Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pastel All Around

Pastel look, chic look, christmas ootd

Jingle bell Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle bell lalalalala. I'm so excited for christmas guys! So sorry for the late posting again because I'm away from internet for a long time and will be away from internet again because I'll visiting my grandparents in Kuching, Sarawak for Christmas, so no internet for a week! Cries :'( But then again, I'm super happy to go back to my grandparents' village because I haven't seen them for 2 years!

Pastel look, chic look, christmas ootd
Pastel look, chic look, christmas ootd

I'm a little obsessed with one-piece recently and I found this gorgeous piece of paste jumper in Topshop the other day before I left KL. I was a little broke, but I had to get it anyway because.. Well it's Christmas! It's the season to be jolly and shopping makes me jolly/happy hahaha.

Pastel look, chic look, christmas ootd, christmas outfit

I paired my pastel baby pink jumper with this pearl choker giving me the minimal chic look with pearl adds romantic vibe to the whole pastel look. Although baby pink or pastel is the colour of cute and sweet, I like how this pastel baby pink look give different view which more towards chic, romatic and sexy without bearing too much skin. I also pair this look with my all-time fav pointed low-heeled mary jane, it gives a hint of extra height with bonus- comfort! Perfect for everyday wear! This "Pastel All Around" look is perfect for christmas family dinner, or romantic dinner!

So how about you girls? Do you like the look or no? Do you have any christmas look you would like to share with me? Feel freeeee to comment!

Till then, 
Merry Christmas and see you in the next week. Comment down below what do you think about the look!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Nail Same Outfit In One Day For Different Ocassion?

blue playsuit, one outfit in one day

Busy girls like myself will probably have the problem of not having the time to go home to dress up for a party or an event after class or work due to our hectic schedule and pack more outfits it's definitely not really our choice, because it is really tedious, anyone feel me yet?  yessssss I don't normally do this but when I have no choice but to nail one outfit in one day for different occasion here's how I do it!

playsuit: Tokyo street pavillion KL
Cardigan: Bershka
Pointed low heel: Indonesia

Before heading to class, I'll of course plan ahead of what I wanted to wear, I first pick up the main outfit that I'm gonna wear for 2 different occasions which is of course the blue playsuit! I'll add a piece of my cotton cardigan to cover my shoulder to make my outfit to be more appropriate for class or work! I like to wear a low-heeled pointed heels to add an extra inch in my height without feeling uncomfortable. 

blue playsuit

same outfit in one day, black heels
Statement Necklace: Lazada.my
Black suede pumps: Forever 21

For my outfit for 2nd occasion either a party or maybe fashion event, of course you would want to stand out in the crowd! In order to do that, I'll of course add a few simple things to spice up my look! Because my make up was already natural for class/work, all we needed to add is a little colour to face and bold lipstick will definitely do the trick! It's the easiest and the fastest way to make as if you did so much effort for your make-up! Don't forget accessories to add an extra spice to the outfit, and ofcourse 5 inch black suede pumps will definitely make a person stand out pretty good!

What you may want to prepare:
Outwear - incase if your main outfit is revealing for work/school
Assecories - Spice up your event/party look
Bold lipstick - easy and fast to make up looks complete
Extra shoes - In case, you need to add extra character or height

How about you guys? 
Do you guys often wear the same clothes for different occasion as well?
How did ya'll play with your looks with the same outfit? 

I would love to know!

That is all for now, hope this post help for you busy bees out there, if it did, feel free to comment and leave me an email for any questions or dilemma!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dealing Haters

Haters. No one likes haters including myself. Haters could be everywhere surround you, it could be one of your followers in instagram, it could be someone you barely knew, it could be your so called friend, it could be a stranger. Scary.

I have few experiences of haters and I am no stranger to haters. I started to have haters when I was really young, of course I wasn't mature back then and I've done some mistakes that I shouldn't, but you know what? It's okay to do some of the mistakes you did, it's part of growing up. Along the way you'll see whether people still stand up for you or people that turn their back against you. 

Back then, I wasn't sure about how was my behaviour but whatever it was, it did cause a lot of people to turn their backs on me, all I know was I was just being myself. My "friends" would do some nasty talks about me, and suddenly rumours spread around the city saying untrue things about me. Especially when I just started my blog, people that barely knew me or never knew me would simply claimed me to be attention-seeker, diva, star-wannabe, self-centred, or merely trying to get guys' attention. Of course, I was devastated. What they don't know that, I write blogs not because I want to be famous at that time, I merely just you know... sharing stories and random things, not because I want to achieve the glamour life of the rich and famous. Sometime, I like to tell people about my stuff/story and what makes me happy back then like photoshoot that I was offered, my blog stats increased or what clothes I bought but never knew I would be called as self-centred or show off, only talk about myself. Again, I was beaten down deep inside and I couldn't share to people my stories and I always keep things inside whether it's a sad news or good news. I would get death threats from random strangers, I would get nasty comments, my own "friends" say nasty things about me and I would cry myself to sleep everyday and I barely go out thinking that someone might just kill me. So, that's when I given up on everything including my blog. I regretted I did that. Of course, I was young, I didn't know how to handle these.

The only thing I ever regretted in life is letting people stepping on my head, letting them win, making them feel they're superior than me and made me had the mindset " Oh, someone gonna talk about you. Don't do it." I really regretted that. I regretted that I always had the thinking of what others would think about me if i do this and that. The truth is, people gonna talk about you no matter what you do, bad or good, if the person don't like you, they think whatever you did is bad. Might as well, just don't do shit. LOL. You are not born to please everyone and you can't please everyone, there will be people that just hate you no matter what, but you know what? It's not your problem, it's their problem, so why do you care? Some people talk about you because they see you as a threat. Your life is much more interesting than theirs and therefore, you're a story! You should be proud of that! Why do you want to sacrifice your happiness for the satisfaction of these low-lives?

So How Do You Handle Haters?

The worst decision I ever made was giving these haters attention and it made things super interesting and thrilling for them. The only way to deal haters is, ignore them and be awesome. I promise you, if you just ignore about what people may think about you, sooner or later, it will be nothing to you. They're like insects that you just need to ignore, they bite you, but it's not that painful. Yes, I still receive several death threats and nasty comments. You know what I did? I laughed it off lol or totally ignore, sometime I forget I had nasty comments! You know why they don't matter? because there are people out there, that know you, love you and truly care about you, and that's all you'll ever need. Why bother the few people that obsessed about you and just keep talking and talking about you lol. You know what they say; " I don't know you, but you know me and talk about me, I must be really kick-ass."

I'm Thankful For My Haters.

Of course, these haters gave me a hard-time but you know what, you should be thankful and grateful for having them. Why? They're brutally honest about things about you and made you hate it but maybe sometime it could be true, it makes you want to improve yourself even more to prove them wrong. 

Having haters don't necessarily be a bad thing especially if you are an influencer, they could be a loyal follower of yours, they keep track whatever you did in your life, they're probably the first one to read your blog and hate on you and they're probably the first one that is up-to-date with your stories and tell their peers about you and tadaaaaah your fame is growing, they're obsessed about you. It's only good if you're an influencer LOL. 

Last but not least, it makes you feel more confident about yourself, because you're the superior one and it made them feel like shit when you actually don't really care lol. 

You should also be thankful for those "friends" that turned their back on you, you know who to keep or let go in your life. Many of my successful friends told me that having haters is a compliment, if you have haters, you've succeeded. 

So my advice to you vulnerable teenagers that's facing these challenges like this is, just be yourself, do your thing, and be happy. It happens you know, it's how the world works. Some people love you, some people don't. Life is too short to please everyone, life is too short to keep your fake friends in your life, just let them go. Some of your fake friends may come back to you and ask for help or try to be friends with you again because you've succeeded, but you know what, you don't need them at all. Life is too short to have negative people in your life. All you need in your life is positive people, people that loves you and constantly make you happy, and of course boys and girls, just continue do your awesome thing and be awesomeeeee! *they see me rollin, they hatin~~~* 

Sorry for the extremely long post, I just wanna write a post about this since I've seen a lot of my young friends dealing this issue and several people did ask me how did I handle these haters cuz I seemed pretty chill. Well, whoever read this and dealing with these situation, cheer up! I hope my post helped, let me know it did. :)

Till then,


Friday, December 5, 2014

Electric Rooftop New Year's Countdown 2015 Party!

Christmas is around the corner, and so as New Year's, and of course New Year's countdown celebration! Who's excited as I am???

Well for those of you that is in Miri, Sarawak or somewhere near Miri (Bintulu, Limbang, Brunei, etc.) that still have no idea where to celebrate yet, and don't feel like hitting the club like every year you did, only to find out there's no parking and no space in every club you're trying to get in and end up counting down new years in your car like myself last year,*such luck* *true story* 

Guess what? There's something new to offer you party animals in Miri out there; the very first rooftop party in Miri! Electric Rooftop New Year's countdown 2015 party! whoop *pops confetti*

And... your homegirl is gonna be the host of the night and also the ambassador of the event! holy, it's my very first public appearance and having my name on a banner or bunting, all thanks to the people who is organising the event. :')

ANYWAYSSSS..... back to the topic...

The once in a year celebration is going to be held at the highest location in Miri Town, which is Meritz Hotel Miri, 17th floor, SKY GARDEN!

Here's the actual picture of the location, incase you have no idea what it is! Come on Mirians, if you don't know Meritz Hotel that is located in Bintang Megamall, you need to get a good smack from your momma, lol jk, but I'm actually serious. 

5 exciting acts, 2 party hosts including me, 2 party mascots, 1 big party family, partying at the ONLY highest party location in town! 

Since Miri have never had a rooftop party before, i think this is an event that none of you Mirians and Bruneians or people that stay not far away from Miri shouldn't miss this party, oh come on guys, I have no holidays and I splurged on flight tickets from KL to party with you all!

I can assure you it's going to be one hell of a night with DJ pump the floor for you all and of course me probably gonna jump around awkwardly with you guys LOL. There will be 2 party mascots to party alongside with you party animals as well! Apart from that, there'll be booths in the arena providing air brush spray for free to all of you if you keen to have tattoo but are not allowed to have the permanent one so this painless procedure could be something you wouldn't want to miss out as well!

Just to make things more exciting, if you read my previous post about our talented individuals DJs and producers - East Bound Heroes . They are one of the TOP 5 in the Top 100 Djs Anthem Finalist, crazy isn't it? Our homeboys break into the international scene!  Still cannot believe me? well alright, i'll let you listen to one of their originals that made it to the TOP 5 and let you do the judging alright? 

Mhmm alright, did your inner party animal is struggling to reveal itself yet? Well hold on to your horses kids, only unleash them on this 31st of December!

So what are you waiting for guys? Tell your friends about this party and quickly get yourself a ticket before it sold out! Especially you, my friends who are reading this, i'm watching you. *squinting my eyes at chu*

TICKET PRICE: RM68 (incl. 1st drink)
* limited ticket is available on first come first serve basis
* once sold out, no extra tickets will be printed

Kyan: +6016 853 2185
Mike: +6012 870 8950
Dave: +6014 997 4820
Meritz Hotel: +6085 417 888 or +6085 411 432

Walk-in at: Front desk, Meritz Hotel Miri

Felix: +673 868 1122

For event details:
Kyan: +6016 853 2185 (watsapp)


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sleeping In Airport Isn't Too Bad After All

Waiting in Airport for hours.................is terrible. Especially you have connecting flights and between your connecting flights you have to wait such long hours, goodness.

So not too long ago, I arrived KLIA2 so early in the morning from Johor to get my flight back to Sarawak. Trip from Muar, Johor to KLIA2 is already long enough (2 hours) and I had to wait for my flight that only departed at 7pm. Sure, KLIA2 has crazy malls and restaurants to go to, but there's no way I can walk around KLIA2 for 7-8 hours. I thought of sleeping on some seats I can find ( such grace lol)

Lucky me, I stumbled upon this interesting looking place, it looks like a cafe to me, but it's not! It's a Capsule by Container Hotel. When I say it is a Container hotel, it is a container, you're gonna sleep like in small container which probably explained the name "capsule".
Usually travelers that needed to wait for their next flight will probably get their rest here. It's a little pricey for people that's on a budget, but for me the price is alright because sleep is much more important for me. hehe
3 hours -RM45, 6 hours - RM70, and 12 hours RM90. (please correct me if i'm wrong because I have a bad memory) but it should be more or less around that price. Provided with locker key, container key and also bath towel.

Will you look at that? Yes that is how small is your container, cute huh?

Please pardon my naked/lack of sleep face.

They divided the place into 2 sections, male and female, for you naughty kids tryna have hanky panky time, nah too bad this place isn't for you, and bear in mind they're not sound proof! It's cosy and comfortable. They even have strong wifi in case you can't sleep just like me. LOL

And yes my darlings, you can take a shower. You don't have to really need any toiletries if you just need a quick shower, they provide you shower gel. And I like their japanese-ish hipster-ish design!

Did I mention I thought it was a cafe? Actually sort of, yeah, they also have common room or cafe whatever you call it, to hang out and order some good coffee to keep you awake after that long nap.

That's all for now, I hope this helps anyone of you that needed a place to rest before the next flight. Now you can have comfortable sleep!

Till then, 


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Saturday In Food Industries

Just me sipping on my pandan which cost only RM1.

In my home of Miri, Sarawak, I always eat home cooked meal, barely eat outside because my mother is a health-freak and my dad is a great cook, but ever since I settled down in KL (not really, still trying to find a nice place to stay) for my studies, I barely eat home cooked meal, it's probably due to my laziness to cook or my packed schedule, and if i do cook, i don't eat much and my leftover cooked food will go to waste. So my worst come to worst choice is to eat my money with outside food. Can say 70% of my monthly allowance goes to food (guilty!), so i had to find inexpensive food for my daily meals but nope, I always end up eating high-end food because of my expensive taste-buds, don't get me wrong though, I appreciate hawker food as well.     

After my short 2 weeks of semester break, I thought hey, I should catch up with my close friend (Samantha) and have lunch with her. We wanted to go to After Black which is just behind Sunway University but it was full and we had to wait 20 mins for a seat. Na-uh, no way I can wait that long, I was starving like a mad bull. So we went to Food Industries, it was really well hidden and it took us a lot of turnings to reach our destination! I feel bad for Samantha tho, but it's okay she loves me :P

Food Industries is located somewhere between workshops and their building is the combination of protestant church and Food Industries. I was told that Food Industries is opened by one of the church member so that is why it is in the same building as the church! I think the building is more like a warehouse? idk.

This is the restaurant part of the Food Industries, It's very wide and quiet since it's well-hidden and also very calming! They serve mainly Asian Cuisine and it's all affordable too! A place like this usually charge their meal with a range of RM15-RM25, but their price range is around RM6-RM10 just for food if I'm not mistaken! I ordered my self Salted Egg Fried Glass Noodle. I never tried one of these but the name sounded intriguing I had to order it. The appearance of the food does not look appealing, but guess what? It's tasted heavenly! I swear, I would definitely go and rave about this dish to people, it's so good and it's definitely worth every bit of your money and mine cost only RM8!

Food industries itself is divided into 2 sections, the restaurant and the cafe (greyskymorning)
 Coffee enthusiast like myself will go crazy about this place because of their quality coffee and the interior design of the cafe gave a very relaxing ambiance with great amount of sunlight which is perfect for student like me to have an afternoon study.

The cafe itself mainly serves cakes and coffee with the price range between RM7-RM11 (RM11 for cakes), pretty affordable huh?  I ordered myself flat white, flat white usually taste bitter with a hint of sweetness and you barely taste the sweetness, but the one I ordered here has a good balance between bitter and sweet, and i can taste the sweetness alright. Cost only RM9

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lookbook X LAZADA

Hello everybody! I know I know it's been ages since I last did a lookbook and my excuses will always be the same - busy with schools hahha, it's true tho! And I have another reason too, I've gained a little bit of weight (actually alot) and I lost my confidence, and I've been MIA from events and any photoshoots, anyway I'm slowly getting back my confidence because i'm tryna lose weight  and gonna start writing more and hopefully more of lookbook!

Let's just cut to the chase and back to my lookbook in collaboration with Lazada! So stocked to publish this!!!! AHH! and I have two looks in contrast with each other but both are comfortable outfits as I am more particular on being comfortable when i'm travelling or just hanging out with buds, here are some of the looks;


I had the largest parcel from Lazada a month ago and it was crazy there's so much of it! I didn't have the time to do a lookbook because I was really busy with my finals and need a break from everything and went home to Sarawak. So anyhow, I came back to KL and visited Malacca and manage to do a few shots for the lookbook, it was really unprepared.

My outfit was pretty casual on the day because I always go for comfort even though I love dressing to  the extravagance , but I was travelling so...comfort was my number one choice.

My blouse was from my mum's wardrobe, it was vintage and I fell in love with it because of how flowy and airy despite its thick material and its lace materials on the sleeves which made the blouse a little less boring. and my shorts was from a random boutique I got a year back. Simple, nothing bombastic. 

Despite of my ordinary outfit, my statement necklace from Lazada spiced up my simple coordinates! Really love the little details on the necklace!

My striking blue KLF Messenger bag also from Lazada. I'm not really into how mirrored the material is but I like how it is so convenient for me to put things in because of the large interior and the bag is suitable for people who is always on the go compared to most bags that are really tedious to bring around with. Oh, have I mentioned I love the colour?

My snake-skinned Lavore bangle is also from Lazada, I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it and wore it everyday since then , i'm a sucker for quirky accessories!


Sultry Saturday because I took these shots on Saturday lol. just to let you know.

My second look will be a little sexier than the first one ofcourse, but it's crazy comfortable compared to the first look, I've always into jumpsuits because they're just like dresses, except people like me, we prefer pants, put it on and people think you made an effort to look good when you did not!!! Obviously my only effort was putting on a red lipstick! 

Leather Watch from Lazada( Left), Eagle claw bangle from an online shop (Middle), Snake Skinned Bangle from Lazada (Right).

Leopard Gold Chain from Lazada that gives more attitude to my outfit and I like how my jumpsuit has this section of lace material on the chest that make the outfit crazy seductive which in addition to the Leopard Gold Chain which compliments with the "sultry" look , great for a date night huh? 

You can get these accessories i'm using from here: http://www.lazada.com.my/shop-fashion/klf/ 
They have many accessories you can choose from, and it's crazy affordable too!


I love shopping with Lazada, they have varieties of clothes you can choose from, it's a never ending temptation for me to click "buy" from Lazada because they offer insanely affordable items and their service was efficient too, I remembered I bought something from Lazada on Satuday or Friday can't really remember but they delivered me the items on Sunday! It's the first time I got my parcel on Sunday, seriously.

What you waiting for, shop away! http://www.lazada.com.my/shop-women-clothing/

Anyways that's all for now, I had so much fun while writing this, I hope you guys had a great time reading too. Till then, byeeeeee! *waves*

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