Thursday, April 23, 2015

MISSALVY X LUXOLA : MARIO BADESCU REVIEW has collaborated with Luxola to do a review for Maria Badescu skincare. Thanks to, I have received 2 products from Mario Badescu, Special cucumber lotion and silver powder.

Special cucumber lotion is sort of like a toner as well, it is very refreshing to the skin. Not to mention, it is very effective in deep cleaning by drying up acnes or pimples!

Silver powder is perfect for getting rid of stubborn blackheads. The powder is oil absorbent and help to unclog congested pores.

How To Use:
After you cleanse your face with your cleanser, damp a cotton ball and press unto the silver powder.

Then, apply it to your face, especially to the infected area which caused by acne. 

After 10 minutes, wipe it off with special cucumber lotion.

You will then see difference in one application. In my opinion, it did help my skin to look brighter and cleaner because it deeply cleanse the stubborn blackheads in my skin especially around my nose. So, I strongly suggest Mario Badescu products especially for people with acne prone skin!

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Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey guys, I finally came up with a make up tutorial. Trust me, I'm not that good as many others beauty guru out there, but I tried. And yes, I still do sound a little weird in front of camera lol, bear with me guys! Watch my make up tutorial and remember to hit the subscribe button. Let me know what you want to see next by commenting down below.

Till Then,

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Music Festival Lookbook 2015

Hey guys, days been really hectic every since semester started, but I will always remember you lovelies and entertain you all with my fashion post. Remember I said I will be be more active in youtube starting from april and there will be videos every week, guess what guys, I will fulfill that promise and I finally compile a lookbook video! It's not very good but I will keep improving. Remember to subscribe and to give it a thumbs up! :)

Let me think how you like the video and comment down below!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Festival Outfit 2015

Hey all, yes it's been awhile again and now I'm back on fashion post! Music festival is around the corner and i'm crazy excited for all the music festival coming up such as Coachella, EDC and many more. Too bad tho, I couldn't go, but you know what? It's alright, one day I'll go there! *finger crossed*

I'm totally feeling the festival vibe so I decided to pull off a look for it. It's easy and simple! Especially when you have no clothes to wear and you're in a rush, a floppy hat will do the trick, I know I've been wearing the floppy hat in every outfit I wear, that's just cuz I really love it and it can really transform your whole outfit. A few arm candies and accessories will definitely help you to look more festive! I'm really short as well, so I would want to add few inches in height. This tall boots are super comfy and will definitely add a character into my plain outfit. I did not wear any necklaces because I have too much going on on my blouse. Tips to look superfestive, your outfit should have a lot of things going on, from embellishments, prints, layers of accessories!!

So I guess that's all, and happy dancing! Comment down below how do you like this outfit! :D

Till then, 

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