Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Must Have: Adore Me Darling

Valentine's day is approaching (Actually tomorrow) , omg so excited for you all that are celebrating valentine's day, showing love that you didn't have the chance to all this while due to work or distance all that stuff, and Vday is the day you can finally take your mind off things and spend time with your partner. So for this special day, I decided to compile a "Valentine's Must-Have" collaborated with Adore Me lingerie. woop woop.

Lingerie is one of the must-haves for you ladies that are planning to have romantic night with your partner (18+) YA hahahha. Stir your romance up a little with lingerie from Adore Me. Here are the Top 3 Lingerie I chose from Adore Me.

Cherrie is elegant, she's conservative and innocent yet she can be sexy for a night for her partner. 

Coralie is independent, a lady boss in her career,  she's sophisticated and bold. She knows what she wants and that night she'll take charge. 

Porsche is always playful, she likes everything fun. She's naughty and fierce, makes her man can't get enough of her.

3. An elegant dress from NastyGal.

What I would use during valentines day is a dress that sexy and yet it covers up most of your skin. Skin hugging dress would be best for dinner. Don't worry about cannot be sexy, that night when u want to have sexy time with your man,  give him a huge surprise by throwing on a sexy lingerie. Here's a tip to make your love life interesting: cover up during dinner, and bare all u want if you plan to have intimacy with your bf during that magical hour. 

3. Scents from Victoria Secrets. 

Man loves woman with good scent (Duh?) and perfume from Victoria secret can do the trick. Turn your man on with a hint of scent on your neck. When he lean in and kiss you,  the beautiful scent makes him want you even more (mmhmm you know what I mean) 

So that's my valentine's must have, what's yours? 

Till then,  happy valentines day and appreciate your love ones. 


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