Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sharp Dressed Men

Hey, fashionistas, about a month ago, I received an email from Paul Fredrick to write tips about men dressing sharp. I hesitated at first because I'm not confident about men fashion, but I eventually said yes! My blog is not solely for the ladies but also for the men. So, be lenient to me guys.

What attract me most in men is how they dress, sure looks are not everything but first impressions are everything. We cannot deny that first impressions are important for nailing a job or whatsoever, being presentable is really vital. We cannot deny that many men out there do not really trouble themselves to dress well, but do you realize that most successful men out there, dress well, sharp and presentable, charming even.

So ladies, you either can close this tab or read up to know how to dress him and my dear gentleman, that happen to stumble upon my blog, this post is an essential post for you boys. Here are some of the needs to dress sharp with Paul Fredrick Winter Collection.

Staple statement in closet for men?

BELT. Belt, ofcourse it's a must have. I find it iritating when boys left their pants dangling thinking they look like tugs or cool or something it's beyond annoying.

A button up shirt. A button up shirt gave a man the smart and sharp look. It grabs the right attention a man need. Good first impressions in any social endeavours. I cannot lie that men with button up shirt with suit certainly caught my attention even if it's just a glimpse moment. So ladies, advice your man to get themselves a button up shirt please.

Oxfords leather shoe. Shoe has always been my favourite piece in a person's outfit, especially in a man's outfit. The first thing I ever notice is their shoe. Leave aside your boring all leather shoe and slip on one of these Paul Fredrick Oxfords. Oxfords will definitely do a little twist to a man's outfit, gives a man looking business-like and still looking stylish & fashionable. 

Accessories. Don't stay to the most boring way to just have your suit on, style it up with accessories whether it's simple accessories like fedora and gloves, these two basic pieces would definitely give your outfit a different feel. Trust me boys, woman loves their man take an effort to dress up ;)

Do you think men should make an effort to dress sharp all the time?

My answer is yes! Don't be a lazy bum, get your suit up and dress sharp all the time. Dressing well is the firsts key to nail any first meeting, whether it's a corporate meeting or first date. Everyone appreciate people who try their best to look good. I know people will come and say to me that looks is not everything, but lets not lie to each other shall we... that people are bias creature and even how smart or how amazing person you are, a person's look is the first thing that attract people's attention. So gentleman, be sure to always looking sharp!

So what do you think of men dressing sharp?

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  1. wow! this post is on point !!

    loving your blog so far and excited for your future posts .. following you on gfc, babe.

    Slumber Talk

    1. Thank you so much for the follow and thank you for reading
      Glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Sometimes I like a smartly dressed man then other days I really like the relaxed look! I think you can tell a lot by how a guy dresses though! Love the pictures, especially the gloves, I'm a real sucker for tweed and leather on blokes!


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