Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lookbook X LAZADA

Hello everybody! I know I know it's been ages since I last did a lookbook and my excuses will always be the same - busy with schools hahha, it's true tho! And I have another reason too, I've gained a little bit of weight (actually alot) and I lost my confidence, and I've been MIA from events and any photoshoots, anyway I'm slowly getting back my confidence because i'm tryna lose weight  and gonna start writing more and hopefully more of lookbook!

Let's just cut to the chase and back to my lookbook in collaboration with Lazada! So stocked to publish this!!!! AHH! and I have two looks in contrast with each other but both are comfortable outfits as I am more particular on being comfortable when i'm travelling or just hanging out with buds, here are some of the looks;


I had the largest parcel from Lazada a month ago and it was crazy there's so much of it! I didn't have the time to do a lookbook because I was really busy with my finals and need a break from everything and went home to Sarawak. So anyhow, I came back to KL and visited Malacca and manage to do a few shots for the lookbook, it was really unprepared.

My outfit was pretty casual on the day because I always go for comfort even though I love dressing to  the extravagance , but I was travelling so...comfort was my number one choice.

My blouse was from my mum's wardrobe, it was vintage and I fell in love with it because of how flowy and airy despite its thick material and its lace materials on the sleeves which made the blouse a little less boring. and my shorts was from a random boutique I got a year back. Simple, nothing bombastic. 

Despite of my ordinary outfit, my statement necklace from Lazada spiced up my simple coordinates! Really love the little details on the necklace!

My striking blue KLF Messenger bag also from Lazada. I'm not really into how mirrored the material is but I like how it is so convenient for me to put things in because of the large interior and the bag is suitable for people who is always on the go compared to most bags that are really tedious to bring around with. Oh, have I mentioned I love the colour?

My snake-skinned Lavore bangle is also from Lazada, I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it and wore it everyday since then , i'm a sucker for quirky accessories!


Sultry Saturday because I took these shots on Saturday lol. just to let you know.

My second look will be a little sexier than the first one ofcourse, but it's crazy comfortable compared to the first look, I've always into jumpsuits because they're just like dresses, except people like me, we prefer pants, put it on and people think you made an effort to look good when you did not!!! Obviously my only effort was putting on a red lipstick! 

Leather Watch from Lazada( Left), Eagle claw bangle from an online shop (Middle), Snake Skinned Bangle from Lazada (Right).

Leopard Gold Chain from Lazada that gives more attitude to my outfit and I like how my jumpsuit has this section of lace material on the chest that make the outfit crazy seductive which in addition to the Leopard Gold Chain which compliments with the "sultry" look , great for a date night huh? 

You can get these accessories i'm using from here: 
They have many accessories you can choose from, and it's crazy affordable too!


I love shopping with Lazada, they have varieties of clothes you can choose from, it's a never ending temptation for me to click "buy" from Lazada because they offer insanely affordable items and their service was efficient too, I remembered I bought something from Lazada on Satuday or Friday can't really remember but they delivered me the items on Sunday! It's the first time I got my parcel on Sunday, seriously.

What you waiting for, shop away!

Anyways that's all for now, I had so much fun while writing this, I hope you guys had a great time reading too. Till then, byeeeeee! *waves*


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kif Valentine (Circle Live in Malaysia 2014) Concert

Sabby, Elvina, Casey, JQ and myself (we're bloggers of course) together attended the event!

Last Wednesday, I was invited to a concert by KIF Valentine. My first thought of him was oh he is cute, does he sings? But to my surprise, he does not! He held a concert with purely just harmonica which explains in the poster why is he playing a harmonica, it’s odd and something fresh to me because I haven’t never been to a concert that’s purely just harmonica. Ofcourse, like any other mainstream music lover like anyone else, I ought to feel a little hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect. Purely harmonica? I don’t think I can enjoy that much, and guessed what? I was wrong!

Lets do a little background of this talented individual shall we? KIF, he was crowned as the world harmonica champion title, as World Class Harmonica Meastro. His aim through this concert is to break stereotype impression of the general public towards Harmonica music. mhmm, he did break it from my opinion. 

But, that concert blew my mind away, I don’t mean to exaggerate but it kinda did blew my mind away like how can a harmonica concert be this interesting be this, enjoyable. He was playing a lot of my favourite love songs, which explains his stage name with “valentine” because he likes to play love songs and his birthday falls on Valentine’s day! Interesting fact uh-huh. I was a little curious on how does a small harmonica can play such great and difficult songs, I don’t remember seeing anyone can play harmonica that good, I was overwhelmed by his concert honestly.

He made his audiences enjoy his harmonica tunes with varieties of song choices from country, soft songs and pop as well and mostly love songs, probably 98 percent of his songs. My favourite from him would be “Love on Top by Beyonce”.

A little magic performance between the break which wowed us all.

Kif also made a special performance just for the remembrance, prayers and thoughts for the lost Malaysian Airplane –MH370, a girl played a primary school student did a monologue about asking MH370 to come home and how we all miss the people in the plane, it was really emotional I almost had tears in my eyes even though I couldn’t understand much of the monologue because I’m terrible in Chinese, but it was truly a beautiful performance and heartbreaking too. I find KIF really sweet and thoughtful of him to give a special performance and prayers for MH370, tragic year for us Malaysian


Monday, November 10, 2014

Protect Your Skin With Dettol!

The thoughts of having germs all over my body scare me. Honestly, I have OCD, I hate hate being dirty whether personal hygiene or surrounding. Have you ever thought that you don’t bathe long enough because you feel like there’s germs around? Me too. Sometimes just shopping, or washing the dishes can accumulate germs on your hands, or even just standing still, can accumulate germs on your body? Scary isn’t it? That’s why it’s always a must to bathe after a long day. Thanks to Dettol PH Balance, I have no worries having my skin polluted by dirts and germs that I accumulated throughout the day!

If I was a mother, things like this worries me a lot especially for my young born children which they are easily exposed to unwanted substance, I will ensure that my babies will be clean all day with the help of Dettol!

Here are some scientific fact that everyone should know;
On our skin, there is a very fine, slightly acidic invicible film (The Acid Mantle) which act as your natural skin barrier helps to protect your skin from bacteria, viruses, and contaminants. Contaminants on our skin are neutralized by this skin’s acid mantle which help our skin to stay healthy and also prevent the growth of bad bacteria in prior to enhancing the good bacteria. In order to protect the our skin, we need to maintain our acid mantle at a healthy PH value (4.5-6.2) to protect our skin!

The reason why our skin easily stressed, inflamed and exposed to infection is because of our natural surrounding and we are not aware of it, especially central heating or air conditioning( my guilty pleasure & urs too!!!). UV rays, exhaust fumes, pollutants, dust, haze and heat also the main cause to unhealthy skin, especially we KL people suffered from heat and haze. The most common factor that lead to unhealthy skin are oxidants, germs and bacteria, as you all know ( Basic knowledge ok?!)

If like that, how are we gonna protect our skin when our skin is 24/7 exposed to these?! WELL PEOPLE, That’s why taking care of our Acid Mantle is very important! Caring Acid Mantle is easier than you think, just bathe everyday with slightly acidic cleanser, Mosturise for healthy skin and also use antibacterial protection for germ free skin. HINT: USE DETTOL!!!
Also, use sun-protection which people taken advantage of.


Good news guys, Dettol now has a new PH balanced formula that not only will protect your skin from bacteria and germs or other inhabitants, it also helps to retain skin moisture, preserving the natural barrier of our skin!! YEAYERS FOR ALL OF US! I'm not being bias but, I've been a dettol user for quite a long time and I think people should really give it a go!

Did a little experiment on detail vs normal soap with this Hydroin pH Pen, to prove whether the soap is alkaline or acidic. ( The redder the colour the more acidic it is, the bluer the colour the more alkaline it is

and as I was saying that our skin is more towards acidic, it is important to have a slightly acidic soap for our skin so our skin won't be damaged. As clearly shown in this pic the dettol I used was orange, it is neutral and slightly acidic which complimented with our skin, whereas the hotel's soap I used was greenish blue which is alkaline, therefore it is damaging to our skin. 

And here's some fun challege for you guys,
take the Dettol ph Challege now at and you can reward yourself a rm5 off any Dettol pH balanced 625ml shower gel variant, on top of in store discount at Guardian store nationwide from 1st November to 31st november! 

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