Friday, July 26, 2013

Embark on a Legendary Voyage with Heineken

Hello guys, I'm here again! Sick of boring lifestyle in the same place doing the same routine over and over again? You're an adventurer and you would kill it just to travel and explore new things, you're so brave that you have the guts to drop everything in your life right now just to travel. Have the urge to change your life and make it awesome? Take a leap of faith and reveal the inner legendary traveler hidden inside you because, Heineken - yes, Heineken wants to take you to Las Vegas !Whut, Last Vegas? Yes, you hear me, Las Vegas baby, you ain't gonna miss this chance and close this window! yeap, you're gonna keep reading and find out how you gonna go Las Vegas.

The world’s no.1 international premium beer brand- Heineken, is challenging Malaysians - us to be a traveler, not a tourist. The ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP, let me enhance that again, ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP to Las Vegas will be an experience that features more than bright lights, illustrious parties and elaborate shows that are synonymous with Sin City – Heineken promises to take you on a voyage off the beaten path!

The Las Vegas experience is in line with the beer brand’s latest global campaign ‘Voyage’, the fifth installment of the Heineken ‘Legends’ campaign which aims to inspire its drinkers to push their boundaries and immerse themselves in an worldly experience unlike anything they’ve done before and their lastest campaign rewards 15 Malaysians to an awesome, unprecedented and once in a blue moon experience to Las Vegas worth RM800,000!

This is one of the video, this is during the ‘Dropped’, a series of episodic adventures following fearless explorers plucked from across the world and literally dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the most basic of supplies and direction, forcing themselves to discover their own limits and conquer their fears! The series featuring four ‘Dropped’ voyages with three episodes, so far has seen sun-loving Spaniard Rikar in the freezing Alaskan tundra and subsequently Greek yoga instructor Stavros in the middle of the Cambodia jungle using every ounce of charm, vigor and wit to get themselves back home. Seems challenging!

Watch more videos on ---------->

The Heineken ‘Legendary Traveler’ contest runs from 1 – 31 July 2013, so get your passports ready for the ultimate legendary travel with Heineken! So what you waiting for adventurers?!

How to win it? Read the instructions below!

1.    Purchase 2 buckets OR 8 pints of Heineken to get an entry ticket at participating Heineken outlets
2.    Complete the entry ticket with your details and correct answer
3.    Drop the entry ticket into the official entry box at participating Heineken outlets

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Chris Ho                                                                     Tilla Lingam
G2 Public Relations                                                    G2 Public Relations
M:        +6012.258.4586                                              M:        +6010.213.7525
T:         +603.2178.0036                                              T:         +603.2178.0037                     
E:                                          E:

Good Luck & Bon Voyage, lovelies!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just some sheer thoughts

Hello lovelies! Okay, I know it's been awhile. Probably a month since my last update, I sincerely apologize about this because recently I've been busy with a lot of things especially school that started already, sem break over, and there's a pageant contest I recently joined ( will definitely blog about it ) maybe in the next post if I'm not lazy. LOL.  And my camera was frozen, lol. I didn't touched it for weeks and it was frozen, hopefully will be back to normal sooner or later so I can post some pictures for my next blog post. The problem with me now, I very demotivated with everything maybe because of the stress I had to deal with in school or in social life, I don't know. I started to be very anti-social, trying to hide myself from the crowd and all, and not very much active in the event I should join. Maybe because of exam coming soon ( AS Level in Science). Hopefully, I'll get straight A's. :)

Recently I'm having doubts with schools, financial and future. Okay, I may seem to cheerful and too carefree for all these but really, I need a break. A break from all the hassle in life. I just need some time alone, but  something just hesitate me, maybe because of studies, maybe boyfriend/family, financial I don't know. All I want to do right now, is just break free from everything. Everything has been in a rush, I just do whatever I HAVE to do, but not I WANT to do. I'm practically lifeless, frankly speaking. People may scroll through my instagram and thinking " wow, she play alot" or " she has an awesome life" LOL. But, no. Not really, I do not want my life to be all drinking, shopping, eating, party, studying. It's boring, really and all I can think of right now is just fly away alone and travel. I. Need. To. Travel. Yes, I need some of that.

Whenever I scroll through instagram or facebook, I actually envy some of those that did not continue their studies but they all they did was travelling and I'm wondering where do they get all the motivation, the guts, or the money? Okay, maybe they could have asked the money from parents. I honestly think they did not, because backpacker are independent and independent people don't ask money from parents, (just some random theories I created myself), or the time, but actually money never was a problem for me. Probably just my lack of guts and faith, and my poor time management. And I actually plan to take a one year break, or half year break after A-levels and travel. Hopefully, with a travel buddy. The thing is, most of my friends are studying, in a relationship ( probably gonna bring their bf/gf along which I totally don't want because I'm awkward and I'll make things awkward ), and some would say " no money" or " my parents wouldn't let me", some would say yeahhhhhhh on but bail me out at the last minute. HA, all sorts of excuses. All I could think of is just travel alone and having "me' time for once.

So readers, what do you think I should do? Any suggestions? Just some random thoughts by the way. :)

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