Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Everyday Skin Care Routine

Hey guys, recently I've been receiving lots of questions regarding on my skin; how do I took care of my skin or what product do I used. I wanted to film a video for this but my lighting is bad in my current house and i'll be moving to a new house with better lighting so filming won't be much of problem, so I decided to write a blog post about my skin.

I know my skin looks "flawless" in pictures but trust me guys, my skin are not perfect and flawless. I have flaws as well but I am blessed for not having really bad skin condition, so the worst skin condition I can get is just minor pimples caused by bad diets or late night sleep.

Before I tell u guys what product I currently using or whatever, i shall put a disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post, it is merely my very very honest opinion. These are my very simple step, I don't post my night and day cream because I finished them lol, so here are my very simple skin care routine.

Honestly, I don't have specific product that I always stick to, but currently I'm using this facial cleanser; Impress by Kanebo, that I've been using for quite sometime. It's been giving a wonderful deed to my skin in terms of brightening my skin, I'm quite tan compared to many people because I'm always out, but this cleanser did help me alot.

After cleansing, of course toner and moisturizer are important steps in having healthy skin. The toner or freshener that I currently use is Wonder Pore from Etude house mini version, I don't have specific toner brand I always use, but since my previous toner has finished, I used product from Etude House. I shall say it's alright, nothing special about it but it did help in making my skin looking more radiant because it prevented dirt and inhabitants penetrate into my skin. 

Lastly, I usually use Aloe vera as moisturizer, I don't know why but I couldn't find the perfect moisturizer that's suitable for my skin yet, so I've been using Aloe Moistfull to keep my skin moisturized and healthy. Trust me, if I have a real Aloe Vera plant, I would use that on my skin instead of chemical product lol. Natural regime the best!

Occasionally I would use mask, once or twice a week. Again, I don't have specific mask I used and these are from drug stores. Normally, I used sekisei from kose, I wrote about it here, but I finished them again, lol. That mask done miracles for my skin, it's only 5 minutes mask time and it instantly brighten your skin! Review here ( Sekkisei kose mask)

Of course, having healthy skin is not just taking care of your outer beauty. To have healthy skin, we need to take care of our inner beauty as well, as in what you eat and what you consume. Guilty me, I always eat fat and oily food which does no good for my skin AT ALL. So tea has been my favourite way to detox away the toxin in my body and also this beauty oat which I did a review here (Beauty Oat Review), this product also do wonders for my skin. Trust me, I will buy more of it!

Traditional way of taking care of your skin is drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and exercise. Clean the inside of your body and keep yourself healthy, the healthiness will show on your face, The more you take care of your body by eating clean and exercise, the more flawless your skin is. 

That's all for now.

Till then, 



  1. May I know where you bought your Sekkisei mask? I think you got the link for the mask wrong because when I clicked on it, it shows the enlarged picture of the mask :) I blogged about my own skin care routine after reading yours haha! Xx

    1. Oh dear, I was sponsored but you get it anywhere in kose counter. Oh dear, thanks for the heads up, silly mistake. I'll change it. I've read it and it's amazing xx

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