Saturday, February 15, 2014

Your Own Professional Website

Hey lovelies, how is your day going? I’ve been pretty worked up lately due to the hot weather here in Malaysia, and because of some other unfortunate stuff, I really envy people from the other countries , I really need winter here!
Anyway, is anyone here selling online, be in on Facebook, Blogspot or marketplaces? If you are selling on these platforms, has it ever crossed your mind to own a professional website? Whether you are currently selling on these platforms or are thinking of starting an online business in the near future, you are in for a treat here!
Well, I have good news for you guys! Thanks to, I am able to provide my readers a chance to win a free professional-looking and beautiful online store on Shopify. Here’s what’s awesome about Shopify!


Shopify provides you over 100+ beautiful and professional-looking themes to choose from. Simply install and you are good to go. Now you don’t have to spend so much money on web designers to own a beautiful online store!

An example of a beautiful and professional looking store created using one of Shopify themes!


You could also easily track and monitor sales and customer details on Shopify. Isn’t it convenient???


This is a must have for shop owners, it’s really tedious when you don’t have a shopping cart, like your customers have to contact you by email or phone number whatsoever to order. With a shopping cart, it will be an easier shopping experience for your customers and here’s what’s awesome Shopify is integrated with Paypal and iPay88, a reputable, local Malaysian payment gateway. Merchants can accept credit cards and bank transfers! How cool is that?!
  #4 Your Own Built-in SEO Friendly CMS

Potential customers able to find your store by searching items in the search engine that able to lead them to your store!
#5 Create your own Discount Code

You can create your own discount code for your customers by using the Shopify.  discount coupon engine to create your own disocunt  code or coupon to able boost your sales, especially in a country that loves wholesale prices, like us, Malaysia ofcourse!

#6 24/7 SUPPORT

Shopify also provides 24/7 real support from real person if you have any problems regarding on your store, so no worries!
#7 Shop On The Go

These days, it is all about convenient and hassle-free shopping experience, bunch of lazy bumps like me would prefer shopping on the phone than on the computer screen cuz you know I like laying on the bed. For shop owners that is always on-the-go, this feature is best for you because you still can track your sales while you’re busy on the run! So eeaaasy!  
\Download Shopify Mobile on your Apple Store now. Shopify Mobile app on Andriod  will be coming soon! You can register and be notified when the Andriod version comes out:

#7 Stay Connected with your Customers

Shopify provides you a Built-in complete blogging platform where you can connect with your readers by having lookbooks, tips and tricks to style with your products and even encourage discussion with your readers!

Tempting much? Want it so badly? Can’t wait to kick-start your online business?
Yes, here are some simple steps for you to win yourself a 3- months free Starter plan on Shopify for you to start selling. A good deal isnt’t it?
Just answer these 2 simple questions on ;
1.       Why do you want to build yourself an online store?
2.       What are you planning to sell?

And don’t forget to send your entry providing with your details;
Contact no:

Send them to



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lookbook// Broke & Black Valentine's day

Hello guys, i'm back after the chinese new year break! How's your Chinese New Year? It's been pretty dull for me, maybe cause my parents wasn't in, but well, it doesn't matter. Anyways, Valentine's day is in few weeks left, so what are you planning to wear?

Honestly, I have no idea as well whether to go for sweet or elegant or boyish look, but I kinda have a thing with monochrome nowadays that half of my closet is literally black & white, are you having the same problem as I am? or maybe you spent so much on gift for your spouse that you havent had the chance to purchase some gorgeous looking outfit for the special day? Or maybe you don't feel the need to dress special for the occasion, psst! Don't ever think of that, it might be a turn off for your boyfriend!

No worries, here's some tips & tricks, how you can pull off your old clothes!

I'm wearing dress and faux coat I got from H&M, the dress itself altho it has some patterns to it, it look pretty dull, so I wore a faux coat to give it a vavavoom to the whole outfit, I got my heels from Forever 21, probably one of the best buys I got this month cuz it only cost $70!

Here's the real definition of broke, I'm wearing this crop top that I always use for raves oops, I wanted to pair up with the typical high waisted shorts and skirts, but I find it pretty boring, so guess where I got this skirt from? Remember I used to have a flea market, my mum gave me all her old clothes to sell off, when I laid my eyes on this piece, I immidiately fell in love with it, I knew it has some potential in it, so yes, here it is!

That's all for today, and let me know what you guys think?! 


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