Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Olympus XZ-1

Let me introduce to you my new baby!!

ommmmmyyyy. :* 

I love my new cammmm! :3 It's my new baby. I call my camera,"Puspus".wtf. Short for Olympus.
I've beeen targeting this cam for very long, not sure how long, but quite long. wtf. I'm officially broke because my readers left me. I know I've been such an effed up blogger and don't blog much and im sorry. DONT LEAVE ME! PLEASE COME BACK. PLEASE. *kneel on the floor begging and pulling ur pants*wtf. --"
Larry try to copy my smile hahah.

Okay, back to my "Puspus".

My "puspus" is over one month now, wee. I didnt buy it myself or even asked for it from my parents. And one day, miracle happened. "Puspus" is smiling at me on the bar and said "come here baby, u know u want me." over and over, wtf. hahahhaha. It was my dad, and now I conquer it. it's always been like that, whatever dad bought, I always conquer them. Except for some, but "puspus" is officially mine now! (: I love u dadddyyyy.

Show u some picture of my "Puspus" produced!

The grainy film style



Toycam, darker edge


Guess how much is the price? it's only 1799! Grab it! :3

That's all xoxo! (:


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