Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Because it's Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) is this thursday, I decided to pull out an outfit that suits the festival. I know, I'm not wearing red and it's a tradition to wear red. Well, I decided not to go with the flow and go against the crowd instead by wearing white dress with gold embellishment. As you may know, gold as well described as prosperity and wealth, so I guess it suits the festival. The gold embellishment too gave an oriental vibe in the whole outfit which definitely match with Lunar Festival! I like how the dress is simple but yet it has such a character in it. I like how it's totally appropriate for family dinners or visitings during the festival because it's all covered up! You won't hear your mum nagging how much skin you showing this year haha. Also, anyone could look super adorable in this, am I absolutely correct?

Now, who's excited for Lunar New Year? Happy Lunar New Year to all my family and my friends who are celebrating this wonderful festival and have a prosperous year! How do you like my look? and what are you going to wear for Lunar Festival this year!

Till Then,

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