Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kick Off to Ibiza Heineken Beach Party

Hello guys! So on the 27th April 2013, I got invite to Ibiza Heineken Beach party in The Mines Wellness Hotel. So I met a lot of amazing people, from the participants that is going to Ibiza to watch UEFA champion league. The only way to win the tickets was the participants has to find the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets hidden under the sand or wherever around the Mines Wellness Hotel! What a challenge! I honestly think I should have joined those participants to find the tickets and fly myself to Ibiza too, haha. 

Participant doing their best finishing their mission to win themselves a ticket to Ibiza. Wow, the adrenaline rush.

With amazing beautiful beach, free flow of heinekens, and amazing buffet with eargasm music. Tell me what's better than these? Overall it was an amazing party, but too bad it kind of rained that night so many people went back earlier, including me. :(

Host of the day, The hot and sexy Julie woon and Henry Golding.

3 happy winners won themselves a ticket to watch UEFA champion league, lucky men. I wished I was one of them :(

So then I also met this gorgeous hunk, Henry Golding in the party as well. *screams hysterically*. I literally fan girling over him while he was hosting on stage, such a nice scene. My bad, been a fan since forever. HAHA I sounded like a pervert right now, but during the party I kept my professionalism very well *pat myself* very proud of myself haha. Glad to meet a famous and gorgeous sarawakian celebrity, he was really friendly and glad to have a talk with him. So please, never look down on sarawakians, we are quite good-looking as well. *pointing finger at myself* lol just joking. Actually I'm serious, just look at Henry Golding. Okay I should shut the crap up as and let fangirl side of me to sleep and let you guys see the pictures I took on the night with amazing people I met! 

My senior, daniel and the lovely miri girl I met, Alyssa.

Daniel and me.

Daniel, me, alyssa and dusty!

Ofcourse another 2 beautiful girls I met from Japan, with mhb's official photographer, andy kho.

Okay, lets just end this post with....... outfit of the day!

Since the theme was resort wear, I sort of had a trouble figuring out what to wear and all my beach wear I left it back in Sarawak, fml. Thank God I had an event in Paradigm mall the night before and  did a last minute shopping in H&M for the event. It's super cheap, cost only RM79.90 and the flower clip is also from H&M, cost only RM12.90. Shocking huh? ;) Well, looks can be quite deceiving. 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seed- Midvalley spring/summer fashion week 2013

Hello guys, so if you guys followed my twitter/instagram and page, you guys would've known I went over to Midvalley last Friday night to watch one of my favourite brand - Seed, for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection fashion show. It was a really great show and it showcase the latest seed's spring/summer collection focusing on the casual formal with lots of bikini, peplum dresses and tops, shorts, cute sweaters, floral prints and all the new way of styling giving the "chill" and "relax" vibe for spring/summer. 

 So I was given the opportunity to attend this event to find out the hottest deals and the latest trend for spring/summer this year. As you can see my picture, the event was flooded with amazing people with amazing fashion. I felt very honored to be able to mingle with them and got the latest tips to style for this year's spring/summer. Not to mention, the famous Amber Chia and her son was there too.I was quite underdressed compared to the other bloggers or fashionistas, oh-god. Oh well, there's always a first to everything. 

This year's trend for the guys are mostly shorts among knee length.

Pastel colours and detailed prints are also quite in this year.

Oooolala-la. You're very welcome, girls.

Sharmen and yours truly.
 Outfit of the day. Slightly more mature than the last post, lol.
Denim outerwear, Topshop.
cropped top, Topshop.
Skirt, Dorothy perkins.
Footwear, Vncii.

So, I shall end this with........

Yours truly, haha. Apologies for my vain self. That's all for today and stay tuned for my next post ;)



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Xixili -Midvalley Spring/Summer Fashion week 2013

Outfit of the day. 

Thanks to Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers I got invited to the Midvalley Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013 on the 19th of April 2013 which featured Xixili. Xixili is a lingerie brand that is founded by a group of ladies that appreciate the bust volumes through the right choice of bras accordance to their brand motto, "uplifting you always." 
So this year's xixili spring/summer fashion week midvalley portrait a different theme which is "once upon a time..." based on fairy tales. So that night, we had disney princesses from cinderella, to mermaid, to Jasmine. We also had model of different sizes, from models with size 2 to plus size models.

To be entirely honest, this was my first fashion show I attend in KL. It was a really amazing show, and the event was flooded with bloggers and celebrities. With the help of the founder of Malaysia's Hottest Blogger - Tim chew. He introduced me to many celebrities like So you think you can dance judge, Red fm dj and ofcourse the Dato Jimmy Choo and also the blogger I met Karen, I had a good long chat with her too. Nice to meet you Karen!

Karen, Jimmy Choo and I.

 if you havent heard of her, here's her blog.

I also had a few words with the Dato Jimmy Choo and he thought I was 16, which is a bad thing? because I dressed as a kid compared to other bloggers. *embarassed* well, there is always a first time. It was quite an experience for a first timer.

The heavenly stage designs that amazed me.

The night was welcomed by Malaysias local artist.

The red riding hood.

The fox.

I'm not sure what's the character because I honestly don't watch mermaid. HAHA. I guess it's the evil octopus and mermaid.

Aladdin and Jasmine.

Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland. My personal favourite model was Alice, she was the cutest among all and the lingerie that she wore was perfectly fits her.

The official beer for the event- Kronenbourg 1664. 

Finally end this post with a selca picture of myself. :P

That's all for tonight!

xoxo, Missalvy.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Fashion 2013

Hello everyone! it's been agesssss I posted any fashion post lol, i guess the last fashion post was back in 2011? omg, readers must have grown some mushroom and some must'd cursing me from behind that I'm such a lazy blogger. :( dont do that, I'm having a fever and I flunked my chemistry and also my catwalk. (excuses....) lol. Okay, I guess none of my reasons will make you guys forgive me. I guess a new post of fashion will make you guys forgive me right? *puppy eyes*


okay, back to what's my suppose to post today. SO IT'S SPRING! Malaysia doesn't have spring, what are you talking about? Well, let just say it's kind of mainstream now that everyone in the world follows, the fashion trend whether it's summer, spring, or winter(no noone wears winter in Malaysia).

So what's your wearing this spring 2013? Maybe a little bit of pink, all the nude colours, flowery patterns, polka dots maybe? My personal favourite are actually, flowery patterns and a little touch up of baby pink or pastel colours. Yessss, I'm kind of girly than I was back in 2011. Well, people change. I love pink, not just pink. Pastels colours!

My personal favourite fashion blogger Tricia. 

1. Belt, TOPSHOP
2. Shoes, Asian Vogue
4. BLazer, Migliore Korea
6. Ribbon necklace, Extreme finds
7. BagZARA

Flowery dress, adding femininity in you and a little peekaboo at the back of your dress to add some characteristics!

2.Sunglasses - 
3.Wedges - Topshop
4.Clutch - Asos

Another of my favourite fashion blogger, camille.

1. Pumps, 



2. Necklace




Spring is about colours, so add more colours to your dressing!

  1. SHOES


  2. RINGS


So if you realise, I'm actually a big fan of Tricia and camille, They both have been a great inspiration in fashion, they're amazing and I looked up to them alot, especially their fashion sense. 

Check them out in,
1. Tricia's blog
2. Camille's blog

Okay, lets end this post with me a little touch of spring LOL. I guess the only spring about this picture is my headband! I got this cute headband in Sunway Pyramid!


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