Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Because it's Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) is this thursday, I decided to pull out an outfit that suits the festival. I know, I'm not wearing red and it's a tradition to wear red. Well, I decided not to go with the flow and go against the crowd instead by wearing white dress with gold embellishment. As you may know, gold as well described as prosperity and wealth, so I guess it suits the festival. The gold embellishment too gave an oriental vibe in the whole outfit which definitely match with Lunar Festival! I like how the dress is simple but yet it has such a character in it. I like how it's totally appropriate for family dinners or visitings during the festival because it's all covered up! You won't hear your mum nagging how much skin you showing this year haha. Also, anyone could look super adorable in this, am I absolutely correct?

Now, who's excited for Lunar New Year? Happy Lunar New Year to all my family and my friends who are celebrating this wonderful festival and have a prosperous year! How do you like my look? and what are you going to wear for Lunar Festival this year!

Till Then,

Ftc: This post is sponsored by http://www.felicefabric.com.my/

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Must Have: Adore Me Darling

Valentine's day is approaching (Actually tomorrow) , omg so excited for you all that are celebrating valentine's day, showing love that you didn't have the chance to all this while due to work or distance all that stuff, and Vday is the day you can finally take your mind off things and spend time with your partner. So for this special day, I decided to compile a "Valentine's Must-Have" collaborated with Adore Me lingerie. woop woop.

Lingerie is one of the must-haves for you ladies that are planning to have romantic night with your partner (18+) YA hahahha. Stir your romance up a little with lingerie from Adore Me. Here are the Top 3 Lingerie I chose from Adore Me.

Cherrie is elegant, she's conservative and innocent yet she can be sexy for a night for her partner. 

Coralie is independent, a lady boss in her career,  she's sophisticated and bold. She knows what she wants and that night she'll take charge. 

Porsche is always playful, she likes everything fun. She's naughty and fierce, makes her man can't get enough of her.

3. An elegant dress from NastyGal.

What I would use during valentines day is a dress that sexy and yet it covers up most of your skin. Skin hugging dress would be best for dinner. Don't worry about cannot be sexy, that night when u want to have sexy time with your man,  give him a huge surprise by throwing on a sexy lingerie. Here's a tip to make your love life interesting: cover up during dinner, and bare all u want if you plan to have intimacy with your bf during that magical hour. 

3. Scents from Victoria Secrets. 

Man loves woman with good scent (Duh?) and perfume from Victoria secret can do the trick. Turn your man on with a hint of scent on your neck. When he lean in and kiss you,  the beautiful scent makes him want you even more (mmhmm you know what I mean) 

So that's my valentine's must have, what's yours? 

Till then,  happy valentines day and appreciate your love ones. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Will You Be My Valentine?

Dress: Zalora.com
Necklace: H&M
Heels: Forever 21

Valentine's day is around the corner, and i'm sure you love birds cant wait to spend this special day with your loved ones. Since valentine's day is a significant day for most of you, I decided to make do an outfit post collaborate with an Australian beauty blogger kflowermaquillage.com, who did her make up compromise with my outfit so try it out.

Valentine's day is a day of love and.... Girls, you gotta look cute for your man. My look is the combination of chic, elegance and fun element in it. I wore a blue dress with a peekaboo cut-out above the chest area from Zalora. It gives a sexy vibe and probably a little tease for your partner. This dress cover up right which is appropriate for any kind of occasion, but the cut-out piece above the chest gives a right amount of romantic attention for your partner. I paired up my dress with  diamond statement necklace from H&M, give a little bling-bling to a dark plain dress, making the dress looking more expensive.

I wore my favourite floppy hat again because, it totally give an extra character to my whole look.

Picture credit: @cvndids

So how do you like my look? Tell me how do you dress for your valentine's day! 
Oh, for your information, I'm on lookbook! So follow me and hype me to have more outfit post! 


Missalvy x Vivi Magazine

Hey lovelies, it's been days since I updated any post because I was busy with assignments that's due this week!So much work to do, but nope I'm not gonna make it an excuse to delay my post to a month. So, how you all been this month? Everything been good? Well mine it's been pretty great and I hope it will continue be like this.

February has been such a blessed for now, if you ever follow up with my social media accounts like my page, instagram or twitter, you would know that I have been so happy about my blog and myself been featured in Vivi Magazine! Although, I did appear in several magazine as a model or some random girl appeared in an event but I'm super excited that I am able to appear as myself. :')

Some of you may not know what Vivi Magazine is, Vivi Magazine is a Japanese magazine which portrays japanese harajuku fashion, something like that, I've been a fan since really young so It's an honour to be able to be featured in it. I'm honestly truly grateful eventho it's not a very huge exposure for some people but it meant a lot to me. I started blogging out of fun back when I was 14 and I totally didn't expect that I would be featured as a blogger today or will blog until today. This feature has made me more a determined person than I was to be a better fashion blogger, probably one day I 
can be infront of vogue LOL :P It's not guilty to dream right?

So what you waiting for guys, grab a copy of Vivi Magazine February issue of 2015 and view the insights of my life being a fashion blogger and my dream, if you are interested. I hope this feature inspired some of you aspiring bloggers just like myself :)

Thank you for supporting my blog and I hope you all will keep reading it.

Till then,


Monday, February 9, 2015

Coyote Watch Launch

Hey all, how ya'll been doing? So sorry for few days of no news in my blog but today I'll be sharing a brand new watch that just launch today! Excited? I am.

New watch brand Coyote by The Finnish company launched its very first collection of fashion watch today and the specialty about Coyote is, it is first invented to bring back some of the treasure of vintage watches with a mixture of modern fashion. The collection is also inspired by Rock n' Roll elements and the design of the collection is simply amazing, bold, timeless and young. Interesting huh?
Coyote watch collection offers two watch models that differs from each other. The watch design can be simple and sophisticated, or fun and colourful finishes. All Coyote watches feature nickel free platings, water-resistance and are powered by Japanese Miyota Quartz movement.

I personally love vintage watches, it's timeless and perfect for almost every kind of style. And guess what, Coyote watches definitely caught my attention for its timeless and vintage design!

A pre-order campaign is being launched on the crowdfunding platform https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/coyote-watches-brings-back-the-magic-of-old-times/x/9630814 to get the first production started and to connect with the fashion loving audience worldwide.
The campaign lasts from 9/2/2015 to 20/3/2015. All customers will receive a 35% discount during the campaign. (Campaign prices for attached bracelets: US$60.00)

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these amazing watches!!

Till then, 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Everyday Skin Care Routine

Hey guys, recently I've been receiving lots of questions regarding on my skin; how do I took care of my skin or what product do I used. I wanted to film a video for this but my lighting is bad in my current house and i'll be moving to a new house with better lighting so filming won't be much of problem, so I decided to write a blog post about my skin.

I know my skin looks "flawless" in pictures but trust me guys, my skin are not perfect and flawless. I have flaws as well but I am blessed for not having really bad skin condition, so the worst skin condition I can get is just minor pimples caused by bad diets or late night sleep.

Before I tell u guys what product I currently using or whatever, i shall put a disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post, it is merely my very very honest opinion. These are my very simple step, I don't post my night and day cream because I finished them lol, so here are my very simple skin care routine.

Honestly, I don't have specific product that I always stick to, but currently I'm using this facial cleanser; Impress by Kanebo, that I've been using for quite sometime. It's been giving a wonderful deed to my skin in terms of brightening my skin, I'm quite tan compared to many people because I'm always out, but this cleanser did help me alot.

After cleansing, of course toner and moisturizer are important steps in having healthy skin. The toner or freshener that I currently use is Wonder Pore from Etude house mini version, I don't have specific toner brand I always use, but since my previous toner has finished, I used product from Etude House. I shall say it's alright, nothing special about it but it did help in making my skin looking more radiant because it prevented dirt and inhabitants penetrate into my skin. 

Lastly, I usually use Aloe vera as moisturizer, I don't know why but I couldn't find the perfect moisturizer that's suitable for my skin yet, so I've been using Aloe Moistfull to keep my skin moisturized and healthy. Trust me, if I have a real Aloe Vera plant, I would use that on my skin instead of chemical product lol. Natural regime the best!

Occasionally I would use mask, once or twice a week. Again, I don't have specific mask I used and these are from drug stores. Normally, I used sekisei from kose, I wrote about it here, but I finished them again, lol. That mask done miracles for my skin, it's only 5 minutes mask time and it instantly brighten your skin! Review here ( Sekkisei kose mask)

Of course, having healthy skin is not just taking care of your outer beauty. To have healthy skin, we need to take care of our inner beauty as well, as in what you eat and what you consume. Guilty me, I always eat fat and oily food which does no good for my skin AT ALL. So tea has been my favourite way to detox away the toxin in my body and also this beauty oat which I did a review here (Beauty Oat Review), this product also do wonders for my skin. Trust me, I will buy more of it!

Traditional way of taking care of your skin is drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and exercise. Clean the inside of your body and keep yourself healthy, the healthiness will show on your face, The more you take care of your body by eating clean and exercise, the more flawless your skin is. 

That's all for now.

Till then, 


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sharp Dressed Men

Hey, fashionistas, about a month ago, I received an email from Paul Fredrick to write tips about men dressing sharp. I hesitated at first because I'm not confident about men fashion, but I eventually said yes! My blog is not solely for the ladies but also for the men. So, be lenient to me guys.

What attract me most in men is how they dress, sure looks are not everything but first impressions are everything. We cannot deny that first impressions are important for nailing a job or whatsoever, being presentable is really vital. We cannot deny that many men out there do not really trouble themselves to dress well, but do you realize that most successful men out there, dress well, sharp and presentable, charming even.

So ladies, you either can close this tab or read up to know how to dress him and my dear gentleman, that happen to stumble upon my blog, this post is an essential post for you boys. Here are some of the needs to dress sharp with Paul Fredrick Winter Collection.

Staple statement in closet for men?

BELT. Belt, ofcourse it's a must have. I find it iritating when boys left their pants dangling thinking they look like tugs or cool or something it's beyond annoying.

A button up shirt. A button up shirt gave a man the smart and sharp look. It grabs the right attention a man need. Good first impressions in any social endeavours. I cannot lie that men with button up shirt with suit certainly caught my attention even if it's just a glimpse moment. So ladies, advice your man to get themselves a button up shirt please.

Oxfords leather shoe. Shoe has always been my favourite piece in a person's outfit, especially in a man's outfit. The first thing I ever notice is their shoe. Leave aside your boring all leather shoe and slip on one of these Paul Fredrick Oxfords. Oxfords will definitely do a little twist to a man's outfit, gives a man looking business-like and still looking stylish & fashionable. 

Accessories. Don't stay to the most boring way to just have your suit on, style it up with accessories whether it's simple accessories like fedora and gloves, these two basic pieces would definitely give your outfit a different feel. Trust me boys, woman loves their man take an effort to dress up ;)

Do you think men should make an effort to dress sharp all the time?

My answer is yes! Don't be a lazy bum, get your suit up and dress sharp all the time. Dressing well is the firsts key to nail any first meeting, whether it's a corporate meeting or first date. Everyone appreciate people who try their best to look good. I know people will come and say to me that looks is not everything, but lets not lie to each other shall we... that people are bias creature and even how smart or how amazing person you are, a person's look is the first thing that attract people's attention. So gentleman, be sure to always looking sharp!

So what do you think of men dressing sharp?

till then,

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