Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Blog Skin

Hi sweethearts! As you can see, I have a new blog skin! woop woop *dance & and shake ma butt* haha. New blog skin equals, a new starting! I had my previous blog skin for 3 years already, nope i didn't miss it cuz it looked plain and old and I guess I need a little make over since i'm having a new life as an 18 year-old kiddo. I always wanted a girly pinkish kind of blog and have my own customize blog skin like on my attribution footer, got my face somemore! haha!

All thanks to this amazing blog designer and also a blogger Sabrina Tajudin.
Contact her for more details on customize blog, i'm sure she'll make your blog super prettay like how she did to mine.


1 comment

  1. Yeah glad you love it! Keep rocking and blogging! Looking forward for more great post from you!


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