Thursday, September 3, 2015

San Francisco Adventure

Hi everyone, I know my blog is a little different right now, I decided to change the girly theme to something more minimal and a little mature, but no worries all, I havent finished designing it properly yet, so please bare with me! And i'll still getting used to this hehe!

As u guys may know, I'm still having withdrawal from USA here eventho it's been 2 months! So, i'm gonna write my little adventure in San Francisco. San Francisco is a really really beautiful place. I must say, I have been wanting to visit and stay in the the bay ever since I was 12 because it's amazingly beautiful. 

We were there for only 4 short days, and I must say it was sufficient enough to see the whole of the city. We went to union square where most people go to shop, we also went to city hall. As much as how beautiful the city is, the city is filled with homeless. Some are pretty aggressive, so please be careful because one of them actually attacked me....but I managed to run away. Honestly, if you stay in San Francisco, u don't need to go to the gym because the city is on hills and mountains, damn it gonna burn our thighs everyday! hahaha. So we basically walked around the city and sightseeing.

Cable Car

City Hall of San Francisco

We also did biking around the city from fisherman's wharf to the golden gate bridge. I must say, it's a pretty tiring ride and kinda costly too, cost around 60USD each bike excluding deposit, but I must say, it's really quite an experience and everyone should try biking in San francisco because it's a great place to bike! & a great exercise because you have to bike up the hill and all that sort of stuff.b I must admit, I almost died of fatigue. lel.

While on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge, we came across beautiful architecture, the palace of fine arts.

I must say that San Francisco is one of my favourite place to visit because it's incredibly beautiful. If you want to see more of my San Francisco adventure, be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it!



  1. Can I just say you look beyond adorable with that helmet on? <3


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