Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New York Part 1

I've been away for a week or so because I was down with sickness and I've been focusing on my youtube channel because something big is coming so here I am, while I have time and fond memories left inside my head, I shall write it down before it faded.

Oh New York.

It was indeed one of the biggest city I've been so far. People were wonderful, food was wonderful. Everything seems magical and it did not felt like a foreign country to me.

Indeed it was tough 2 weeks of New York because someone decided to stole my money before I came to USA and sadly it was a friend of mine. Then again, it did not stop me enjoy being in New York, and I will not let anyone destroy my trip where I am able to see my love ones. Thanks to my boyfriend, and his family, New York felt like home. 

Due to fatigue from tiring 3 weeks of travelling across the states, we decided to go to nearby korean spa. but lets just skip that, because I did not have any pictures of it!

Then we went to a beach, in Long Island, I swear I didnt know New York has a beach! It was really hot and humid, very different from Cali cuz cali was a little bit cooler. We had barbecue session with daniel's american asian friends. Trust me, new york has more asian than u think. Good food, good vibe, good music, what more can I ask?
Next day, we start our new york journey and starting with visiting this beautiful lady, lady liberty. I have seen her so many times in TV, post cards, internet, and it felt so surreal to be able to so close up to her, and she was beautiful. Mind you, the queue to be on the boat to see her was really long and the heat really got me restless, but we forgot the heat and the pain after we saw her.
Remember guys, subway is the best way to get around New York because it's the cheapest and also reliable, unless you want to waste your money and be stuck in jam, you can go for the yellow cab. 

Here is a vlog for New York! Subscribe for more videos, and no this is not my one and only post of New York so stay tuned for more!


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