Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[ADV] Beautiful Eyes// GlassesOnline

OLA MY SEXUAL INTERNET BUDDIES! Anyway sorry for being out of sight for awhile, anyway have you guys heard of GlassesOnline? No? Oh-nuuuu you guys totally missed the great deals here! It is the largest eyewear online retail shop in Malaysia!

What's amazing about this online shop is it offers designers glasses from my favourite brand such as, Chloe, PradaJean Paul Gaultier , Hugo Boss....you name it, they have it! Not only that, they also offers, contact lenses! What's amazing is, they sell them at cheaper price!
Let me tell you what's awesome about this Online Shop, Let me ask you, when you go over to Optical Shop and you just wanna a pair of designer glasses of you've been longing for but it cost too much, it is always at a price of thousands! Fret not shopaholic, GlassesOnline offer 30% discounts, like the Gucci Sunglasses above, it cost from RM 1,135.71 to RM795.00! HEAVEN!

For a person like me, prefer shopping online because going over the city is such a pain, especially when I need something emergency like new pairs of contact lenses after it overdue, GlassesOnline came to rescue! Thank goodness. *clenched my hands together*

Wearing Freshkon Alluring Winsome Brown From GlassesOnline! I love this lens because it doesn't look like I'm wearing lens, looked as if I already had a big brown shiny eyes. LOL. *-*

Can't wait to get your hands on those awesome awesome designer glasses at cheaper price? Yes, to my beautiful readers that has been reading my blog, you guys are so lucky! Quick, use the coupon I gave you and buy yourself a fantabulous designer glasses with deduction of RM20 from original price at a purchase of Rm100 above and only valid until August 31st from GlassesOnline ! Quick! ;) I don't think you guys wanna miss this great offer!

Ps:// Don't forget to like their facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/glassesonline.com.my

Alright that's all guys, and toodles!



  1. Nice post :D
    By the way could you tell me what blush on did you wear in these picture? I really love the color ^-^


    1. hello, so sorry because i just saw this. I think I was using maybelline? Im not quite sure because I've been using a lot of product :)


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