Thursday, July 30, 2015

Los Angeles Vibe #1

Hey guys, I've been away for very long time it's crazy, as you may know I'm on vacation for over a month now and I'm still in United States of America. I'll be going back to homeland by end of this week and obviously I'm not really excited about that. This vacation is what i really needed for the past few months or years because I've been so stressful about many things I decided to take a break whatever I'm doing in Malaysia and start pampering myself, and I made one of the best decision this year. So you have heard that my boyfriend is in America, and that's one of the many reason why I come here including for myself. So I decided to share a little about what I did for the past month.

Basically my first stop was in pittsburgh but i havent take any pictures of that because i'm only there for like 3 days or so, and I decided to fly to Los angeles and start my american adventure from there. Los angeles was one of the most beautiful city i've been so far, and as far as I know, it definitely sucked me in, into thinking of moving to LA, and yes I'm considering it. The first stop we visited was Melrose Avenue, merely because we were staying there as well. Melrose Avenue is a street of fashion and lifestyle, channeling from luxury to high street to hipster. I've seen so much in the street and it's a definitely a place to eat, chill and shop. It is also definitely convenient to walk around especially if you are planning to stay near melrose avenue.  The very one place that any person should go and venture in Melrose is their hippie boutiques, they're super unique and hardly can find them anywhere in Malaysia, which explains how outrageous and adventures fashionistas in LA. The one place that I really loved to get lost was Urban outfitters, but bare in mind, it's not cheap as well.  Prices ranges from 60 to 200usd which if you convert to Malaysia price, it's really not that cheap. So if you are planing to come to USA and really enjoy yourself, here's a tip: DO NOT CONVERT THE CURRENCY.

LA has a lot to offer to anyone, one of those would be Hollywood Universal Studios. I never went to any universal studios even the one that's nearest to Malaysia, Singapore. So I decided to check it out because most movies were made there, such as fast & furious and Jurassic world. Pretty interesting to go around because I've learnt so much things in making movies. However, if you pretty scary rides, i wouldn't recommend Universal studio because most of their rides are digital, like 6D kinda stuff, which I didn't really like and it took an hour plus to go up for a ride because of the crazy line, so i really recommend a VIP Pass. But hey, it's a must-go place, there were a lot of things to experience there.

Watch my youtube video for more! and stay tuned for my 2nd part of LA adventure!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Look 2015

Hey guys, I know I've been away for very long time and it's unapologetic but hey good news is i'm still socially active on instagram (@missalvy)  and snapchat (alvyjoan) so add me up guys. I've been away for a month and been flying around in the united states. Super blessed but a lot has happened while i'm here. For example, someone stole my travel money and someone scratched my car while i'm aways #hatersgonnahate

Anyways, I'll be updating this space with my travelling photos but in the meantime let's head down to my youtube channel and watch my latest video which is summer lookbook 2015. This video is where I showed 3 different styles for the summer, from casual chill, sexy elegant to sweet. In collaboration with Zalora malaysia and photographer bboyrice, we have compiled a video on this lookbook. Hope you all enjoy!
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