Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lookbook // 3 Casual Looks // Video Blog

Hey guys! How are you guys doing? It's been awhile I did post related to fashion isn't it? I missed it! So for the past few days or weeks lol, I did a little short filming on my looks instead of taking pictures of my looks. It was super fun but I was a bit awkward and shy about it because I don't know how to post and twirl and making myself look beautiful, pardon me for the major awkwardness. But then again, I enjoyed doing it yeay! Thanks to my 2 favourite people, Samantha ong and also my boyfriend Daniel, took the initiative to film although I get a little fussy and... stiff at a time hehehehe.

Anyways, this video blog I'll be showing you guys 3 Casual looks, or which I could say, the clothes that I usually wear! So.... yea. I hope you guys enjoy watching it and remember to subscribe for more upcoming videos yeah and if you have a youtube channel too and would like to share it with me feel free to leave your link down at the comments below, would love to watch them! I'm a big fan of all youtubers, whether you are a youtube star or not :) Sharing is caring. Anyways, that's all for now, see you guys soon!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hair goes blue!

Feeling a little tired lately due to having lots and lots of assignments piling up and as well other mid-term is coming up but I'm feeling more motivated lately to write a blogpost.
So here's something that'm I'm really excited to share, which is having my hair go in blue colour! I've always wanted to bleach my hair to try crazy colour but I have no confidence to have such crazy idea to do so! I'm a bit skeptical about getting my hair bleach and damage them since my hair already damage.

But I decided to throw on my crazy ideas into reality anyways...

Thanks to Restyle by A cut above, I was given the chance to do a hair makeover! yeayyyyyys.

My stylist Kenji been advising me how bad is bleaching for my hair since my hair is already bad and advised me to do some normal touch-up, but me as usual a stubborn girl wanted to make my blue-haired-me dreams come true. He suggested a highlight instead which made my hair a little less damage than it was. So yessss here's the outcome!

Hairstylist Kenji being very kind and patience towards my hair and uses my hair with Loreal product. Took him 8 hours, to get this outcome. From bleaching my hair twice, taking strands by strands of my hair for my highlight, to dying it blue, to dying the base colour which is dark ash brown. I had a severe butt cramps having to seat o the chair for over 8 hours! LOL. After the dying process, I was given treatment as well, to make my hair healthier. yeayyyyyy

say hello to Mr. Kenji

Anyways, that's all for now. Big thanks to Restyle by A Cut Above and Socialgrooves for this makeover! xx


Sweet Afternoon

Besides being busy over assignments and school works, I had my day off too. Me and Samantha went to Bangsar to find this hidden cafe named 'Pulp' to meet other bloggers to catch up on some newly launch project (secret) heh and also had some bonding time with Samantha herself. What impressed me is that this cafe is well hidden in a warehouse, honestly, it didn't look like a cafe at all from the outside. I liked how it is designed, and well-used, or recycle (lol), opening up a cafe from an abandon warehouse. It was a definitely a lovely afternoon, despite being really busy and hectic over school, and i guess i should start bringing my camera around more often and capture lovely stuff and update this space yea? 



Monday, September 8, 2014

Borneo Bound!

Hey guys ! How have you guys been doing? So this is a really overdue post but I decided to post it up and write it anyway. Just few months ago, before the Indonesia trip, I went back to my hometown (duh?) for Summer break or should I say Summer break. My KL friends said that they want to see how my life was in "jungle" which is Sarawak, I was offended (lol) but I told them that they should see how it's like themselves. So they book tickets and flew off to Sabah and Sarawak. (yeayers!)

Ofcourse I brought them to eat famous food in Sarawak like, Kolok Mee and Sarawak Laksa, they enjoyed it and I'm glad. I wanted to bring them to Mulu cave but too bad, they're only staying in Sarawak for 2 days before heading off to Sabah for 3 days.

Since, most of my friends are goodie shoes, I decided make them loosen up themselves (lol, bad influence) by drinking a little, but little did I know, it was a bad bad choice because most of them can't even put them back on their feet and I'm such a small size, but nevermind that. We had tonnes of fun!

My Miri friends that I didn't meet for a year ( i miss them) and my KL friend getting along pretty well!

So on the 3rd day, we had to Sabah, what's famous for Sabah? Ofcourse, their beautiful beaches and Island so we went to Island hoping and did some water activity!

Enough of writing, watch my youtube videos and see more! :D And ofcourse guys, subscribe for more videos. :)

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