Friday, October 14, 2016

New Sky Dining Spot in KL: Roofino KL

Here's my personal opinion about Roofino KL,
I find the view was spectacular, I like how its a glasshouse concept, so when you dine in the restaurant, you can look out into the city. It has 2 sections, restaurant and the bar. The bar is like a social club, where you can mingle around with your peer, not too much of the clubbing type. The food was good but it definitely can be improved. My favourite was probably the lamb and the sea bass. Others was just alright, i'll give a 6/10. However, the view, i'll give a 9.5/10. hahahah. Well, it's because I only can see half of the twin tower, my OCD was acting up. Overall, it was an amazing night with my girlfriends and some of the most influential people in KL. I totally recommend you guys to try out this new place and it's effective on the 28th of October 2016. 

Picture credits: Lumiere motion

For more info: 

34th Floor, Trillion KL, Jalan Tun Razak


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Travel: 5 Places To Visit in Taipei

After been delaying so much on my Taiwan post, and blogging because I was rather more active on youtube, I thought I should pen down some thoughts on my not very recent visit to Taipei. I guess it's because I'm missing Taipei a little too much and also writing down my thoughts while getting lost in them. And also, I took a lot of really nice photos but never had the chance to show it off hahaha.

I loved taiwan. I must say, I had one of the best feeling I had in many years, able to step out of the country and travel alone (sort of, until my friend decided to join me for few days) but still can count as solo right?

Anyways back to my topic, here's the 5 Top Travel Places that you must visit in Taipei.

1. Ximending

I loved everything about Ximending, it has everything there. The food, the fashion stores, the beauty stores and everything. Basically, if you wanna shop, this is definitely a place to go. It's easy to go by just train. At night, it will be super lively because everyone is going to be there, from street performers and everything else!

2. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

If you're a fan of historic place, this is definitely a place to visit. Ofcourse you'll learn a little bit more about history of taiwan, but it's also a great place to take an instagram worthy photos! hahha!

2. Jiufen 
I loved everything about Jiufen. Jiufen is like a little village with artsy surrounding and all the good food. It's pretty far from taipei city, it took us around 45 mins to get to Jiufen. But it's totally worth it. I'll definitely write a separate post for Jiufen.

3. Hidden Bar in Taipei (Ounce)

well, this place is really hidden. I wouldn't know about this place until one of my friend told me about this bar. It's pretty hard to find. I know Taipei is easy to get around with just subways or trains, but you will need abit of walking or taxi to get to this bar. What I loved about this bar is that, the bartender customised your drinks. You just tell him what you prefer for example (fruity or sweet or sour) basically your choice of taste, he'll make a perfect one for you! Note that, it's definitely not cheap.

4. Huashan 1914 Creative Park

This definitely one of my favourite visits in Taipei. I guess Taipei is known for their arts and crafts, everywhere I go in Taipei is definitely related to arts. Huashan 1914 creative park is definitely a must go, i will also write a separate post for this. Because it's soooooo beautiful i have tonnes of pictures to show you guys!

5.  Taipei Night Markets

Last but not least, ofcourse their night markets. Your visit to Taiwan is not complete if u don't visit some of their famous night markets like Shilin or Raohe. Super good food, it's okay if you get fat in Taiwan because their food is gooooooood. 

well, if you haven't see my youtube video for taiwan. Go watch and subscribe ok! 

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