Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to flirt girls?

Are you single and desperate? Need a girl to cuddle with? Need a girl to kiss with? If you are, keep reading! :) This might help you, well not help you 100%, but maybe 60%? I'm not that good in maths so, I don't know how to count about this. It's a matter how's your performance. Before you start to flirt girls, there are 10 Things Guy Shouldn't Do In Front of Girls.

1. FART. Yea, you fart, I fart. Everybody fart, but do not fart in front of girls please. It's a major turn off. When you wanna fart, go toilet or somewhere far from her and do you thing.

2. FLIRT WITH OTHER GIRLS. Girls do not mind you to flirt with other girls at the back of her. But dude, don't do it in front of her. Girls do not like you when you try to show off how good you are in flirting. If you wanna pump up your ego, do it on your own time. You don't want to slapped by a girl, do you? Ooh, that would be awful.

3. WEEP TO EXCESS. Girls do not mind you cry, or cry in front of her. Like, your parents died, your siblings died or something like that. But, if you cry like a baby all the time. Girls think you're not a man, they'll be like are you gay? It makes us feel uncomfortable. Dude, we're the girl and you're the guy. Be a man.

4. SHAVE THEIR TESTICLES. Personally, several of us girls here think you shouldn’t be doing any manscaping at all, but if you insist, keep that private grooming to a private room. Besides, seeing a razor that close to the coolers for your baby-factories makes us nervous.

5. WATCH PORN. Watching porn in front of girls is weird and disgusting. It's not you and me watching porn. It's in the situation when I'm reading a book and I bump into your room and you're doing something that weird to see. And you doing it in front of your computer. When you're trying to close the porn website, it's a picture of your family. And that's really weird and awkward. Especially when the girl is looking at your junk.

6. PUNCH THE WALL. Punching the wall so hard that you punched a hole through it, is scary. Imagine we are the wall?

7. GET TOO OBLITERATED. Save this for a boys' night out. Girls watching you puke all over the floor, fell on the floor ? Honestly, girls will get scared, and feel disgust. It's a major turn off.

8. CUT YOUR TOE NAILS. No, I don't care your a gay/guy/lesbian/ girl. Never do it in front of people. It's gross.


10. TALK ABOUT PEE/SHIT. Girls thinks it's gross. They never want to know how is your pee or your shit went/ or how it looks like.

Yea, 10 of these are major turn off. Never ever do it in front of girls. You guys must really confuse, how to flirt a girl. It's not hard actually. Here's are some tips.

1. Be yourself. Do not attempt extreme images such as macho, super-smooth, cool dude, comedian, or a pick-up artist. Even if it does impress her momentarily, the truth will surface eventually, and you will likely lose her trust and her interest. It is much better to be honest from the beginning.

2. Start a conversation with her. Most girls want guys to do the first move. Speak to her with confidence. If your scared don't worry. Try and pretend to be confidence, the confidence will come naturally after she responds.

3. Find out her interest. If you have nothing to say, you can ask something like. "How's your day?" " What music you like?" If she happen to have same interest as you, you can talk more about it! And never worry about having awkward silence.

4. Be Funny. Most girls think sense of humor is very attractive. If you happen to say something really awkward, turn in into a joke. Teasing her is a good way to make her laugh, but do not joke about something very sensitive. Such as, her weight or her looks.

5. Be Presentable. Most girls love charming man, don't go to a date using a slipper or dirty clothes. Or unbrused hair. Girls thinks that it is not attractive. It will be so embarrassing if she was using nice dress and you're using your old dirty clothes on a date. 

Once you nailed it, you can enjoy your life not as single anymore. But sometime you guys will quarrel. It can be frustrating when you guys quarrel and you always think you're right. Try to think back what you did, because there's certain things that girls do not like. Here is the list about What Girls hate about Guys.

1. Forget her birthday. (Deadly mistake)
2. Forget your anniversary.
3. Spend more time with your buddy instead of spending time with her.
4. Bring her out with your buddies and ignoring her.
5. Criticize her dress sense.
6. Choosing work over her. (Balance is the key here)
7. Multitasking when talking to her over the phone.
8. Want to hang up the phone after just 1 minute of conversation.
9. Make your room untidy.
10. Chose to watch your sport activities (football match) over her.
11. Forget to put the toilet lid down.
12. Never pick up her phone calls.
13. Took half an hour to reply her text messages.
14. Never plan for outings.
15. Spineless.
16. Make fun of her in front of others.
17. Ridicule her make up skills.
18. Saying she is fat.
19. Talk bad about her family members.
20. Never seek her opinion for the week end getaway.
21. Forget to shave. (Differs for different people)
22. Appear untidy.
23. Criticize her career choice.
24. Lack of hygiene etiquette.
25. Ogle at other girls.
26. Text messages in your phone from other girls are more than hers.
27. Lie to them.
28. Judging her.
29. Any contact with your ex.
30. Compare her with other girls. (Deadly mistake)
31. Forget to put the toilet lid down after peeing.
32. Lack of ambition in life. (Girls do not like potato couch. It just doesn’t give them a sense of security)
33. Fail to give her a sense of security.
34. Appearing insecure.
35. Guys who do not know how to take care of themselves.
36. Not romantic at all.
37. Flirt.
38. Breaking promises.
39. Over protective.
40. Over boasting.
41. Egoistic.
42. Stingy.
43. Doesn’t pay attention to what she says.
44. Arrogant.
45. Doesn’t pamper her.
46. Have a picture of other girls in your cell phone.
47. Never call back when you promised her.
48. Ignore her while she's trying to talk to you.
49. Trying to get away from argument by doing something else while you leave her alone with confusion.
50. Being too geeky. Choosing playing games over accompanying her. 

There you go, there's loads of tips I gave you, follow this tips and you might get the girl you wanted. Good luck all! 
Xoxo! Byesss.



  1. hahahahah girls dislike so MANY stuff

  2. Lol haha saw some useful info but I am just a failure for it after all :(


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