must say, I have been wanting to visit and stay in the the bay ever since I was 12 because it's amazingly beautiful. 

We were there for only 4 short days, and I must say it was sufficient enough to see the whole of the city. We went to union square where most people go to shop, we also went to city hall. As much as how beautiful the city is, the city is filled with homeless. Some are pretty aggressive, so please be careful because one of them actually attacked me....but I managed to run away. Honestly, if you stay in San Francisco, u don't need to go to the gym because the city is on hills and mountains, damn it gonna burn our thighs everyday! hahaha. So we basically walked around the city and sightseeing.

Cable Car

City Hall of San Francisco

We also did biking around the city from fisherman's wharf to the golden gate bridge. I must say, it's a pretty tiring ride and kinda costly too, cost around 60USD each bike excluding deposit, but I must say, it's really quite an experience and everyone should try biking in San francisco because it's a great place to bike! & a great exercise because you have to bike up the hill and all that sort of stuff.b I must admit, I almost died of fatigue. lel.

While on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge, we came across beautiful architecture, the palace of fine arts.

I must say that San Francisco is one of my favourite place to visit because it's incredibly beautiful. If you want to see more of my San Francisco adventure, be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it!

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