Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Getaway - Muar, Johor

Hello everyone, and hello August! It's the beginning of the month and it has been pretty great, for the first week at least, hope it definitely goes on like this.

I had the most awesome week with the most awesome people, went to malacca and muar with 2 of my favourite people, my baby boy - Daniel and also a bro from a different parents - Clovis. Probably 2 of the most amazing people ever since I study in the west, prolly people who make me feel like home. Anyway, Dann always always wanted to bring me to his hometown- Muar, Johor eversince I started dating him. Honestly, I'm not keen to go because I know i'll be a total mute once i'm there meeting lots of new people. Feeling lost and unwanted LOL, or get interrogated by his family and friends. Well, finally his dream to bring me home came true, thank god there was Clovis came with us, made things slightly less awkward. 

To my surprise, Muar is actually is a nice place, slightly smaller than my hometown in Miri. People there are amazing, especially their family. They welcomed me with huge smile, and brought me to a catholic church, and there the people are beautiful, touches my heart. I never feel so welcomed by any of my exes family except Daniel's. Ofcourse, mum always be a mum. Dann's mum so hilarious, she pint-point anyone in the room that has a lover and told them jokingly, " this age you guys should be studying, not having a bf/gf!" LOL I think that statement was indirectly saying me and dann LOL, or maybe she was serious. 

About the Food in Muar, I'm speechless. Super amazing and cheap! Too bad I spoiled my camera, so I'm just going brief some of the amazing food located in the old town. So much food, i could not remember any names to be honest, my job was to eat HAHA. Dann did told me their names and all I heard was "ching chong lang long" LOL will definitely tell you guys their names once I come again. :x Sorry

And here is one place, is a must go in Muar which is little cafe! I love this place, so chilly and their beverages and food are cheap and fantabulous. I love this place because the place itself was build from an old-shaggy wooden house and they made into a cafe but keeping it original. So everything seems very kampung-like and vintage which I find it so interesting and attractive. AND OH, THEIR CENDOL- OOOOOMPH! SIMPLY SUPERB! I was ill and didn't really have the much appetite to eat anything cold, so when I took a little bit of dan's cendol, i straight away ordered myself one, forgotten how sick was i. Bad habit, but simply a sinful satisfaction! 

So, I guess that's all I'm gonna say about my first few days of how my August doing. Muar is definitely a place worth to visit. Homely people + Amazing food + Chilly environment, feels like home. Never regretted once coming here and hope to visit more often and try all the food again! 

Till then, goodbye Muar!


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