Friday, January 6, 2012

New year's eve!

Hello guys! Sorry for the not efficient post, school starts! means.. I'm facing SPM this year! oh God, this is really creepy. Anyway how school guys? Boring? Yea I know, but what to do right! Guess what, I can't believe I actually studying during weekends. what. haha. well, I really want to have a good result, so it's really a must for me to study!
Anyway back to the topic, actually I'm sick today but because I love my readers so much I wanna write something. hehe!

how's your new year's eve guys? Mine was really awesome. I had an open house at like 5 and a lot of my friends came, I'm so happy :p and after that I went to my friends party! private party in some pub, how awesome is that. Me and my friends was dancing constantly nonstop for 2 hours, from 10pm to New year, which 12pm. I guess I lost a lot of calories that night.

Do you wanna hear a joke? I dance constantly till the next year from 2011, to 2012! haha, funny? no? or u dont get it? omg, u guys suck. looool.

Me with Angel in my open house.

My bestfriends, Angel and Robert!

They were in my house too, and we went to party to countdown to 2012!

Pretty girls and boys dancing! :)

Anyway back to topic, then we went to alfresco till 3am, gosh it was so packed like crazy! I had so much fun with the boyfie too, some of them was really tipsy! But I didnt, I'm such a pro :p and then when we on the way home, Kevin sii one of my friend drive like crazy as if he is going to get accident, gosh it was creepy! luckily i wasnt in that car. lol. the best new year eve's party eva!

Last picture of me is me and my leopard prints make up! will do the tutorial soon, so keep on reading!

So that's all for today, xoxo!
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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello guys! It's 2012! Happy new year :D
New year, new resolutions! What's your resolution for this year?
well I have a lot. I'll make a list for you guys!

  1. BE SKINNY. 
  2. GET STRAIGHT A'S FOR SPM. ahahhaha. i know i know, very impossible.
  3. Be efficient with blog.
  4. Get atleast 1000+ views in blog everyday and I need your help!
  5. Vlog
  6. Do alot of tutorial in blog!
  8. Be awesome girlfriend! :P
  9. Get some loveeeeeeeee from readers.pweeti please? 
  10. Exercise more. xD hhahahaha.
  11. Dont die. LOL

So I guess that's all, I really do hope that I will achieve this goal! :D 
and to all my readers around the world, thank you for being such an amazing supporter and I will always love you guys! to new readers, please like my page in facebook and follow this blog or my twitter for new updates!
Thank you guys!

and happy 2012!

lol random pic :p


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