Friday, January 23, 2015

The Beauty of Serendipity by Amber Chia x Melinda Looi

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I'm excited for this, what comes before Chinese New Year? Of course, shopping for new clothes is a must! Chinese New Year often associated with wealth, health and prosperity but people often forgets about "good fortune" which lead to the tale of of our very own fashion icon Amber Chia & Melinda Looi whom came up with Chinese New Year Collection - The Beauty of Serendipity.

According to Melinda, she and Amber Chia often bumped into each other from various events, she believed that serendipity led to their first meeting which lead the business of their CNY collection. The Beauty of Serendipity is a collection that celebrates friendships and relationship. Melida had used bright and happy colours with combination of different fabrics to represent the different people in life.

"Yellow signifies hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun; green is for love of family and friends; coral is for warmth and vitality; blue is for trust and peace; and purples for compassion and respect. There is serious and structured jacquard, light chiffon, elegant satin, and casual yet versatile cotton."
The collections contradicts to the CNY offerings, both Amber and Melinda designs are suitable for ladies that are often on-the-go able to dress up with the collections for all varies type collection.  From traditional qipao or cheongsam, youthful dresses with oriental touch, to chic modern structured outfit for work and it suits all kinds of body types and personality. 

Both Amber and Melinda also designed a range of youthful, fun and casual polos for the family, including children.

Lazada Malaysia will be launching the Chinese New Year campaign on 27th January. You can click the campaign url here : CNY Red Hot Sale . You can check the all the item below RM888 here : Below RM888

Be excited guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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