Sunday, January 18, 2015

Premium Ultrasonic Treatment at Number76 Style Saloon

Hey loves, how's your weekend going? I know mine was productive and pretty great. Gonna keep being productive throughout the year! woop wopp.
Anyway's if those of you were updated with my page, twitter or instagram you would know that I went to 76 to fix my damn hair. And yes, it was a week a go and I would say it's probably one of the best salon services I've been in my entirely life...for now. 

As you may know, I bleached my hair for the sake of bleaching and try new things. However, I did not taken care of it well enough, kinda took it for granted and my hair is frizzy, coarse and dry. You just feel sad when you touch it. Thanks to number76 salon, I was treated to get myself a sponsored hair treatment there, woohoo. I never had my hair done there because it's a little pricey compared to any other saloon but trust me, all that money for the health of you hair, it's worth it.

Before treatment was done, as you can see my hair look dull, entangled and messy. Not to mention, dry and coarse as well.You don't even want to look at it. Even when I flipped my hair, it doesn't move it's that bad.

After I did my treatment, my hair is smooth and manageable now. Can even flip hair easily (lol)

They treated me with premium ultrasonic treatment, it function to make your coarse hair to retain its health, with the help of ultrasonic iron. Speaking of iron, you may think it damages your hair even more but trust me ladies, it does not give out any sort of heat at all, amazing. What it does was is to let the hair absorb the chemical treatment that are used completely and quickly, leaving your hair smooth and silky. Before I did the treatment tho, my hair was extremely tangled and combing my hair everyday was a pain, even the hairstylist felt the pain when they touched my hair. After I did the treatment, I swear I was the happiest girl alive, lol. The feeling is surreal having to touch the softness of your hair, I felt like I finally can go for some hair advertisement. The quality of the smoothness of your hair like you just did treatment a minute ago can last at least a month, provided with their product Deesse's to keep my hair moisturized.

Picture credit to 76suky who did my hair.
Smooth and silky hair woop!

That's all for the hair update! Ps:// sorry for the bad quality photo as it was taken from my phone. 

Till then, 



  1. Your hair looks AMAZING, like really girl great decision!

  2. Aah, you hair looks nice. Love from India.


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