Friday, September 11, 2015

What To Wear For School/Work?

Hi cuties! As most of you may know I'm currently working as an intern in an advertising agency, I always have problem trying to find a good work clothes. AS for school, I also have problem on trying to find a good outfit for school, because you tryna look your best but you end up wear the same clothes. And that is the reality. Don't tell me that you have totally different clothes to wear for school and work everyday of the year! So here's my little lookbook for you enjoy!

My first outfit is for me to wear when I'm really lazy for school, practically on Monday and Tuesday because those days are my most uninspired days. I would just grab any clothes I see and wear it. But to keep it less lazy, I tend to wear assecories such as snapbacks to hide your bad hair days, and sneakers, to keep me feeling comfortable. Even if you feel lazy, never ever wear flip flops to school. I like to wear my sweatpants to keep me warm and also comfortable, I feel like I can do whatever I want with such comfortable pants. 

My 2nd outfit is mostly suitable for presentation days, or meeting with clients. You don't have to wear boring blazer to work, and plus Malaysia is really hot. So I usually skip the blazer. I would use this knee length white outwear, keeping it stylish and also professional at the same time. Bonus, knee length outwear will definitely elongate your figure! 

My 3rd outfit is usually for Friday, when you're all excited for weekend and you have the mood to dress up! I usually play with colours when comes to this. Since I'm working in office, I will still keep in professional with my pencil skirt! Horizontal lines along the skirt will elongate my figure!

My 4th outfit is a special case where you really have nothing to wear and you tend to wear same outfit. Have you noticed, I wore the same outfit as my 2nd outfit? I only changed my outerwear to a bold one, so people won't notice I wore the same clothes hehe.

Well, I guess that's it. And watch me being quirky in my video! I hope you guys enjoy my video and please remember to subscribe to my channel, cuz I'll keep updating that space and it will very sad if no one is watching it. *sobs*


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