Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kick Off to Ibiza Heineken Beach Party

Hello guys! So on the 27th April 2013, I got invite to Ibiza Heineken Beach party in The Mines Wellness Hotel. So I met a lot of amazing people, from the participants that is going to Ibiza to watch UEFA champion league. The only way to win the tickets was the participants has to find the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets hidden under the sand or wherever around the Mines Wellness Hotel! What a challenge! I honestly think I should have joined those participants to find the tickets and fly myself to Ibiza too, haha. 

Participant doing their best finishing their mission to win themselves a ticket to Ibiza. Wow, the adrenaline rush.

With amazing beautiful beach, free flow of heinekens, and amazing buffet with eargasm music. Tell me what's better than these? Overall it was an amazing party, but too bad it kind of rained that night so many people went back earlier, including me. :(

Host of the day, The hot and sexy Julie woon and Henry Golding.

3 happy winners won themselves a ticket to watch UEFA champion league, lucky men. I wished I was one of them :(

So then I also met this gorgeous hunk, Henry Golding in the party as well. *screams hysterically*. I literally fan girling over him while he was hosting on stage, such a nice scene. My bad, been a fan since forever. HAHA I sounded like a pervert right now, but during the party I kept my professionalism very well *pat myself* very proud of myself haha. Glad to meet a famous and gorgeous sarawakian celebrity, he was really friendly and glad to have a talk with him. So please, never look down on sarawakians, we are quite good-looking as well. *pointing finger at myself* lol just joking. Actually I'm serious, just look at Henry Golding. Okay I should shut the crap up as and let fangirl side of me to sleep and let you guys see the pictures I took on the night with amazing people I met! 

My senior, daniel and the lovely miri girl I met, Alyssa.

Daniel and me.

Daniel, me, alyssa and dusty!

Ofcourse another 2 beautiful girls I met from Japan, with mhb's official photographer, andy kho.

Okay, lets just end this post with....... outfit of the day!

Since the theme was resort wear, I sort of had a trouble figuring out what to wear and all my beach wear I left it back in Sarawak, fml. Thank God I had an event in Paradigm mall the night before and  did a last minute shopping in H&M for the event. It's super cheap, cost only RM79.90 and the flower clip is also from H&M, cost only RM12.90. Shocking huh? ;) Well, looks can be quite deceiving. 

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