Tuesday, November 10, 2015


FALL GRUNGE LOOKBOOK 2015 // Missalvy Hi guys, I know I have been away for 2 weeks, this is because I was travelling (hint for a travel vlog coming up) here's a little video of a lookbook for the rock chic in the fall! Enjoy! love you guys muahhhh ----------------------- SAY HI---------------------- blog: http://www.missalvy.com insta: http://ift.tt/1RKGVuY twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alvyjoan snapchat: @alvyjoan ------------------------- Disclaimer --------------------- Filmed by: Aurum Co Edited by: Me FTC: Not a sponsored video

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mcdonald x Nanoblock!

Hello everybodyyyyy! I have 2 things I personally love, mcdonalds ( i cannot live without them, how

else I can stay awake without feeling hungry during late nights assignments if there’s no mcdonald

in this world, night mare!) and cute stuff which include nanoblocks! And the great thing is

mcdonalds and nanoblocks finally collaborate with each other and omg they’re so adorable! I know

I have a lot of exclamation mark in all my sentences, but that’s because i’m really REALLY excited!

Nanoblocks x Mcdonalds come with 7 designs! Which is the Big Mac, McFlurry, Cold Cup, McCafe French Fries, Apple Pie and the special design which is the Mcdonald’s Restuarant! All items cost only RM6 except the Mcdonald’s restaurant which cost only RM8! 

That’s me being super happy having all my Nanoblocks collectibles around me, I still cannot get over how cute they are!

When I have these nanoblocks with me, I feel like I’m a kid again, playing cooking and restaurants 

with my siblings! Pretending to eat them but really, please do not EAT them guys, it’s not edible! 

yes, I am totally immersed into my character and really really admiring how amazing and cute the 

Mcdonalds x Nanoblocks look! Guess which is my favourite? My favourite is definitely the McFlurry 

and also the French Fries!

There will be also a Big Mash Dubsmash Chant challenge going on where customers which is you 

and me record a dumbest video of ourselves to the Big Mac Chant! Want a free Big Mac? Easy!

just upload a dubsmash video of yourself doing the Big Mac Chant and you’ll instantly wins a 

Free Big Mac. 


One winner EVERDAY for 4 WEEKS will win……*Drumrolls*


1 month’s supply of Big Mac’s, omygod. Thou shall not be hungry again. 

And also, 1 money-cant buy special Nanoblocs collectors kit! whoa! woohoooo! 

How to join the contest?

 Search for the “Big Mac Chant” and select from any 5 different genres of music.

 After creating your awesome Dubsmash video, download it and post it on Instagram, make 

sure your account is public and also remember to include hashtag #samasamabigmac

 Then,Go to www.mymcd.com.my/bigmacchant and register for the contest!

Guess I’ll be doing the Dubmash video because I really want the one month supply of Big Mac, 

that’s like a blessing! Care to join in the fun with me, anyone?

Here comes the Big Mac along with everything that Iove about it "Two whole beef patties, special sauce, 

lettuce,cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun-man!"
 Don't laugh ok? i had alot of fun recording my Big 

Mac dubsmash!

That’s all guys, I shall get back playing with my Nanoblocks!

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