Sunday, January 11, 2015

Electric Rooftop - Countdown 2015 Party

Hey all! I know it has been awhile after my last post, been trying to settle down before I could get my hands dirty for the next post! I'm so excited for 2015 and I hope you all too! On 31st December of 2014, We had a sold out party going on, and guess what the tickets were sold out 4 days, let me repeat ya... 4 FREAKING DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. So yeap, Mirians, ya'll shouldn't be too last minute next time. I dare to say that this event is probably the best party happening that night with amazing views and good music :P

This is pretty much an overdue post because it's during countdown, means it's a 2014 post but bare with my dearests, I was waiting for official pictures to be out and now it's out, I'm so excited to write about it.

Most of you would know that I was a host for Electric Rooftop party that was held in Sky Garden, Meritz hotel, if you followed my instagram and twitter and read my previous post! So, today I'll just write about my very first experience as a host and a hype-lady!

Pictures with other Djs, except me tho I'm the only blogger/host hahaha. 

To be honest, I wasn't prepared at all for that night because I was told to do freestyle and gosh I had too little experience as a host and I have a habit to stutter when I get really really nervous. Thanks to fellow experienced djs like Kyan,Dave and Mike (East Bound Heroes), and some of my longtime friends like Ivy, Cindy, Clinton, Moses & Keith, not to forget my cousin as well Deborah. They gave me so much encouragement towards the night and get me through it. I swear before I went up to the stage, I had some panic attack and I kept on drinking different drinks from alcohol to Plain water to Red bull to Milo. Very crazy ya. Yes I was that nervous, but I glad it was all good! It was such an experience and I'm glad the party people enjoyed and dance throughout the night. It was indeed crazy.

Me and Jimmy Roll, his set was the last set. It was incredible, I swear I couldn't stop jumping which made me look a little awkward on stage because I couldn't really jump I had my high heels on.

My support system, Ivy, Deborah and Cindy. Thanks for coming and support me all the way and I'm so sorry if I didn't really have the time to talk to you all since I was hosting but I hope ya'll enjoy the night including, Clinton Chua, Miri's very own Idol, trust me he's gooooooood in singing, his talent gave him the chance to sing in front of Ariana Grande, yes, not joking.

My favourite picture with my bosses (East Bound Heroes) & Moses, actually they also reference me as their boss:P They are probably the only producer/ DJ in Miri, and yes if you read my blog you do know they're in the finalist of 100 Djs Mag Anthem and guys, that's huge in the EDM scene. So, check out these bunch of talented individuals and who knows they're gonna be signed to a mega record label? 

Me & My cousin Deborah.

Caught taking a selfie with DJ Mystery from KL.

Ofcourse I was happy, obviously I was enjoying hyping up the crowd. Although I get a little too worried about my voice being too sharp or too squeaky, other people probably cringed from the sound of my voice since I have a baby voice lol (hopefully not). My face damn epic, I got no chill. Probably from all the Red Bull I was drinking.

All pictures credited to Ed Paul

Everything was super overwhelmed for me, we had two transformers partying with us Optimus prime and Bumble bee, we had air brush tattoo, we had whole loads of hard liquors and people dancing, we had awesome view Miri's City View from the Top, we had this amazing firework and probably the highest firework in the city huehue.

Well, I guess that's all for now and hopefully there'll be the next event next year and maybe I can be your host again :P 

Till Then, 
xx & Happy New Year!


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