Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Pink For You

Top: Topshop
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: Indonesia
Accessories: Pavillion KL

Have you been struggled on what to wear to school? You wore too much pants and monochrome ; you are not so into the bright colours, but you just want to look pretty without being overdressed? Well ladies, I have perfect ootds for you that I wore to school, it's simple, not too bright but attention grabbing ootd. Literally anyone can pull off this look! Paired up my bright neon pink A-line skirt with a long-sleeve cropped top, I like how my cropped top balance out the brightness of the colour of my skirt, perfect for school without being overdressed. Since I'm short and a huge thighs ( Do not examine the largeness of my thighs I beg of you), I like to pair up with my favorite low-heeled pointy heels, it's  pointy ends gave the illusion of longer legs and heels that add an extra inch to my height. Comfyness is one of the crucial things that is needed in my outfit, so that is why this heels are perfect! IF i had a choice, I wouldnt want to wear heels at all but oh well, girls being girls, like it or not, we need heels, especially for short person like myself. My outfit was really simple, but if I want to make it much more of an attention grabber, this inspired dior pearl choker is perfect to be added in my outfit yeah. In love with that pearl, always wanted to get my hands on it but always couldn't find the perfect one, and now I found it, yeayers!

So do you like what I wore? and, what's your perfect ootd for school?  Would love to hear more about it, you are very welcome to voice your opinion in the comment section down below! :)

Till then,



  1. This outfit is so perfect for you! That red lipstick suits you so much, definitely wear it more often girl!

  2. Love this outfit !


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