Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My mother, my hero

Okay I know it's a late post for mother's day, i'm not too late am I? Well everyday is a mother's day so it doesn't affect so much me posting it yesterday or today or the next day or on the mother's day itself. Basically to me, everyday is a mother's day and everyday SHOULD be a mother's day.

Since i'm away from home and my mum, my mum is probably the most loyal reader of my blog, or.. maybe not. I'm sure she does read my blog to see what i'm doing while i'm away from her and this blog post is dedicated for her.

Growing up, i've been such a rebellious child and I still am..actually, I disobeyed my mother a lot and I hated how she nagged me every single day because of mistakes I made. Now I'm far away from my mum, I actually missed her screamed my name from downstairs to come down and help her to do house chores cuz i was so anti-social I barely get out from my room and I hated chores. I know that she asking me to do chores to teach me to be independent like how I am now.

This is actually my first year not making any dinner for her during mother's day and I missed her so much. I remember my mum called me and I wished her happy mother's day and I love her, she cried on the phone, and I cried too. :'( Don't cry mummy, i'm coming back soon.

My mum, she is a strong lady, she is my hero. She allowed me to make so many messes when I grow up and still bare and endure and overcome all the mess I made. She is as tough and as precious as diamonds, and I hope I'll be more like her when I grow up. She was patient and encouraging and she makes me feel fearless. I have never been afraid to fail around her, and that is a precious gift she has given me. If I am lucky enough to be a mother one day I hope to give my kids the same gift. I've seen her shed tears just because of  the overwhelmed disappointment I gave her, I've seen her shed tears because of overjoyed moment with me.  Whatever cause of the tears she shed for me, I hated it. Makes my heart breaks. Whenever I'm down, she's there, but for some reason I never really talked to her about my problem because I don't wanna worry her so much. Being away from her, one thing i wanna do for her is making her proud. I know I never been a perfect daughter and I will never be, but everyday I will be a better daughter than I was yesterday. 

Mum, if you read this. I want you to know that I love you and I will always do. I promise to make you proud one day.


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