Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Food Getaway - Cheras

Hello everybody, well if you guys know me very well, I'm actually quite a food lover. So today i'm gonna post about a little getaway from the hectic uni life to food paradise, it's only gonna be a very short but yummy  post. 

Actually, I'm quite an avid fan of night market, I love the smell of the mood and seeing other hungry humans, but ofcourse I don't like crowded places. Well thank heavens, it was kind of rained before we reached there, so it was slightly less individuals that night compared to any other nights. So me and my babes actually went over to Cheras night market all the way from our uni which is like 30 minutes/45 minutes away, if not mistaken. We were actually quite tired from the long ride, but it's all worth it after we had our first bite on delicious Malaysia's delicacies. To be honest, most of the food I had in Night market are actually quite new to me and it is quite an experience to actually take something new.

Chou taufu aka Smelly tofu, it's actually my first time trying this, it has a really bad smell, I swear you can really smell this smelly tofu even from afar and it smells so bad! okay don't be deceived by the smell, the taste is actually not bad for a smelly food, not a big fan of it but most locals love smelly tofu, I certainly have no idea why. To me, it's just okay. Tips for eating smelly food, eat while it is still hot, cold smelly tofu smells and tastes 10x worse. Well, it's a must-try for everyone! *hashtag* YOLO

Char kuey tiaw, okay this is very one of malaysia's famous local cuisine and it taste just, YUM.

My favorite favorite food I ate on that day, it feels like heaven. Due to the humid weather that night, having a cooling dessert with addition of some healthy fruits, it's just feels like you had a peek of heaven. Okay, i'm exaggerating but well, you know what I mean. It's a must try ofcourse!

Otak-otak, THIS IS A MUST-TRY. I'm from the east of malaysia and we don't have it there, the first time I tried otak-otak, I immediately by instant fell in love with it.

Besides just local food, they have some fancy accessories for the ladies, not only cheap but it's quite interesting looking. Believe me not, they sold the "big eyed coloured contact lens" only for RM10. wow, compare to my contact lens i'm using, it's a lot more cheaper. Well, there's also a risk wearing it because it's not really as comfy or as hygienic as the one we buy in optic store. So, my advice is, wear contact lens from the optical store than buying it night market. I'm not saying you should totally not buy the cheap ones, but if you insist, wear it at your own risk. Eyes are very fragile. And oh, i'm wearing FreshKon, it has been the best for me! 

Looking very ugly but interesting, lol. Some interesting looking eyewear I saw in the night market.

Cute Yaw ying and Amelia trying out all the fancy accessories they have it there, it really gives quite an impression. 

So, the post is coming to an end and yes I actually bought some stuff there, which is Rolanjona face mask made from China, i'm actually quite scared of trying it because well, I usually wear mask that found in beauty store, not night market.These mask cost aroud rm15 for 10 pieces, so I gave myself a try. Yes I tried, was really good I actually felt my pores are tighten, looking much fairer, and it actually hydrates my skin! Surprise surprise! But I just wanna warn you tho, it's a mud mask so it's gonna be really dirty and hard to wash it off if u try to wash off your mask, it kind of took me 15 minutes to wash off everything. *gasp!

that's all for now, toodles!



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  1. They do have otak otak from where you come from, you just dont know where to find it.


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