Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[ADV] Eh Macha, Your Malaysian Is Showing Lah Wei!

Wussupppppp!? So last Saturday, I was invited by Nuffnang (Thanks Nuffnang!) to celebrate Merdeka day together with Astro in Midvalley Shopping Centre! So what's this wonderful event about?

Made a new blogger friend, Carrie Yap!

This campaign shows #UrMalaysianIsShowing and #Gobeyond which portrays the true characteristic of Malaysians. This campaign also brings all races together from Malay, Chinese to Indian and to the Bumiputras. The newly launched music video, "Excuse me sir, your Malaysian is showing" is one of the evidence how united we can be, especially in our daily lives we show how malaysian we can be in many ways. Such as our own malaysian accent, we can put all 3 different language from Malay, to Chinese to Indian into one sentence... like. " Hey Macha, yamcha later ok?" it means, " Hey bro, lets get a grab of tea later?" Only in Malaysia we can use all different language and still able to understand them. SO UNIQUE!

They also launched the positive engine that has little details of places in Malaysia such as Genting, Sepang Circuit, Jonker Walk and so on.. to be exhibit in Midvalley shopping malls at the 3rd floor! 

Spot Dusty!

Some really cool Tees that shows malaysians true colour and by the way I wanted to get one "Rilek-lah Bro!" but never knew astro gave them for free for us bloggers! Lucky!

Launching of Positive Engine.

Local Celebrities that attended the event!

Live performance of "Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing" by local artistes!

Not to forget to go on facebook Astro Go Beyond app, and like their page! and submit the positive act you did! Just like mine, my bf in hospital and I gave him a hug in hospital. So I wrote my act there, " gave a patient a hug!" Steady or not? haha!

And here one really cool app you can try, Your Malaysian is Showing T-Shirt App 
You can design your own T-shirt from variety of malaysian language like, "Ah beng, Yamcha, Macha, Apa Macam..." all those! Just like mine, I'm always a Sarawakian, and Sarawakians always uses "Iboh Kedak Ya!" which means " Don't like that lah!". Cool eih? and it only cost rm25! All the money goes to charity, what you waiting for? Get one for yourself!

Not only that, we also had some activities going on with the bloggers, doing random and interesting task like taking singing random songs to some stranger, hug a stranger, chant "Merdeka" 7 times in public and all and uploaded the videos or picture in instagram and twitter. That's why if you guys realised, i've been spamming instagram and twitter last Saturday. Me and my blogger team was running around like mad cat, but too bad we didn't win due to the slow internet connection, but we had fun. That's all that matters!

Doing the Tugu Negara pose for the blogger activity task.

Selfie with this sweet blogger Carrie!
Another activity task, I had to hug a passerby and take a picture. I'm socially awkward but i'm glad that my hugs made her smile. i'm warm hearted, like a bear! HAHAHAHHA

A pic with Jane Chuck while having refreshment in Blu-Med. 

This campaign really bring out the patriotism in me, and I love Malaysia.




  1. hoho! happy merdeka! at the quick glance.. u and carrie looked alike! =D


  2. So funny with the Tugu negara pose! Haha, but i'm sure u guys had a lot of fun there! Just followed your blog, hope u follow mine too :)

  3. awesome! I'm a Sarawakian too! When I saw your T Shirt "Iboh Kedak Ya" I was like, eh, Sarawakian! :D


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