Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Missalvy x Vivi Magazine

Hey lovelies, it's been days since I updated any post because I was busy with assignments that's due this week!So much work to do, but nope I'm not gonna make it an excuse to delay my post to a month. So, how you all been this month? Everything been good? Well mine it's been pretty great and I hope it will continue be like this.

February has been such a blessed for now, if you ever follow up with my social media accounts like my page, instagram or twitter, you would know that I have been so happy about my blog and myself been featured in Vivi Magazine! Although, I did appear in several magazine as a model or some random girl appeared in an event but I'm super excited that I am able to appear as myself. :')

Some of you may not know what Vivi Magazine is, Vivi Magazine is a Japanese magazine which portrays japanese harajuku fashion, something like that, I've been a fan since really young so It's an honour to be able to be featured in it. I'm honestly truly grateful eventho it's not a very huge exposure for some people but it meant a lot to me. I started blogging out of fun back when I was 14 and I totally didn't expect that I would be featured as a blogger today or will blog until today. This feature has made me more a determined person than I was to be a better fashion blogger, probably one day I 
can be infront of vogue LOL :P It's not guilty to dream right?

So what you waiting for guys, grab a copy of Vivi Magazine February issue of 2015 and view the insights of my life being a fashion blogger and my dream, if you are interested. I hope this feature inspired some of you aspiring bloggers just like myself :)

Thank you for supporting my blog and I hope you all will keep reading it.

Till then,



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