Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[ADV] Eh Macha, Your Malaysian Is Showing Lah Wei!

Wussupppppp!? So last Saturday, I was invited by Nuffnang (Thanks Nuffnang!) to celebrate Merdeka day together with Astro in Midvalley Shopping Centre! So what's this wonderful event about?

Made a new blogger friend, Carrie Yap!

This campaign shows #UrMalaysianIsShowing and #Gobeyond which portrays the true characteristic of Malaysians. This campaign also brings all races together from Malay, Chinese to Indian and to the Bumiputras. The newly launched music video, "Excuse me sir, your Malaysian is showing" is one of the evidence how united we can be, especially in our daily lives we show how malaysian we can be in many ways. Such as our own malaysian accent, we can put all 3 different language from Malay, to Chinese to Indian into one sentence... like. " Hey Macha, yamcha later ok?" it means, " Hey bro, lets get a grab of tea later?" Only in Malaysia we can use all different language and still able to understand them. SO UNIQUE!

They also launched the positive engine that has little details of places in Malaysia such as Genting, Sepang Circuit, Jonker Walk and so on.. to be exhibit in Midvalley shopping malls at the 3rd floor! 

Spot Dusty!

Some really cool Tees that shows malaysians true colour and by the way I wanted to get one "Rilek-lah Bro!" but never knew astro gave them for free for us bloggers! Lucky!

Launching of Positive Engine.

Local Celebrities that attended the event!

Live performance of "Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing" by local artistes!

Not to forget to go on facebook Astro Go Beyond app, and like their page! and submit the positive act you did! Just like mine, my bf in hospital and I gave him a hug in hospital. So I wrote my act there, " gave a patient a hug!" Steady or not? haha!

And here one really cool app you can try, Your Malaysian is Showing T-Shirt App 
You can design your own T-shirt from variety of malaysian language like, "Ah beng, Yamcha, Macha, Apa Macam..." all those! Just like mine, I'm always a Sarawakian, and Sarawakians always uses "Iboh Kedak Ya!" which means " Don't like that lah!". Cool eih? and it only cost rm25! All the money goes to charity, what you waiting for? Get one for yourself!

Not only that, we also had some activities going on with the bloggers, doing random and interesting task like taking singing random songs to some stranger, hug a stranger, chant "Merdeka" 7 times in public and all and uploaded the videos or picture in instagram and twitter. That's why if you guys realised, i've been spamming instagram and twitter last Saturday. Me and my blogger team was running around like mad cat, but too bad we didn't win due to the slow internet connection, but we had fun. That's all that matters!

Doing the Tugu Negara pose for the blogger activity task.

Selfie with this sweet blogger Carrie!
Another activity task, I had to hug a passerby and take a picture. I'm socially awkward but i'm glad that my hugs made her smile. i'm warm hearted, like a bear! HAHAHAHHA

A pic with Jane Chuck while having refreshment in Blu-Med. 

This campaign really bring out the patriotism in me, and I love Malaysia.



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good Vibes Festival 2013

Alo lovelies, if you guys been checking out my instagram, twitter or Facebook. You guys should know that I went to the Good Vibes Festival! Well, thanks to Heineken that invited me to go to witness the debut of Starclub! There's actually 4 stages, Red Stage, Blue Stage, Starclub and Silent Discotek!

It's actually cool they separated 4 stages like that, since everyone has their own genres. For me, I like rock and roll so I prefer Red stage, and for my boyfriend he prefers Starclub because yeapp he loves Techno songs and all the club songs.

What's Silent Discotek?
It was actually funny when I first went there to see, people are dancing around in silent but actually there were 2 DJs playing and both Djs playing different genres, so you just wear the headphones and switch channels to switch which DJ you prefer and dance in silent! Basically you just party in your own head.

How interesting.

A view one part of the Festival. Do you see the girl in Red and the guy in Black in the middle? They're Natalie and Ean from Hitz.fm! haha

These are Chic Vibes, they are alot of malaysians' brand clothes sold in the Chic Vibes Section.

 It was honestly  an amazing day, but I had bad luck along the way. If you guys followed my twitter, you guys would know that I actually won a Monster Beats by Dr.Dre headphones due to having the largest number of likes in Instagram in one of the competition and I won it! Didn't expecting myself to win anything but it definitely feels great to actually win something expensive easily.... but here comes the sad part. I lost it. I still couldn't figure out how did I actually lost it because as soon as I get my hands on the earphones, I placed safely in my bag. I zipped my bag close and tightly the whole time! If anyone wants to steal it, why not my money or my iPhone? Okay, I dont wished it really happens but why the earphones?! lol. It's like too easy winning it and too easy losing them. Bad luck indeed. When I found out I lost them, my mood actually went down deep to the drain, I was actually excited to watch Smashing Pumpkins, but I didn't so I went home earlier after Smashing Pumpkins played few songs. They were amazing tho and I love them! Feels guilty, I still dared to call myself a fan after bailing them out like that.
This was when we're in the Starclub.

A candid taken by my boyfriend haha.

While waiting for my old time favourite band, The Smashing Pumpkins! *Too bad I didnt took a picture or video of them because I camera was out of battery* :( EMO

The boyfriend and me.

Sorry for the overload selfies instead of taking picture of the Festival instead. I didn't take alot of pictures for the Festival but I took videos instead. I hope you guys can enjoy it!

By the way, I'll be doing more videos because I really enjoy doing videos, so Stay Tuned for my upcoming project ! haha, and don't forget to give me a "thumbs up" if you like my video and don't forget to subscribe as well and ofcourse please like my page to give me some support and keeping up with the updates of my blog!

That's all loves, toodles!


Friday, August 16, 2013

[ADV] Good Vibes Festival // Starclub

Hi there party people!
Guess what's going on this Saturday? Yes, Good Vibes Music Festival! Just ONE more sleeps to Malaysia very first Good Vibes Festival. Anyone excited? I am!

What is Good Vibes Festival?

Imagine you just came back from work, you're stressed and you need some good vibes around you to make you feel much better about yourself. Well, that's Good Vibes Music Festival all about, no matter either you're dancing, cheering on the bands on stage or just chilling out and checking out various attraction from music, to fashion and food, while enjoying the background music. Basically, everybody's just having the time of their life and generally soaking up the good vibes all around

In collaboration with Heineken, Heineken debuts Starclub on our shores, Sepang International Circuit transformed into party ground!

What is this Starclub?

Introducing the new formula,  2 freaking storey porous pavilion with an indoor and outdoor club feel that transports the attendees to a unique and new music experience!

Look at that! CRAZYYYYYY

Here are some of the line-up this year.

What you guys waiting for? Quick get the tickets NOW to enjoy once in a lifetime experience in Good Vibes Festival!



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[ADV] Beautiful Eyes// GlassesOnline

OLA MY SEXUAL INTERNET BUDDIES! Anyway sorry for being out of sight for awhile, anyway have you guys heard of GlassesOnline? No? Oh-nuuuu you guys totally missed the great deals here! It is the largest eyewear online retail shop in Malaysia!

What's amazing about this online shop is it offers designers glasses from my favourite brand such as, Chloe, PradaJean Paul Gaultier , Hugo Boss....you name it, they have it! Not only that, they also offers, contact lenses! What's amazing is, they sell them at cheaper price!
Let me tell you what's awesome about this Online Shop, Let me ask you, when you go over to Optical Shop and you just wanna a pair of designer glasses of you've been longing for but it cost too much, it is always at a price of thousands! Fret not shopaholic, GlassesOnline offer 30% discounts, like the Gucci Sunglasses above, it cost from RM 1,135.71 to RM795.00! HEAVEN!

For a person like me, prefer shopping online because going over the city is such a pain, especially when I need something emergency like new pairs of contact lenses after it overdue, GlassesOnline came to rescue! Thank goodness. *clenched my hands together*

Wearing Freshkon Alluring Winsome Brown From GlassesOnline! I love this lens because it doesn't look like I'm wearing lens, looked as if I already had a big brown shiny eyes. LOL. *-*

Can't wait to get your hands on those awesome awesome designer glasses at cheaper price? Yes, to my beautiful readers that has been reading my blog, you guys are so lucky! Quick, use the coupon I gave you and buy yourself a fantabulous designer glasses with deduction of RM20 from original price at a purchase of Rm100 above and only valid until August 31st from GlassesOnline ! Quick! ;) I don't think you guys wanna miss this great offer!

Ps:// Don't forget to like their facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/glassesonline.com.my

Alright that's all guys, and toodles!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Getaway - Muar, Johor

Hello everyone, and hello August! It's the beginning of the month and it has been pretty great, for the first week at least, hope it definitely goes on like this.

I had the most awesome week with the most awesome people, went to malacca and muar with 2 of my favourite people, my baby boy - Daniel and also a bro from a different parents - Clovis. Probably 2 of the most amazing people ever since I study in the west, prolly people who make me feel like home. Anyway, Dann always always wanted to bring me to his hometown- Muar, Johor eversince I started dating him. Honestly, I'm not keen to go because I know i'll be a total mute once i'm there meeting lots of new people. Feeling lost and unwanted LOL, or get interrogated by his family and friends. Well, finally his dream to bring me home came true, thank god there was Clovis came with us, made things slightly less awkward. 

To my surprise, Muar is actually is a nice place, slightly smaller than my hometown in Miri. People there are amazing, especially their family. They welcomed me with huge smile, and brought me to a catholic church, and there the people are beautiful, touches my heart. I never feel so welcomed by any of my exes family except Daniel's. Ofcourse, mum always be a mum. Dann's mum so hilarious, she pint-point anyone in the room that has a lover and told them jokingly, " this age you guys should be studying, not having a bf/gf!" LOL I think that statement was indirectly saying me and dann LOL, or maybe she was serious. 

About the Food in Muar, I'm speechless. Super amazing and cheap! Too bad I spoiled my camera, so I'm just going brief some of the amazing food located in the old town. So much food, i could not remember any names to be honest, my job was to eat HAHA. Dann did told me their names and all I heard was "ching chong lang long" LOL will definitely tell you guys their names once I come again. :x Sorry

And here is one place, is a must go in Muar which is little cafe! I love this place, so chilly and their beverages and food are cheap and fantabulous. I love this place because the place itself was build from an old-shaggy wooden house and they made into a cafe but keeping it original. So everything seems very kampung-like and vintage which I find it so interesting and attractive. AND OH, THEIR CENDOL- OOOOOMPH! SIMPLY SUPERB! I was ill and didn't really have the much appetite to eat anything cold, so when I took a little bit of dan's cendol, i straight away ordered myself one, forgotten how sick was i. Bad habit, but simply a sinful satisfaction! 

So, I guess that's all I'm gonna say about my first few days of how my August doing. Muar is definitely a place worth to visit. Homely people + Amazing food + Chilly environment, feels like home. Never regretted once coming here and hope to visit more often and try all the food again! 

Till then, goodbye Muar!


Friday, August 2, 2013

[ADV] The Wild Things X Too Cool For School + Giveaway

Hey guys, how are ya'll doing? Well I'm feeling pretty sick and missed my mid-term exam :x Because I love you guys, I'm going to introduce you guys some pretty cool stuff to beautified yourself during raya! Raya is a few days away, yes you're going to keep reading my post or else you gonna missed something awesome!

The Wild Things

The Wild Things offers trendy fashion jewelry and accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories. Our product consists of accessories that are carefully handpicked from suppliers around Asia! So, don't worry about the qualities, they're amazing.The Wild Things brings you from chapter to chapter of fun and trendy assortment of accessories. Also, they offers varieties of style from classic vintage, ethnic, bohemian, punk rocker,elegant to sophisticated.

Here are some of the accessories I personally handpicked from The.Wild.Things. As you know, I love minimalistic stuff with details, and The.Wild. Things. definitely offers a lot of them which I love!

Also, the my lucky readers, The Wild Things offer a great deal of 10% percent discount to my readers, just quote "ALVY" during the check out when purchasing The.Wild.Things products!

#Too Cool For School

What is Too Cool For School? Never heard of it? Nevermind, I'm gonna introduce you this amazing korean brand that offers amazing products! Too Cool For School is a leading cosmetic and skin care product all the way from South Korea!

They sell unique range of beauty products consisting 3 concepts, that is, from cool, style and fun!

People may ask, why the name "Too Cool For School"? The name Too Cool For School is identified as a school of fish, which means the coolest among the group! Sound pretty cool uh?


Here are some of the products from Dinoplatz that I would love to try! Especially the lip balm!

Located at :
No. 11 (Ground Floor)
Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru 59100
Kuala Lumpur

Here comes the fun part...
Both The Wild Things and Too Cool For School going to have "Jewellery Buffet Promotion" ! *pops confetti*

Raya Jewelry Buffet by The.Wild.Things
Receive a RM 10 gift voucher from Too Cool For School by purchasing 3 jewelry and above in one transaction. Promotion til14 August 2013.

Dino Raya With Too Cool For School
Receive a RM 10 gift voucher from The.Wild.Things with purchases of RM 100 above in a single receipt at Bangsar (Jalan Telawi) & Penang (Parkson Gurney Plaza) outlet. Promotion til 1st September 2013.

Here comes to most awesome part, I'll be having a giveaway!!! woop woop

See the necklace I used, I'll giving the necklace to one of my lucky readers!

To join this give away, all you have to do is...

1. Like the page of The.Wild.Things & Too Cool For School Page.
2. Like my page Miss Alvy on Facebook.
3. Share this give away and tag Miss Alvy
4. Finally, private message me at my page and give me your Facebook address, contact number and also mailing address!

Good luck, lovelies!!

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