Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paradigm Mall Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week Gala Night

So on the 26th of April 2013, I was cordially invited by the Paradigm mall to attend its very first Spring/Summer Fashion Week Gala Night. It started at 26th of April, which is last Friday and continues its fashion week to this Friday, which is on 3rd of May 2013. The fabulous 8-day event features fashion presentation by the wide variety of fashion and lifestyle brands that's available in Paradigm mall. I was very honored to be able to witness all these and watch all the latest trends that was showcased that night!

 The Gala Night was crowded by glamorous attendees including WCT Land VVIPs, guests of note also included Local Celebrities Bernie Chan, Belinda Chee, the fabulous Pamela & Vanessa Chong, Chelsia Ng, Aaron Khaled, Alvin Wong, Hansen Lee, and last but not least the charming Jeremy Teo.

The amazing dancers showing their full power and enthusiasm in their dance that portrays fashion and behind the scene of every glamours of designers and models for the opening of the Fashion Show. Love it when they lifted her, I was quite astonished! The event was also entertained by two local public figure from the, Natalie and ofcourse Jin from Jinnyboytv.

The Top Model Amber Chia.

And ofcourse, after the dance performance, the top models of Amber Chia Academy including Amber Chia herself strut their stuff on the runway showcasing fashion labels, SEED.

The fashion show itself divided into 2 segments, the first segment of the fashion presentation featured the Spring/Summer 2013 collections of Springfield, Elle, MOG, Kitschen, Skechers, Tooba, Walk In, Adidas and Bossini.

Ofcourse the stunning local songtress Dayang Nurfaizah performed in between the fashion show and kept the crowd entertained by her amazing soulful voice. She also surprised  and impressed the crowd by actually sang a chinese song! Even I can't sing any chinese songs......... 

Can you see me? I'm just at the side of lower corner of the stage. HAHA.

The second segment of fashion presentation featured stunning various fashion labels by Red's Revenge, US Polo, Payless Shoes, Elements, Padini, Squareroom, Brat Pack, Nichii, Sun Paradise and Voir! 

Me and blogger Jess!

Ofcourse, glad to see Reiko another blogger/model struting her stuff on stage! Didn't really expect to see her there because the last time I actually saw her before that night was actually January, wow how time flies.

MHB's blogger Jessico Ong and yours truly.

And ofcourse, I took a chance to snap a few pictures with the models from Andrewmodels agency after the fashion presentation ended. Stunning aren't they? I looked like freaking midget standing beside them, how I wished I can be taller, is there any pills for that? :x

Anyways, overall it was a quite a a glamorous evening and I sure have enjoyed myself there. So so so blessed to be there and actually witness paradigm mall first ever fashion week. So I guess that's all. Till then, toodles and have a great labour day people!

For more details, please visit, or call the mall's customer care hotline 03-78011188!



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