Friday, March 30, 2012

Kuala Lumper 2012 #1

Oh hey guys! I'm back again, after a month of disappearing from the blog world. :(
Anyway I saw my statistics in my blog, it was a major...disappointing. I disappointed you guys, I'm really sorry. Been so busy lately and I had too little time to blog about anything, but I'll try to blog more when the exams finish!

Anyway, I'm going to blog about my KL trip today! :)
so on the first day, all of us were damn excited to go KL, i guess it's a tradition for us to travel to a place every year ;) The ticket was only rm15 anyway, so why not right? :)

Pretty Rachel and me ! I look pretty excited while rachel just acting cool, only pictures! but actuall she's pretty excited too, despite on her condition. She was sick during the whole trip, poor girl.

This is the ticket Emma's ticket. Too bad she couldn't go, she said she would rather save money for her new phone than spending money on KL! mean :P no, actually she didnt want to go because it's spm year and she wanted to buy a new phone. ahhaha, oh well :p too bad for her then, we can go together the next time. 

Nine of us!

In the plane! Trust me, we were the noisiest people there as if it was the first time we went to KL. The dudes even standing up the whole journey from Miri to KL, while me..... in my own world, sleeping with music on. HAHA I know, i'm such an old lady.

In KL central! :) It's our tradition to be eat Burger king when we're travelling because Miri doesnt have burger king! sad case :(

Me looking really casual with oversize tank top from room eleven, faded jeans and red converse and Rachel look chic and stylish with a floral top and cardigan!

In the middle of the city! Got lost on finding our hotel. Voon ping using his Ipad figuring out where the hell was our hotel, while me, busy capturing pictures of the moment.

The sweetest couple and the funniest couple I ever met in my life lol.

Edmund, looking pretty excited too!

Us in cosmo world, we didnt managed to take a lot of photos because of no one can take picture for us since we're put our begs in the closet and no one will be holding our cams, sad case? I know.

After such tiring day of games in cosmo world, we walked over to a street shop behind time square! I think it's a must for travelers to come here, it has it's unique taste, and trust me it tastes delicious, I gained weight because of eating a lot of these during the trip.

The guys :)

Voon Ping and his signature pose, I don't get why he likes to close his face, I guess he thinks it's cute :p

Indulge yourself in unique Malaysian Cantonese Cuisine!

Chicken soup in coconut! It has herbs inside, and the soup taste extremely great and soothing! sick people should eat this more, it felt so great!

I forgot what was this, I guess it's pork? HAHA! or is it chicken? All I can remembered was, it was spicy and yummy.

and this! Chicken curry Cantonese style! It has that spicy feeling that literally burns your tongue but it gives a nice sweet flavour unto it!

Guess what's this? IGUANA! All of us were kinda scared eating this, but not me. I would try eating anything as long it's edible for sure! 

At the end of the day, we went back to the hotel and sleep, it was 12am, and we were sleeping! oddddddd much! wait, not yet, some of the guys went down and grab some KFC for supper since they were hungry and it was Hua lai's birthday! :) look at her so happy eating her KFC with her boyfriend :p

anyway that's all for today, will update about my KL trip the next time ;) that's all and goodnight everybody, love you all!

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