Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eveyday Make-Up Look Tutorial

Hi guys, I know I've been away for quite awhile but there's a reason why I've been away... This month will be the most hectic month of my whole entire semester because I have job interviews, I have assignments, projects, events to attend basically there was a lot of things going on. I couldn't keep track with whatever I'm doing especially my blog, then again I will want to continue blogging at least twice a week to keep this space alive. I know it's not a good excuse for leaving this space. ahha As most of you may know, I have decided to be more active in youtube and I have compiled a video on my everyday make up look.

It's a really easy process and anyone can try it. Basically, my look is perfect for almost every occasion, whether it's a date, school, or normal outing. This make up look will be perfect for everything. I also used very affordable products for everyone to try it, and I have no issues with these products and basically you can buy it anywhere, except for the michelle phan's cosmetics, you have to purchase it online.

Anyways, I hope you all loved the video and please remember to subscribe and like! :)


Saturday, May 16, 2015

EnviroHome Review

Hey guys! I'm back with a review on Envirohome, a newly launched brand from taiwan! We are always worried about the product we used that we got from the market harm us due to all the dangerous chemicals that contained in the product. Lucky us, with Envirohome, we don't need to worry about all those because Envirohome's products only use natural ingredients. Simultaneously, we can keep the environment free of pollutants! YEAY. I don't know about you guys, but I get very skeptical when comes to buying product that get in touch with my skin, i will definitely opt for the ones that only has natural ingredients, and i'm also a mother nature's lover, so Envirohome's product will go into my shopping list.

Envirohome's shampoo is suitable for all hair types. For people with dry hair like myself, it does good deeds to my hair as it's enriched with coconut oil, aloe vera extract &grape seed oil to keep my hair healthy and repair my broken locks. I have short hair, so.... i don't have any problem with broken locks, but it does leave my skin smooth since my hair is quite coarse.

This Facial Cleanser contain natural botanical extracts that helps to dissolve dirts, oil and makeup on your face and also deeply cleanse your pores. With few washes, your skin will feel clean and smooth! And yes, to brighten up your skin as well. Since it's all natural ingredients in this products,  it definitely helps to prevent blemishes and breakouts! 

I've been using Envirohome for the past days, I would say it does moisturised my skins. It contains aloe vera, coconut oil and grape seed! Oh! it has also rosemary extract which improves skin diseases like fungus (ew) yeap! so I would really recommend this, because of its all natural ingredients!

So I guess that's all, remember to take good care of your body and keep all the product you use are natural, if you decided to going all natural, why not give Envirohome a try! They have all sort of washes, like food wash, dish wash, laundy wash...etc!

For more info, you can go to their website at:


Sunday, May 10, 2015

How To Style Basic White Tee?

Hey lovelies, I have compiled a video on how to style a basic white tee. I believe basic white tee is one of the most essential things in our closet and sometime we do not know what to style with it besides jeans and random skirt. So I hope my video is helpful for you all that don't know how to style with white tee. Also guys, please remember to subscribe and spread the loves! I will be very much appreciate it!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hey guyssssss, The Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015, Maybank’s award-winning talent search and recruitment competition is back!

What is The Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge?

Well, it's basically a business case study competition that challenges the mind and the body of the competitors. Endurance, courage, determination, stamina, and intelligence! sounds intriguing isn't it?

#MoreThanAChallenge is the theme for 2015’s Maybank GO Ahead Challenge and this in 2015,

This year, Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge has a different and better rewards! this year for participants that will make it through to the International Grand Finals. In addition to the Grand Prize of $40,000USD for the grand prize winner, $20,000USD for runner-up and $10,000USD for the second and third placed teams, “People’s Choice” award will be added as an award for the favourite team that will be decided by public votes.  That's a lot of money guys!

The individual that earn the highest individual score will crowned as the Ultimate Maybank GO. Ahead challenger will receive an internship opportunity to New York and London. Good Lord, I would want that! Besides that, the Ultimate Maybank GO Ahead challenger also will win all-expenses-paid two-week internship in Maybank’s New York office together with cash prize of $1,000USD, did I caught your attention? The second highest scoring individuals will also win a 2-week internship in Maybank London office and cash prize of $750USD, and for the third highest scorer in the competition will net a 2-week internship in Maybank Hong Kong with the cash prize of $500USD!!

Also, engagement with the Group’s most influential leaders at its “Transitioning Leaders to CEO programme” which in objective to prepare its leaders for future CEO roles in the Group will be give as an opportunity to the Champion tean and also the Ultimate GO Ahead. Challenger. On top of that, the participants will stand a chance to be involve in the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme.  Global Maybank Apprentice Programme is a 2-year programme where apprentices will be given an integrated  learning experience which will assist the apprentice to enhance their leaderships skills with the involvement in group-wide projects. The Global Maybank Apprentice Programme also includes assignments that involves global network operation and personal development interventions where mentor will be assigned to the apprentice. You just gotta put your shades on because your future is so bright when you win this competition!

So what you guys are waiting for, go get your future sorted out with some coolios adventures that is #morethanachallenge ! Who know's you'll be the next CEO for Maybank? 

For more information on Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2014, please refer to .

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Because I have decided to talk to you all more often and let you all listen to my true voice, although i still can hella nervous infront of camera. I'm still going to continue posting videos every week! In addition, a blogpost to my video every time I post it. YEAY! So, I hope you all really support me in my youtube journey because I have always been in love to edit random videos and get really creative and did not have the platform to share my creativity (yerr) so youtube is my only platform where I can share both my fashion &beauty favs and also my love of being creative in editing! The difference between youtube and blog, is that blog you need a picture perfect, which can be a real hassle at times because you need the right destination, right lighting, right angle, right editing, at the end of the day you'll need to choose 1 perfect photos out of 100 photos taken. While videos, it's all natural, I can do videos anywhere as long the lighting is great, and angle well, just move and turn around eventually the camera will capture your great angle. Editing is a bonus! So that's what I really love about videos. Don't get me wrong, I am still continuing my blog because I love writing and it's been with me since day 1! It's like a fashion diary to me so yaaaa. So I hope you all will continue support both my blog and newly launch youtube channel. And if you haven't watch it, please do so and remember to subscribe to get more updates!


Friday, May 1, 2015

STRIP: Ministry of Waxing - the new Powerpac 2.1 IPL Review

Just few weeks ago, I was invited by STRIP to have their very new treatment to be done on my underarm. Being a curious cat I am, I agreed to them and see what this new treatment can offer me. 
And also, please forgive for my lack of my pictures, I promised I took a lot of pictures but I accidentally delete them all.............*rage mode* but then you can see the inside of STRIP in bangsar in my video, thank god for my video.

I am always always afraid to get wax because I'm afraid of the pain and thinking that this treatment will give me hell of a pain. However, I do not feel...a thing. HAHHA. So this new treatment that I keep mentioning is non other than the new Powerpac 2.1 IPL Review, it offers an advanced semi-permanent hair reduction. It definitely provided the most comfortable hair removal experience ever!

For you girls or guys that are afraid of germs, do not worry, STRIP only use disposable razors, sterilise all tools with hospital-grade disinfectant before treatment, wear masks & disposable gloves (ofcourse), some place they don't do these routine but STRIP does.

From my experience tho, they asked me about my skin condition to see whether if my skin is suitable for the treatment. If all is good, they will proceed with the treatment. They will first shave your hair with their disposable razors.After that, they will apply gel on your skin, it's cold but bearable definitely. Then they will start doing treatment with their machine. It uses UV light to destroy your hair and also hair follicle. Unlike shaving, your hair follicle will not be destroyed. In fact, your hair will grow thicker. For waxing, it will be a very painful procedure. However, in IPL Treatment, it gives you painless procedure and when your hair grow, your hair will be thinner than usual. And it usually takes 4-5 weeks for the hair to grow.

For more information:

Call 03-2283 5575 / 79 to schedule a treatment session, or email to Visit for more details. “Like” and follow STRIP on 


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