Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Maybank Go Ahead Challenge - Season of Smiles

Maybank Go Ahead challenge just ended a few weeks ago and I am honored to be one of the witnesses to witness the hardwork of the winners. On 26th of August, 60 finalists  from around the world have been competing for more than a week, giving their best in the Final Sales Challenge on Bukit Bintang, KL.

On the day, they were missioned to sell ‘happines’ to the public, with each team creating their business strategy to win in the challenge. They were judged based on total amount of money raised, which then were donated to the charity of their choice. Accordingly to the ‘happiness’ theme, each team had set up a booth around Bukit Bintang and sold different types of activities, varies from magazine cover photoshoots, makeover sessions with aim to make customer’s day happier. 

#SOS Carnival held in Bukit Bintang
Look at all the smiles! Mission accomplished!

After the teams have faced crazy challenges which designed to test their quick-thinking, problem-solving, ingenuity, business acumen and their capabaility to handle pressure which challenged them emotionally, mentally and physically… Damn, they are really strong! Finally, the day has come where they crowned the ultimate winner during Maybank Go Ahead challenge Gala night! 

Performance by the challengers!

Q &A session that will decide the Ultimate MayBank Go Ahead Challengers of the year!

Champion - Team Star Wars (USD 40,000)
1st Runner Up - Team Terminator ( USD 20,000)
2nd Runner Up (also People's Favourite Team) - Team X-Men (USD 10,000)

1st place - Ricky Low Yin Lee ( Internship to New York)
2nd place - Phyllis Ng Hui Li & Chris Watkins (Internship to HK & London

Pic Credit: #MGACSocialAgent

Congrats to all winners! They definitely will have a bright future in banking career! And as for the other finalists that didn't win were happy as well, because they have a confirmed and permanent job in Maybank. What a good news! What do you think guys? Keen to join the next challenge? ;)


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